List of United Kingdom by-elections (1918–31)

This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in the United Kingdom held between 1918 and 1931, with the names of the incumbent and victor and their respective parties. Where seats changed political party at the election, the result is highlighted: red for a Labour gain, blue for a Conservative gain, orange for a Liberal gain, and grey for any other gain.


See Resignation from the British House of Commons for more details.

Where the cause of by-election is given as "resignation" or "seeks re-election", this indicates that the incumbent was appointed on his or her own request to an "office of profit under the Crown", either the Steward of the Chiltern Hundreds or the Steward of the Manor of Northstead. These appointments are made as a constitutional device for leaving the House of Commons, whose Members are not permitted to resign.


By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause
Guildford 25 August 1931[35 1] Henry Cecil Buckingham Conservative Charles Rhys Conservative Death
Liverpool Wavertree 23 June 1931 John Abraham Tinne Conservative Ronald Nall-Cain Conservative Resignation
Manchester Ardwick 22 June 1931 Thomas Lowth Labour Joseph Henderson Labour Death
Gateshead 8 June 1931 Sir James Benjamin Melville Labour Herbert Evans Labour Death
Rutherglen 21 May 1931 William Wright Labour David Hardie Labour Death
Stroud 21 May 1931 Sir Frank Nelson Conservative Walter Robert Dempster Perkins Conservative Resignation
Ogmore 19 May 1931 Vernon Hartshorn Labour Edward Williams Labour Death
Glasgow St Rollox 7 May 1931 James Stewart Labour William Leonard Labour Death
Scarborough and Whitby 6 May 1931 Sidney Herbert Conservative Paul Latham Conservative Resignation
Ashton-under-Lyne 30 April 1931[35 2] Albert Bellamy Labour John Broadbent Conservative Death
Woolwich East 15 April 1931 Henry Snell Labour George Hicks Labour Elevation to the peerage
Sunderland 26 March 1931[35 2][35 3] Alfred Smith Labour Luke Thompson Conservative Death
Pontypridd 19 March 1931 Thomas Isaac Mardy Jones Labour David Lewis Davies Labour Resignation
Westminster St George's 19 March 1931 Laming Worthington-Evans Conservative Duff Cooper Conservative Death
Salisbury 11 March 1931 Hugh Morrison Conservative James Despencer-Robertson Conservative Resignation
Fermanagh and Tyrone 7 March 1931[35 1] Thomas Harbison Nationalist Cahir Healy Nationalist Death
Fareham 20 February 1931 John Davidson Conservative Thomas Inskip Conservative Resignation
Islington East 19 February 1931 Ethel Bentham Labour Leah Manning Labour Death
Liverpool East Toxteth 5 February 1931 Henry Mond Conservative Patrick Buchan-Hepburn Conservative Succession to the peerage
Bristol East 16 January 1931 Walter John Baker Labour Stafford Cripps Labour Death
Whitechapel and St George's 3 December 1930 Harry Gosling Labour James Henry Hall Labour Death
East Renfrewshire 28 November 1930 Alexander Munro MacRobert Conservative Douglas Douglas-Hamilton Conservative Death
Shipley 6 November 1930[35 2] William Mackinder Labour James Horace Lockwood Conservative Death
Paddington South 30 October 1930[35 4] Douglas King Conservative Ernest Taylor Empire Free Trade Crusade Death
Bromley 2 September 1930 Cuthbert James Conservative Sir Edward Taswell Campbell Conservative Elevation to the peerage
North Norfolk 9 July 1930 Noel Buxton Labour Lucy Noel-Buxton Labour Death
Glasgow Shettleston 26 June 1930 John Wheatley Labour John McGovern Labour Death
Nottingham Central 27 May 1930 Albert James Bennett Conservative Terence James O'Connor Conservative Resignation
Fulham West 6 May 1930[35 2] George Ernest Spero Labour Cyril Stephen Cobb Conservative Resignation
Sheffield Brightside 6 February 1930 Arthur Ponsonby Labour Fred Marshall Labour Elevated to the peerage
Liverpool Scotland 14 December 1929[35 1][35 5] Thomas Power O'Connor Irish Parliamentary David Logan Labour Death
Tamworth 2 December 1929 Sir Edward Maugar Iliffe Conservative Sir Arthur Herbert Drummond Ramsay-Steel-Maitland Conservative Resignation
Kilmarnock 27 September 1929 Robert Climie Labour Craigie Mason Aitchison Labour Death
Twickenham 8 August 1929 William Joynson-Hicks Conservative John Ferguson Conservative Elevated to the peerage
Leeds South East 1 August 1929 Henry Herman Slesser Labour James Milner Labour Resignation
Preston 31 July 1929[35 6] William Allen Jowitt Liberal William Allen Jowitt Labour Seeks re-election upon change of party allegiance
  1. 1 2 3 An uncontested by-election. The Guildford by-election was initially contested but on 25 August the Liberal candidate withdrew, in light of the changed political situation due to the formation of the National Government the previous day.
