List of United Kingdom by-elections (1818–32)

This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in the United Kingdom held between 1818 and 1832, with the names of the previous incumbent and the victor in the by-election.

In the absence of a comprehensive and reliable source, for party and factional alignments in this period, no attempt is made to define them in this article. The House of Commons: 1790-1820 and The House of Commons: 1820-1832 provide some guidance to the complex and shifting political relationships, but those works do not define each member's allegiances.


See Resignation from the British House of Commons for more details.

Where the cause of by-election is given as "resignation", this indicates that the incumbent was appointed on his own request to an "office of profit under the Crown". Offices used, in this period, were the Stewards of the Chiltern Hundreds or the Manor of East Hendred and the Escheators of Munster or Ulster. These appointments are made as a constitutional device for leaving the House of Commons, whose Members are not permitted to resign. If the vacancy was caused by appointment to another office then this office is noted in brackets.


The c/u column denotes whether the by-election was a contested poll or an unopposed return. If the winner was re-elected, at the next general election and any intermediate by-elections, this is indicated by an * following the c or u. In a few cases the winner was elected at the next general election but had not been re-elected in a by-election after the one noted. In those cases no * symbol is used.

6th Parliament (1818–1820)

Date Constituency c/u Former incumbent Winner Cause
10 February 1819GuildforduWilliam Draper BestCharles Baring WallResignation (Puisne Justice of the King's Bench)
10 February 1819Peterboroughu*William ElliotJames ScarlettDeath
11 February 1819Great Yarmouthu*Thomas William AnsonGeorge AnsonElevation to the peerage
12 February 1819Ashburtonu*John Singleton CopleyJohn Singleton CopleyChief Justice of Chester
13 February 1819BletchingleyuMatthew RussellSir William CurtisChose to sit for Saltash
16 February 1819Droitwichu*Andrew FoleyThomas FoleyDeath
16 February 1819New WindsoruEdward DisbroweThe Lord GravesDeath
20 February 1819Downtonu*Viscount FolkestoneBartholomew BouverieChose to sit for Salisbury
20 February 1819DunwichuThe Lord HuntingfieldWilliam Alexander MackinnonResignation
20 February 1819Portarlingtonu*Richard SharpDavid RicardoResignation
22 February 1819Downtonu*Sir William ScottSir Thomas Brooke PechellChose to sit for Oxford University
22 February 1819LisburnuJohn Leslie FosterHorace Beauchamp SeymourChose to sit for Armagh City
22 February 1819New Romneyu*Richard Erle Drax GrosvenorRichard Edward Erle Drax GrosvenorDeath
26 February 1819RyeuCharles ArbuthnotThomas Phillipps LambChose to sit for St. Germans
27 February 1819Bletchingleyu*George TennysonMarquess of TitchfieldResignation
1 March 1819Wexford BoroughuRichard NevillHenry EvansResignation
2 March 1819County Tipperaryu*Viscount CaherWilliam BagwellBecame an Irish Peer
3 March 1819WestminsteruSir Samuel RomillyGeorge LambDeath
4 March 1819Cashelu*Richard PennefatherEbenezer John CollettResignation
6 March 1819ClonmeluWilliam BagwellJohn KielyResignation to contest Tipperary
6 March 1819Newryu*Francis NeedhamFrancis Jack NeedhamBecame an Irish peer
15 March 1819Edinburghshireu*Sir George ClerkSir George ClerkLord of the Admiralty
16 March 1819Inverness-shireu*Charles GrantCharles GrantChief Secretary for Ireland
16 March 1819Yarmouthu*John TaylorSir Peter PoleResignation
uWilliam MountJohn Wilson CrokerResignation
17 March 1819CarrickfergusuEarl of BelfastEarl of BelfastAccepted a Commission in the Army
24 March 1819Foweyc(*)Viscount ValletortMathias AttwoodDeath
Mathias AttwoodViscount ValletortBy-Election result reversed on petition 11 May 1819