  2. 1 2 3 4 Retained at the 1931 general election.
  3. Sunderland was a two member constituency. Both MPs were won by Labour in the 1929 general election and by the Conservatives in the 1931 general election.
  4. Taylor joined the Conservative Party in 1931, holding the seat at the 1931 general election.
  5. A rare case of a gain in an unopposed election. O'Connor had an ad hoc group of supporters in the constituency who helped his campaign at election times, and Logan had been extensively involved in the Irish nationalist movement in his youth.
  6. Preston was a two member constituency. Jowitt was appointed Attorney General of England and Wales in the Labour government and opted to seek re-election in his new party colours. In 1931 he became a National Labour MP but did not recontest Preston in the 1931 general election as he could not secure the withdrawal of Conservative candidates supporting the National Government who took both seats.
By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause
North Lanarkshire 21 March 1929[34 1] Alexander Sprot Conservative Jennie Lee Labour Death
Holland with Boston 21 March 1929[34 1] Arthur Wellesley Dean Conservative James Blindell Liberal Death
Bath 21 March 1929 Charles Talbot Foxcroft Conservative Charles William Baillie-Hamilton Conservative Death
Eddisbury 20 March 1929[34 1] Harry Barnston Conservative Richard John Russell Liberal Death
Liverpool East Toxteth 19 March 1929 Albert Edward Jacob Conservative Henry Mond Conservative Death
Wansbeck 13 February 1929 George Warne Labour George William Shield Labour Death
Bishop Auckland 7 February 1929 Ben Spoor Labour Florence Ruth Dalton Labour Death
Battersea South 7 February 1929[34 1] Francis Curzon Conservative William Bennett Labour Succession to the peerage
Londonderry 29 January 1929[34 2] Malcolm Macnaghten UUP Ronald Deane Ross UUP Appointment as High Court judge
Midlothian and Peeblesshire Northern 29 January 1929[34 3] George Aitken Clark Hutchison Conservative Andrew Bathgate Clarke Labour Death
Ashton-under-Lyne 29 October 1928[34 1] Cornelius William James Homan Conservative Albert Bellamy Labour Declared bankrupt
Tavistock 11 October 1928 Philip Kenyon-Slaney Conservative Wallace Duffield Wright Conservative Death
Cheltenham 26 September 1928 James Tynte Agg-Gardner Conservative Walter Reuben Preston Conservative Death
Aberdeen North 16 August 1928 Frank Herbert Rose Labour William Wedgwood Benn Labour Death
Sheffield Hallam 16 July 1928 Frederick Sykes Conservative Louis William Smith Conservative Appointed Governor of Bombay
Halifax 13 July 1928[34 4] John Henry Whitley Speaker Arthur Longbottom Labour Resignation (retired as Speaker)
Epsom 4 July 1928 George Blades Conservative Archibald Southby Conservative Elevation to the peerage
Carmarthen 28 June 1928[34 5] Alfred Mond Liberal/Conservative William Nathaniel Jones Liberal Elevation to the Hereditary Peerage
Holborn 28 June 1928 James Remnant Conservative Stuart James Bevan Conservative Elevation to the peerage
St Marylebone 30 April 1928 Douglas Hogg Conservative Rennell Rodd Conservative Resignation
Hanley 23 April 1928 Samuel Clowes Labour Arthur Hollins Labour Death
Linlithgowshire 4 April 1928[34 1] James Kidd Conservative Emanuel Shinwell Labour Death
Middlesbrough West 7 March 1928 Walter Trevelyan Thomson Liberal Frank Kingsley Griffith Liberal Death
St Ives 6 March 1928[34 1] John Anthony Hawke Conservative Hilda Runciman Liberal Appointment as a High Court Judge
Ilford 23 February 1928 Fredric Wise Conservative George Clements Hamilton Conservative Death
Lancaster 9 February 1928[34 3] Gerald Strickland Conservative Robert Parkinson Tomlinson Liberal Elevation to the Hereditary Peerage
Bristol West 2 February 1928 George Gibbs Conservative Cyril Culverwell Conservative Elevation to the peerage
Faversham 25 January 1928 Granville Wheler Conservative Adam Maitland Conservative Death
Northampton 9 January 1928[34 1] Arthur Edward Aveling Holland Conservative Cecil L'Estrange Malone Labour Death
Canterbury 24 November 1927 Ronald McNeill Conservative William Wayland Conservative Elevation to the peerage
Southend 19 November 1927 Rupert Guinness Conservative Gwendolen Guinness Conservative Succession to the peerage
Brixton 27 June 1927 Davison Alexander Dalziel Conservative Nigel Colman Conservative Elevation to the peerage
Westbury 16 June 1927 Walter William Shaw Conservative Richard Long Conservative Death
Bosworth 31 May 1927[34 1] Robert Gee Conservative William Edge Liberal Resignation
Combined Scottish Universities 26–29 April 1927 Henry Craik Conservative John Buchan Conservative Death
Southwark North 28 March 1927[34 6] Leslie Haden-Guest Labour Edward Anthony Strauss Liberal Sought re-election upon change of party allegiance
Leith 23 March 1927 William Wedgwood Benn Liberal Ernest Brown Liberal Resignation
Stourbridge 23 February 1927[34 1] Douglas Percival Pielou Conservative Wilfred Wellock Labour Death
Smethwick 21 December 1926 John Emanuel Davison Labour Oswald Mosley Labour Resignation
Chelmsford 30 November 1926 Henry Honywood Curtis-Bennett Conservative Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury Conservative Resignation
Kingston-upon-Hull Central 29 November 1926[34 1] Joseph Montague Kenworthy Liberal Joseph Montague Kenworthy Labour Seeks re-election upon change of party allegiance
Howdenshire 25 November 1926 Stanley Jackson Conservative William Henton Carver Conservative Resignation
North Cumberland 17 September 1926 Donald Howard Conservative Fergus Graham Conservative Succession to the peerage
Wallsend 21 July 1926 Patrick Hastings Labour Margaret Bondfield Labour Resignation
Hammersmith North 20 May 1926[34 1] Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett Conservative James Patrick Gardner Labour Resignation
Buckrose 5 May 1926 Guy Gaunt Conservative Albert Newby Braithwaite Conservative Resignation
East Ham North 29 April 1926[34 1] Charles Williamson Crook Conservative Arabella Susan Lawrence Labour Death
Bothwell 26 March 1926 John Robertson Labour Joseph Sullivan Labour Death
Combined English Universities 8–12 March 1926[34 7] Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher Liberal Alfred Hopkinson Conservative Resignation
Darlington 17 February 1926[34 1] William Edwin Pease Conservative Arthur Lewis Shepherd Labour Death
Cambridge University 13 February 1926[34 8] John Rawlinson Conservative John James Withers Conservative Death
East Renfrewshire 29 January 1926 Alexander Munro MacRobert Conservative Alexander Munro MacRobert Conservative Appointed Solicitor General for Scotland
Dunbartonshire 29 January 1926 David Pinkerton Fleming Conservative John Gibb Thom Conservative Appointed to the Court of Session
Ripon 5 December 1925 Edward Wood Conservative John Waller Hills Conservative Resignation
Bury St Edmunds 1 December 1925 Walter Edward Guinness Conservative Walter Edward Guinness Conservative Appointed Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries
Galloway 17 November 1925 Arthur Henniker-Hughan Conservative Sidney Richard Streatfield Conservative Death
Stockport 17 September 1925[34 9] William Greenwood Conservative Arnold Ernest Townend Labour Death
Forest of Dean 14 July 1925 James Wignall Labour Albert Arthur Purcell Labour Death
Oldham 24 June 1925 Edward Grigg Liberal William Wiggins Liberal Resignation
Eastbourne 17 June 1925 George Lloyd Conservative William Reginald Hall Conservative Resignation
Ayr Burghs 12 June 1925 John Baird Conservative Thomas Cecil Moore Conservative Appointed Governor-General of Australia
Walsall 27 February 1925 William Preston Conservative William Preston Conservative Disqualification
Dundee 22 December 1924 E. D. Morel Labour Thomas Johnston Labour Death
  1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Gain retained at the 1929 general election.