27 March 1819Tavistocku*Lord William RussellJohn Peter GrantResignation
29 March 1819Orfordu*Edmond Alexander MacNaghtenEdmond Alexander MacNaghtenJunior Lord of the Treasury
29 March 1819Stirling BurghscJohn CampbellFrancis Ward PrimroseVoid Election
30 March 1819Boroughbridgeu*Marmaduke LawsonMarmaduke LawsonResigned seat and was re-elected
2 April 1819Banffshireu*The Earl FifeThe Earl FifeLord of the Bedchamber
5 April 1819Applebyu*George FludyerAdolphus John DalrympleResignation
5 April 1819Monmouthshireu*Lord Granville SomersetLord Granville SomersetJunior Lord of the Treasury
8 April 1819Bossineyc*James Archibald Stuart WortleyJohn William WardChose to sit for Yorkshire
8 April 1819County Tipperaryu*Montague James MathewFrancis Aldborough PrittieDeath
17 April 1819CamelfordcMark MilbankJohn StewartVoid Election. Results voided 16 June 1819. No by-election held.
John Bushby MaitlandLewis Allsopp
1 May 1819WestburyuRalph FrancoWilliam Leader MaberlyResignation
11 May 1819Okehamptonu*Christopher SavileThe Lord DunalleyDeath
20 May 1819Hythec*John Bladen TaylorSamuel Jones LoydResignation
25 May 1819ShrewsburycRichard LysterJohn MyttonDeath
29 May 1819Traleeu*Edward DennyJames CuffeResignation
31 May 1819Linlithgow BurghscSir John Buchanan RiddellJohn PringleDeath
18 June 1819DorchesteruSir Samuel ShepherdCharles WarrenResignation (Chief Baron of the Scottish Court of Exchequer)
24 June 1819HeytesburyuWilliam Henry John ScottWilliam Henry John ScottClerk of Patents and Registrar of Affidavits at the Court of Chancery
6 July 1819TivertonuWilliam FitzhughViscount SandonResignation
10 July 1819Bishop's CastleuJohn RobinsonDouglas James William KinnairdDeath
12 July 1819Ryeu*Thomas Phillipps LambJohn DodsonDeath
17 July 1819Milborne PortcRobert Matthew CasberdRobert Mathew CasberdPuisne Justice of the Brecon Circuit
19 July 1819Eyeu*Sir Robert GiffordSir Robert GiffordAttorney General for England and Wales
19 July 1819Wiltshirec*Paul MethuenJohn BenettResignation
20 July 1819Ashburtonu*John Singleton CopleyJohn Singleton CopleySolicitor General for England and Wales
26 July 1819Anstruther Easter Burghsc*Alexander MaconochieSir William RaeResignation (Lord of Session and Justiciary in Scotland)
29 July 1819Edinburghc*William DundasWilliam DundasKeeper of Sasines
16 September 1819Kinross-shirecThomas GrahamGeorge Edward GrahamDeath
21 September 1819HereforduThomas Powell SymondsRichard Philip ScudamoreDeath
8 October 1819 Arundelc*Sir Arthur Leary PiggottRobert BlakeDeath
15 October 1819County Longfordc*Sir Thomas FetherstonSir George Ralph FetherstonDeath
16 November 1819Kentu*Sir Edward KnatchbullSir Edward KnatchbullDeath
22 November 1819Banburyu*Frederick Sylvester North DouglasHeneage LeggeDeath
22 November 1819Chichesteru*Earl of MarchLord John George LennoxSucceeded to a peerage
29 November 1819Hertfordshireu*Thomas BrandWilliam LambSucceeded to a peerage
30 November 1819Peterboroughu*William LambSir Robert HeronResignation to contest Hertfordshire
3 December 1819Cambridgeu*Edward FinchFrederick William TrenchResignation
4 January 1820Dartmouthu*Arthur Howe HoldsworthCharles Milne RickettsResignation

7th Parliament (1820–1826)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