  2. An uncontested election.
  3. 1 2 Gain not retained at the 1929 general election.
  4. Prior to his elevation to Speaker of the House of Commons, John Henry Whitley had been a Liberal MP.
  5. Alfred Mond was elected in the 1924 general election as a Liberal but moved to the Conservative Party in Parliament. The Liberals retook his seat in the by-election but lost it to Labour in the 1929 general election.
  6. Haden-Guest left the Labour Party and sought re-election as a Constitutionalist, but the seat was gained by the Liberals. In the 1929 general election the seat was regained by the Labour Party.
  7. The Combined English Universities was a two-member constituency. In the 1924 general election it elected one Conservative and one Liberal. The Conservatives gained the Liberal seat but in the 1929 general election the two seats were won by one Conservative and one Independent (Eleanor Rathbone).
  8. An uncontested election.
  9. Stockport was a two member constituency. In the 1924 general election it elected two Conservative MPs. One seat was lost to the Labour Party in the 1926 by-election. In the 1929 general election the Conservative and Labour Parties won one seat apiece.
By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause
Carmarthen 14 August 1924 Ellis Ellis-Griffith Liberal Alfred Mond Liberal Resignation
Holland with Boston 31 July 1924[33 1] William Stapleton Royce Labour Arthur Wellesley Dean Conservative Death
Lewes 9 July 1924 William Campion Conservative Tufton Percy Hamilton Beamish Conservative Appointment as Governor of Western Australia
Oxford 5 June 1924[33 1] Frank Gray Liberal Robert Croft Bourne Conservative Election declared void
Glasgow Kelvingrove 23 May 1924 William Hutchison Conservative Walter Elliot Conservative Death
Liverpool West Toxteth 22 May 1924[33 1] Robert Paterson Houston Conservative Joseph Gibbins Labour Resignation
Westminster Abbey 19 March 1924 John Nicholson Conservative Otho Nicholson Conservative Death
Dover 12 March 1924[33 2] John Astor Conservative John Astor Conservative Voted before taking the Oath of Allegiance
Burnley 28 February 1924 David Irving Labour Arthur Henderson Labour Death
City of London 1 February 1924 Frederick George Banbury Conservative Thomas Vansittart Bowater Conservative Elevation to the peerage
  1. 1 2 3 Gain retained at the 1924 general election.
  2. An uncontested by-election.
By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause
Yeovil 30 October 1923 Aubrey Herbert Conservative George Davies Conservative Death
Rutland and Stamford 30 October 1923 Charles Harvey Dixon Conservative Neville Woodford Smith-Carington Conservative Death
Portsmouth South 13 August 1923 Leslie Orme Wilson Conservative Herbert Robin Cayzer Conservative Resignation
Leeds Central 26 July 1923 Arthur Wellesley Willey Conservative Charles Henry Wilson Conservative Death
Tiverton 21 June 1923[32 1] Herbert Weston Sheppard Sparkes Conservative Francis Dyke Acland Liberal Death
Morpeth 21 June 1923 John Cairns Labour Robert Smillie Labour Death
Berwick-upon-Tweed 31 May 1923[32 1] Hilton Philipson National Liberal Mabel Philipson Conservative Void election (electoral fraud)
Ludlow 19 April 1923 Ivor Windsor-Clive Conservative George Windsor-Clive Conservative Succession to the peerage
Anglesey 7 April 1923[32 1] Owen Thomas Independent Labour Sir Robert John Thomas Liberal Death
Liverpool Edge Hill 6 March 1923[32 1] William Watson Rutherford Conservative John Henry Hayes Labour Resignation
Mitcham 3 March 1923[32 2] Richard James Meller Conservative James Chuter Ede Labour Resignation
Willesden East 3 March 1923[32 1] Sir H. M. Mallaby-Deeley Conservative Harcourt Johnstone Liberal Resignation
Darlington 28 February 1923 Herbert Pike Pease Conservative William Edwin Pease Conservative Elevation to the peerage
Whitechapel and St George's 8 February 1923 Charles James Mathew Labour Harry Gosling Labour Death
Newcastle-upon-Tyne East 17 January 1923 Joseph Nicholas Bell Labour Arthur Henderson Labour Death
Portsmouth South 3 December 1922 Herbert Robin Cayzer Conservative Leslie Orme Wilson Conservative Resignation
  1. 1 2 3 4 5 Gain retained at the 1923 general election.
  2. Gain not retained at the 1923 general election.

31st Parliament (1919–1922)

Some precise party allegiances are difficult to determine as during this Parliament the Liberal and Conservative Parties were both divided over whether or not to continue support for the Lloyd George Coalition Government. Some opponents of the Coalition ran and/or sat as Independent Liberals or Conservatives respectively; however other opponents were able to secure official nominations. It is not always clear just where an individual MP or officially endorsed candidate stood on the Coalition at the point of election and there are several who appear to have given ambiguous information at the time or to have switched wings once in Parliament.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause
Newport (Monmouthshire) 18 October 1922[31 1] Lewis Haslam Coalition Liberal Reginald Clarry Conservative Death
Hackney South 18 August 1922[31 2] Horatio Bottomley Independent Clifford Erskine-Bolst Coalition Conservative Expelled from the House (convicted of fraud)
Pontypridd 25 July 1922[31 1] Thomas Arthur Lewis Coalition Liberal Thomas Isaac Mardy Jones Labour Appointed as a Junior Lord of the Treasury
North Down 21 July 1922[31 3] Henry Hughes Wilson UUP John Morrow Simms UUP Death
Gower 20 July 1922 John Williams Labour David Grenfell Labour Death
Nottingham East 29 June 1922 John David Rees Coalition Conservative John Plowright Houfton Coalition Conservative Death
Banbury 22 June 1922[31 3] Rhys Rhys-Williams Coalition Liberal Rhys Rhys-Williams Coalition Liberal Appointed Recorder of Cardiff
Moray and Nairn 21 June 1922[31 3] Archibald Williamson Coalition Liberal Thomas Maule Guthrie Coalition Liberal Elevation to the peerage
Newbury 10 June 1922[31 3] William Arthur Mount Coalition Conservative Howard Clifton Brown Coalition Conservative Resignation
North Londonderry 4 June 1922[31 3] Hugh Thom Barrie UUP Malcolm Macnaghten UUP Death
City of London 19 May 1922 Arthur Balfour Coalition Conservative Edward Charles Grenfell Coalition Conservative Elevation to the peerage
Clapham 9 May 1922[31 3] Sir Arthur du Cros, Bt Coalition Conservative Sir John Leigh, Bt Coalition Conservative Resignation
Leicester East 30 March 1922[31 4] Gordon Hewart Coalition Liberal George Banton Labour Appointment as Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales
Chertsey 24 March 1922 Donald MacMaster Coalition Conservative Philip Wigham Richardson Coalition Conservative Death
Inverness 16 March 1922 Thomas Brash Morison Coalition Liberal Murdoch MacDonald Coalition Liberal Resignation
Cambridge 16 March 1922 Eric Geddes Coalition Conservative George Newton Coalition Conservative Resignation
Liverpool Exchange 13 March 1922[31 3] Leslie Frederic Scott Coalition Conservative Leslie Frederic Scott Coalition Conservative Appointed as Solicitor General
Wolverhampton West 7 March 1922 Alfred Frederick Bird Coalition Conservative Robert Bland Bird Coalition Conservative Death
Bodmin 24 February 1922[31 1] Charles Augustin Hanson Coalition Conservative Isaac Foot Liberal Death
North Down 21 February 1922[31 3] Thomas Watters Brown UUP Henry Hughes Wilson UUP Appointed to the High Court of Northern Ireland
Camberwell North 20 February 1922[31 1] Henry Newton Knights Coalition Conservative Charles Ammon Labour Resignation
Manchester Clayton 18 February 1922[31 4] Edward Hopkinson Coalition Conservative John Edward Sutton Labour Death
West Down 17 February 1922[31 3] Thomas Browne Wallace UUP Hugh Hayes UUP Appointed Chief Clerk to the High Court of Northern Ireland
South Londonderry 18 January 1922[31 3] Robert Chichester UUP Sir William Hacket Pain UUP Death
Tamworth 17 January 1922 Henry Wilson-Fox Coalition Conservative Sir Percy Newson, Bt Coalition Conservative Death
Ludlow 4 January 1922[31 3] Beville Stanier Coalition Conservative Ivor Windsor-Clive Coalition Conservative Death
Southwark South East 14 December 1921[31 5] James Arthur Dawes Coalition Liberal Thomas Ellis Naylor Labour Death
Hornsey 10 November 1921 William Kennedy Jones Conservative William Ward Conservative Death