22 May 1820TavistockuJohn Nicholas FazakerleyViscount EbringtonResignation
23 May 1820ApplebyuGeorge TierneyThomas CreeveyChose to sit for Knaresborough
23 May 1820OrforduHorace Beauchamp SeymourEdmund Alexander MacnaghtenChose to sit for Lisburn
30 May 1820Scarboroughu*Viscount NormanbyEdmund PhippsResignation
31 May 1820CarlislecJohn Christian CurwenWilliam JamesChose to sit for Cumberland
2 June 1820AthloneuJohn McClintockDavid Guardi KerResignation
5 June 1820TrurocWilliam GossettWilliam GossettElection Voided due to Double Return
Lord FitzRoy Somerset
14 June 1820SaltashuMichael George PrendergastJohn FlemingChose to sit for Galway Borough
16 June 1820OkehamptonuAlbany SavileLord GlenorchyResignation
27 June 1820MalmesburyuKirkman FinlayWilliam LeakeResignation
27 June 1820PetersfielduThe Lord HothamSir Philip Christopher MusgraveChose to sit for Leominster
28 June 1820YorkuLawrence DundasRobert ChalonerSucceeded to a peerage
29 June 1820DundalkuJohn MetgeGeorge HartoppResignation
29 June 1820EnnisuSir Ross MahonRichard WellesleyResignation
30 June 1820Dublin CitycHenry GrattanThomas EllisDeath
13 July 1820Berwick-upon-TweeduSir David MilneHenry Heneage St PaulVoid Election
14 July 1820ColchesteruDaniel Whittle HarveyHenry BaringVoid Election
17 July 1820Old Sarumu*Arthur Johnston CrawfordJosias du Pre AlexanderResignation
21 July 1820GranthamcJames HughesSir Montague CholmeleyVoid Election
3 August 1820HeytesburyuCharles Ashe A'CourtHenry HandleyResignation
10 August 1820County LouthuViscount JocelynJohn JocelynBecame an Irish Peer
11 September 1820County Kilkennyu*James Wandesford ButlerCharles Harwood ButlerBecame an Irish Peer
17 October 1820Aberdeenshireu*James FergusonWilliam GordonDeath
7 November 1820Warwickshirec*Sir Charles MordauntFrancis LawleyResignation
29 November 1820Westburyu*Nathaniel BartonSir Manasseh Masseh LopesResignation
uJonathan ElfordPhilip John MilesResignation
7 December 1820Berwick-upon-TweedcHenry Heneage St PaulSir Francis BlakeDeath
9 January 1821St AlbanscWilliam Tierney RobartsSir Henry Wright WilsonDeath
16 January 1821Roscommonu*Arthur FrenchArthur FrenchDeath
17 January 1821YarmouthuTheodore Henry BroadheadTheodore Henry Lavington BrinckmanDeath
1 February 1821Wiltonu*Viscount FitzHarrisJohn Hungerford PenruddockeSucceeded to a peerage
9 February 1821Newtownu*Dudley Long NorthCharles Compton CavendishResignation
9 February 1821New RossuJohn CarrollFrancis LeighResignation
9 February 1821County Wicklowu*William Parnell HayesJames GrattanDeath
17 February 1821Plympton ErleuAlexander BoswellWilliam Gill PaxtonResignation
19 February 1821DunbartonshirecArchibald Campbell ColquhounJohn BuchananDeath
21 March 1821Wigtown BurghsuJames Henry Keith StewartSir John OsbornResignation to provide a seat for Osborn
4 April 1821Bere Alstonu*Lord LovaineLord LovaineLord of the Bedchamber
28 April 1821OrforduJohn DouglasThe Marquess of LondonderryResignation to provide a seat for Londonderry
5 May 1821LudgershalluThe Earl of CarhamptonEarl of BrecknockDeath
9 May 1821County DownuViscount CastlereaghMathew FordeBecame an Irish Peer
11 May 1821Andoveru*Thomas Assheton Smith IThomas Assheton Smith IIResignation