Westhoughton 5 October 1921 William Tyson Wilson Labour Rhys John Davies Labour Death
Louth 22 September 1921[31 6] Thomas Wintringham Liberal Margaret Wintringham Liberal Death
Lewisham West 13 September 1921 Edward Feetham Coates Conservative Philip Dawson Conservative Death
South Londonderry 29 August 1921[31 3] Denis Henry UUP Robert Chichester UUP Appointed Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland
Westminster Abbey 25 August 1921 William Burdett-Coutts Conservative John Sanctuary Nicholson Conservative Death
Caerphilly 24 August 1921 Alfred Onions Labour Morgan Jones Labour Death
Hertford 16 July 1921 Noel Pemberton Billing Independent Murray Sueter Anti-Waste League and Independent Resignation (ill-health)
Heywood and Radcliffe 8 July 1921[31 5] Albert Illingworth Coalition Liberal Walter Halls Labour Elevation to the peerage
Westminster St George's 7 July 1921[31 7] Walter Long Coalition Conservative James Malcolm Monteith Erskine Anti-Waste League Elevation to the peerage
Mid Down 2 July 1921[31 3] James Craig UUP Robert Sharman-Crawford UUP Elected Prime Minister of Northern Ireland
Mid Armagh 23 June 1921[31 3] James Rolston Lonsdale UUP Henry Bruce Armstrong UUP Death
Belfast Duncairn 23 June 1921[31 3] Edward Carson UUP Thomas Edward McConnell UUP Appointed Lord of Appeal in Ordinary
North Down 23 June 1921[31 3] Thomas Watters Brown UUP Thomas Watters Brown UUP Appointed Solicitor-General for Ireland
West Down 23 June 1921[31 3] Daniel Martin Wilson UUP Thomas Browne Wallace UUP Appointed Recorder of Belfast
Orkney and Shetland 17 May 1921[31 3] Cathcart Wason Coalition Liberal Malcolm Smith Coalition Liberal Death
Abingdon 14 May 1921[31 3] John Tyson Wigan Coalition Conservative Arthur Thomas Loyd Coalition Conservative Resignation
Penrith and Cockermouth 13 May 1921 James William Lowther Coalition Conservative Cecil Lowther Coalition Conservative Resignation
Hastings 4 May 1921 Laurance Lyon Coalition Conservative Lord Eustace Percy Coalition Conservative Resignation
Chichester 23 April 1921[31 3] Lord Edmund Bernard Talbot Coalition Conservative William Bird Coalition Conservative Resignation
Bedford 23 April 1921 Frederick Kellaway Coalition Liberal Frederick Kellaway Coalition Liberal Appointed Postmaster General
Bewdley 19 April 1921 Stanley Baldwin Coalition Conservative Stanley Baldwin Coalition Conservative Appointed President of the Board of Trade
Eddisbury 19 April 1921[31 3] Harry Barnston Coalition Conservative Harry Barnston Coalition Conservative Appointed Comptroller of the Household
East Dorset 16 April 1921[31 3] Frederick Edward Guest Coalition Liberal Frederick Edward Guest Coalition Liberal Appointed Secretary of State for Air
Glasgow Pollok 14 April 1921[31 3] John Gilmour Coalition Conservative John Gilmour Coalition Conservative Appointed Junior Lord of the Treasury
Bristol West 9 April 1921[31 3] George Gibbs Coalition Conservative George Gibbs Coalition Conservative Appointed Treasurer of the Household
Taunton 8 April 1921 Dennis Fortescue Boles Coalition Conservative Arthur Griffith-Boscawen Coalition Conservative Resignation
Birmingham West 31 March 1921[31 3] Austen Chamberlain Coalition Conservative Austen Chamberlain Coalition Conservative Appointed Lord Privy Seal
Penistone 5 March 1921[31 4] Sydney Arnold Liberal William Gillis Labour Resignation
Kirkcaldy Burghs 4 March 1921[31 5] James Henry Dalziel Coalition Liberal Thomas Kennedy Labour Resignation
Birmingham Moseley 4 March 1921[31 3] Hallewell Rogers Coalition Conservative Patrick Hannon Coalition Conservative Resignation
Dudley 3 March 1921[31 4] Arthur Griffith-Boscawen Coalition Conservative James Wilson Labour Appointment as Minister of Agriculture
Woolwich East 2 March 1921[31 4] Will Crooks Labour Robert Gee Coalition Conservative Death
Cardiganshire 18 February 1921 Matthew Vaughan-Davies Coalition Liberal Ernest Evans Coalition Liberal Elevated to the peerage
Dover 12 January 1921[31 8] Viscount Duncannon Coalition Conservative Thomas Andrew Polson Independent Succession to the Peerage
Hereford 11 January 1921 Charles Thornton Pulley Coalition Conservative Samuel Roberts Coalition Conservative Resignation