24 May 1821Stirlingshirec*Sir Charles EdmonstoneHenry Home DrummondDeath
26 May 1821St Ivesu*James Robert George GrahamSir Christopher HawkinsResignation
5 June 1821LymingtonuGeorge FinchWilliam ManningResignation
5 July 1821Carmarthenc*John Frederick CampbellJohn JonesSucceeded to a peerage
21 July 1821Cockermouthu*John BeckettWilliam Wilson Carus WilsonResignation
30 July 1821King's Countyu*John Clere ParsonsLord OxmantownResignation (Judge of the Insolvent Court in Ireland
21 August 1821Oxford UniversitycSir William ScottRichard HeberElevated to the peerage
27 August 1821Queen's Countyu*William Wellesley PoleSir Charles CooteElevated to the peerage
12 September 1821Shaftesburyu*Edward HarbordJohn Ralph LeycesterSucceeded to a peerage
27 September 1821County LouthuJohn FosterThomas Henry SkeffingtonElevated to the peerage
18 October 1821Shropshireu*John CotesRowland HillDeath
9 January 1822King's LynnuSir Martin Brown FfolkesMarquess of TitchfieldDeath
12 January 1822County AntrimuHugh Henry John SeymourViscount BeauchampDeath
1 February 1822Castle Risingu*Earl of RocksavageLord William Henry Hugh CholmondeleyCalled to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
11 February 1822Buckinghamu*William Henry FremantleWilliam Henry FremantleCommissioner of the Board of Control
11 February 1822Great Bedwynu*Sir John NichollSir John NichollResignation to contest Oxford University
11 February 1822Higham FerrersuWilliam PlumerViscount NormanbyDeath
12 February 1822Caernarvon BoroughsuSir Charles PagetSir Charles PagetGroom of the Bedchamber
12 February 1822Oxford Universityu*Robert PeelRobert PeelHome Secretary
13 February 1822St MawesuJoseph PhillimoreJoseph PhillimoreCommissioner of the Board of Control
13 February 1822West LooeuHenry GoulburnHenry GoulburnChief Secretary for Ireland
14 February 1822Droitwichu*Thomas FoleyJohn Hodgetts Hodgetts FoleyDeath
14 February 1822Dublin Universityu*William Conyngham PlunketWilliam Conyngham PlunketAttorney General for Ireland
18 February 1822Dungarvanu*Augustus CliffordGeorge LambResignation
18 February 1822Montgomeryshireu*Charles Watkin Williams WynnCharles Watkin Williams WynnPresident of the Board of Control
19 February 1822BletchingleyuMarquess of TitchfieldLord Francis Leveson GowerResignation to contest King's Lynn
8 March 1822Dumfries Burghsu*William Robert Keith DouglasWilliam Robert Keith DouglasLord of the Admiralty
9 March 1822DroghedacHenry MetcalfeWilliam Meade SmythDeath
14 March 1822Argyllshireu*Lord John CampbellWalter Frederick CampbellResignation
23 March 1822LincolnuConingsby Waldo Waldo SibthorpeJohn WilliamsDeath
8 April 1822DartmouthuCharles Milner RickettsJames Hamilton StanhopeResignation
12 April 1822MineheaduHenry Fownes LuttrellJohn DouglasResignation
30 April 1822ShaftesburyuAbraham MooreRobert GrosvenorResignation
22 May 1822SaltashuMatthew RussellWilliam RussellDeath
26 June 1822Camelfordc*Earl of YarmouthSheldon CradockSucceeded to a peerage
29 June 1822King's Lynnc*Lord WalpoleJohn WalpoleSucceeded to a peerage
30 July 1822StockbridgeuJoseph Foster BarhamEdward StanleyResignation
30 July 1822Wigtownshirec*James Hunter BlairSir William MaxwellDeath
14 August 1822ClitheroeuWilliam CustHenry PorcherResignation
1 October 1822OrforduThe Marquess of LondonderryCharles RossDeath (suicide)
25 November 1822Derbyshireu*Edward Miller MundyFrancis MundyDeath
27 November 1822Cambridge UniversitycJohn Henry SmythWilliam John BankesDeath
2 December 1822Shropshireu*Sir John Kynaston PowellJohn Cressett PelhamDeath
4 December 1822County Sligoc*Charles O'HaraHenry KingDeath
20 December 1822Ross-shireu*Thomas MackenzieSir James Wemyss MackenzieDeath
6 January 1823Wiltonu*Ralph SheldonEdward BakerDeath
10 February 1823HarwichuNicholas VansittartGeorge CanningResignation
u*Charles BathurstJohn Charles HerriesResignation
11 February 1823County Dublinc*Hans HamiltonHenry WhiteDeath
11 February 1823New WindsoruSir Herbert TaylorSir Edward Cromwell DisbroweResignation
11 February 1823Riponu*Frederick John RobinsonFrederick John RobinsonChancellor of the Exchequer
12 February 1823Peterboroughc*James ScarlettJames ScarlettResignation to contest Cambridge University
12 February 1823St Germansu*Charles ArbuthnotCharles ArbuthnotFirst Commissioner of Woods and Forests
15 February 1823Liverpoolc*George CanningWilliam HuskissonForeign Secretary
17 February 1823Berwick-upon-TweeduLord OssulstonSir John Poo BeresfordSucceeded to a peerage
18 February 1823Chichesterc*William HuskissonWilliam Stephen PoyntzTreasurer of the Navy
18 February 1823Winchesteru*James Henry LeighSir Edward Hyde EastResignation
20 February 1823WinchelseauLucius ConcannonWilliam LeaderDeath
21 February 1823ArundelcRobert BlakeThomas Read KempDeath
22 February 1823Coleraineu*Sir John Poo BeresfordSir John William Head BrydgesResignation to contest Berwick
24 February 1823BossineyuSir Compton DomvilleSir Compton DomvilleResignation to contest County Dublin
26 February 1823Dorsetu*Edward Berkeley PortmanEdward Berkeley Portman IIDeath
28 February 1823ReigateuJames Somers CocksJames CocksResignation
4 March 1823RyeuJohn DodsonRobert KnightResignation
8 March 1823County Fermanaghc*Sir Galbraith Lowry ColeViscount CorryResignation (Governor of Mauritius)
18 March 1823Corfe Castleu*George BankesJohn BondResignation
21 March 1823Newport (Cornwall)cJonathan RaineJonathan RaineChief Justice of the North Wales Circuit
3 April 1823Lymingtonu*Sir Harry NealeWalter BoydResignation
4 April 1823Durham Cityc*Sir Henry HardingeSir Henry HardingeClerk of the Ordnance
11 April 1823Inverness-shireu*Charles GrantCharles GrantVice-President of the Board of Trade
15 April 1823Haslemereu*Robert WardGeorge Lowther ThompsonResignation (Auditor of the Civil List)
2 June 1823Bossineyc*John William WardJohn Stuart WortleySucceeded to a peerage
27 June 1823Hertfordc*Viscount CranborneThomas ByronSucceeded to a peerage
23 July 1823Staffordshireu*Sir John BougheySir John WrottesleyDeath
24 July 1823Newcastle-under-LymecWilliam Shepherd KinnersleyJohn Evelyn DenisonDeath
6 December 1823Lincolnshirec*Charles Anderson PelhamSir William Amcotts IngilbySucceeded to a peerage
16 January 1824Liskeardu*William EliotLord EliotSucceeded to a peerage
9 February 1824OxforduCharles WetherellCharles WetherellSolicitor General for England and Wales
10 February 1824SandwichuJoseph MarryattHenry BonhamDeath