Abertillery 21 December 1920 William Brace Labour George Barker Labour Resignation
Rhondda West 21 December 1920 William Abraham Labour William John Labour Resignation
Middleton and Prestwich 22 November 1920[31 3] Sir William Adkins Coalition Liberal Sir William Adkins Coalition Liberal Appointed Recorder of Birmingham
The Wrekin 20 November 1920[31 9] Charles Frederick Palmer Independent Sir C. V. F. Townshend Independent Death
Hemel Hempstead 9 November 1920[31 3] Gustavus Talbot Coalition Conservative John Davidson Coalition Conservative Death
Ilford 25 September 1920 William Peter Griggs Coalition Conservative Fredric Wise Coalition Conservative Death
Woodbridge 28 July 1920 Robert Francis Peel Coalition Conservative Sir Arthur Churchman, Bt Coalition Conservative Resignation
South Norfolk 27 July 1920[31 10] William Cozens-Hardy Coalition Liberal George Edwards Labour Succession to the peerage
Ebbw Vale 26 July 1920[31 3] Thomas Richards Labour Evan Davies Labour Resignation
Nelson and Colne 17 June 1920 Albert Smith Labour Robinson Graham Labour Resignation
Louth 3 June 1920[31 6] Henry Langton Brackenbury Coalition Conservative Thomas Wintringham Liberal Death
Sunderland 24 April 1920 Hamar Greenwood Coalition Liberal Hamar Greenwood Coalition Liberal Appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland
Edinburgh North 9 April 1920 James Avon Clyde Coalition Conservative Patrick Johnstone Ford Coalition Conservative Resignation
Edinburgh South 9 April 1920 Charles David Murray Coalition Conservative Charles David Murray Coalition Conservative Appointed Solicitor General for Scotland
Northampton 1 April 1920 Charles McCurdy Coalition Liberal Charles McCurdy Coalition Liberal Appointed Minister of Food Control
Basingstoke 31 March 1920 Auckland Campbell Geddes Coalition Conservative Arthur Richard Holbrook Coalition Conservative Resignation
Camberwell North West 31 March 1920 Thomas James McNamara Coalition Liberal Thomas James McNamara Coalition Liberal Appointed Minister of Labour
Dartford 27 March 1920[31 11] James Rowlands Coalition Liberal John Edmund Mills Labour Death
Stockport 27 March 1920 Spencer Leigh Hughes Coalition Liberal Henry Fildes Coalition Liberal Death
George Wardle Coalition Labour William Greenwood Coalition Conservative Resignation
Argyll 10 March 1920 William Sutherland Coalition Liberal William Sutherland Coalition Liberal Appointed as a Junior Lord of the Treasury
Horncastle 25 February 1920 William Weigall Coalition Conservative Stafford Vere Hotchkin Coalition Conservative Appointed Governor of South Australia
Paisley 12 February 1920 John Mills McCallum Liberal Herbert Henry Asquith Liberal Death
The Wrekin 7 February 1920[31 9] Sir Charles Henry Bt Coalition Liberal Charles Frederick Palmer Independent Death
Ashton-under-Lyne 31 January 1920 Albert Henry Stanley Coalition Conservative Walter de Frece Coalition Conservative Elevation to the peerage
Spen Valley 20 December 1919[31 12] Thomas Palmer Whittaker Coalition Liberal Tom Myers Labour Death
Bromley 17 December 1919 Henry Forster Coalition Conservative Cuthbert James Coalition Conservative Elevation to the peerage
St Albans 10 December 1919 Sir Edward Hildred Carlile Coalition Conservative Francis Edward Fremantle Coalition Conservative Resignation
Plymouth Sutton 28 November 1919[1] Waldorf Astor Coalition Conservative Nancy Astor Coalition Conservative Succession to the peerage
Isle of Thanet 15 November 1919 Norman Carlyle Craig Conservative Esmond Harmsworth Conservative Death
Croydon South 14 November 1919 Ian Malcolm Coalition Conservative Allan Smith Coalition Conservative Resignation
Chester-le-Street 13 November 1919 John Wilkinson Taylor Labour Jack Lawson Labour Resignation
Manchester Rusholme 7 October 1919 Robert Burdon Stoker Coalition Conservative John Henry Thorpe Coalition Conservative Death
Pontefract 6 September 1919 Joseph Compton-Rickett Coalition Liberal Walter Forrest Coalition Liberal Death
Widnes 30 August 1919[31 4] William Hall Walker Coalition Conservative Arthur Henderson Labour Elevation to the peerage
Dublin University 28 July 1919[31 3] Arthur Warren Samuels Irish Unionist William Morgan Jellett Irish Unionist Appointed to the Irish High Court
Bothwell 16 July 1919[31 1] David Henderson Macdonald Coalition Conservative John Robertson Labour Death
Swansea East 10 July 1919 Thomas Jeremiah Williams Coalition Liberal David Matthews Coalition Liberal Death
East Antrim 27 May 1919[31 13] Robert Chaine Alexander McCalmont Irish Unionist George Boyle Hanna Independent Unionist Appointed Commander of the Irish Guards
Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire Central 16 April 1919[31 1] Alexander Theodore Gordon Coalition Conservative Murdoch McKenzie Wood Liberal Death
Kingston upon Hull Central 29 March 1919[31 1] Sir Mark Sykes Coalition Conservative Hon. Joseph Kenworthy Liberal Death
Oxford University 19–24 March 1919 Rowland Prothero Coalition Conservative Charles Oman Coalition Conservative Elevation to the peerage
North Londonderry 4 March 1919 Hugh Alfred Anderson Irish Unionist Hugh Thom Barrie Irish Unionist Resignation
Leyton West 1 March 1919[31 4] Harry Wrightson Coalition Conservative Alfred Ernest Newbould Liberal Death
Liverpool West Derby 26 February 1919 Frederick Edwin Smith Coalition Conservative William Reginald Hall Coalition Conservative Elevated to the peerage
  1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Gain retained at the 1922 general election.
  2. Horatio Bottomley was expelled from the Commons following his imprisonment for fraud. The by-election was won by Clifford Erskine-Bolst as a Conservative candidate supporting the Coalition, who retained the seat in the 1922 general election for the party post Coalition.
  3. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 An uncontested by-election.
  4. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Gain not retained at the 1922 general election.
  5. 1 2 3 The seat was regained at the 1922 general election by the National Liberals, as the Coalition Liberals were restyled following the end of the Coalition.
  6. 1 2 Thomas Wintringham died later in the Parliament and Louth was retained for the Liberals by his wife Margaret in both the second by-election and the 1922 general election.
  7. Erskine was the nominee of the Anti-Waste League. In the 1922 general election he was also supported by the St. George's, Hannover Square, Independent Conservative Association who were in dispute with the official Conservative Association in the constituency. During the 1922-1923 Parliament Erskine came to sit as an official Conservative and retained the seat as such in subsequent elections.
  8. At the time of his election Polson was supported by Horatio Bottomley who formed the Independent Parliamentary Group in Parliament. Shortly after election he joined the newly formed Anti-Waste League. He unsuccessfully defended his seat in the 1922 general election as an Independent Conservative, losing to an official Conservative candidate.
  9. 1 2 The Wrekin experienced two by-elections in 1920. Both Charles Frederick Palmer and Sir C. V. F. Townshend were supported by Horatio Bottomley and once in Parliament joined his Independent Parliamentary Group. The seat was won by the Coalition Liberals in the 1918 general election and by the Conservatives in the 1922 general election.
  10. George Edwards gained South Norfolk from the Liberals, but lost to the Conservatives in the 1922 general election.
  11. John Edmund Mills won Dartford from the Coalition Liberals, but lost to George William Symonds Jarrett, running as a Constitutionalist in the 1922 general election.
  12. Spen Valley was taken from the Coalition Liberals by Labour due to the intervention of an anti-Coalition official Liberal. In the 1922 general election the anti-Coalition Liberal gained the seat.
  13. Due to the establishment of the Parliament of Northern Ireland, the number of constituencies for Northern Ireland was substantially reduced from the 1922 general election. East Antrim was absorbed into the larger two-member Antrim constituency, which at the 1922 election was won by two official Ulster Unionists.


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