11 February 1824AshburtonuSir John Singleton CopleySir John Singleton CopleyAttorney General for England and Wales
11 February 1824Weymouth and Melcombe Regisu*Thomas WallaceThomas WallaceMaster of the Mint
13 February 1824Eyeu*Sir Robert GiffordSir Edward KerrisonElevated to the peerage and appointed Chief Justice of the Common Pleas
16 February 1824WeobleyuLord Frederick Cavendish BentinckLord Henry ThynneResignation to contest Queenborough
21 February 1824County Louthu*Thomas Henry SkeffingtonJohn Leslie FosterBecame an Irish Peer
24 February 1824County Cavanu*John Maxwell BarryHenry MaxwellBecame an Irish Peer
1 March 1824Portarlingtonu*David RicardoWilliam James FarquharDeath
4 March 1824Dumfries Burghsu*William Robert Keith DouglasWilliam Robert Keith DouglasLord of the Admiralty
4 March 1824Wigtown BurghsuSir John OsbornNicholas Conyngham TindalResignation (Commissioner for Auditing Public Accounts)
5 March 1821New RossuFrancis LeighJohn DohertyResignation
5 March 1824County WestmeathuGustavus Hume RochfortRobert SmythDeath
8 March 1824Barnstaplec*Michael NolanFrederick HodgsonResignation (Chief Justice of the Brecon Circuit)
8 March 1824Oxfordshireu*John FaneJohn FaneDeath
11 March 1824Plympton Erleu*Ranald George MacdonaldJohn Henry NorthResignation
19 March 1824King's Lynnc*Marquess of TitchfieldMarquess of TitchfieldDeath
22 March 1824QueenboroughuJohn Charles VilliersLord Frederick Cavendish BentinckSucceeded to a peerage
5 April 1824County Leitrimu*Luke WhiteSamuel WhiteDeath
6 April 1824Perthshireu*James Andrew John Lawrence Charles DrummondSir George MurrayResignation
20 April 1824Lancasteru*Gabriel DovetonThomas GreeneDeath
5 May 1824DundalkuGeorge HartoppSir Robert InglisDeath
10 May 1824PenryncHenry SwannRobert StantonDeath
14 May 1824Huntingdonc*Earl of AncramJames StuartSucceeded to a peerage
28 May 1824NorthallertonuHenry PeirseMarcus BeresfordDeath
2 June 1824OkehamptonuThe Lord DunalleyWilliam Henry TrantResignation
18 June 1824Marlboroughu*Lord BrudenellLord BrudenellAccepted a Commission in the Army
24 June 1824Plympton ErleuJohn Henry NorthJohn Henry NorthKing's Counsel
30 June 1824SteyninguLord Henry Thomas Howard Molyneux HowardHenry HowardDeath
13 July 1824ClackmannanshireuRobert BruceGeorge Ralph AbercrombyResignation
27 January 1825Cornwallu*Sir William LemonSir Richard VyvyanDeath
4 February 1825Cambridgeu*Charles Madryll CheereMarquess of GrahamDeath
11 February 1825NewtonuThomas ClaughtonSir Robert Townsend FarquharResignation
18 February 1825NewportuSir Leonard Thomas Worsley HolmesJohn StuartDeath
21 February 1825County Donegalu*Earl of Mount CharlesEarl of Mount CharlesDeath
28 February 1825Brackleyu*Henry WrottesleyJames BradshawDeath
8 March 1825BramberuWilliam WilberforceArthur Gough CalthorpeResignation
25 March 1825Dartmouthu*James Hamilton StanhopeJohn Hutton CooperDeath
30 March 1825Berkshireu*Richard NevilleRobert PalmerSucceeded to a peerage
2 April 1825Carlisleu*Sir James GrahamSir Philip Christopher MusgraveDeath
2 April 1825PetersfielduSir Philip Christopher MusgraveJames Law LushingtonResignation to contest Carlisle
6 April 1825Wiganu*Lord LindsayJames LindsayResignation upon becoming a Scottish peer
6 May 1825Bere Alstonu*Henry PercyPercy AshburnhamDeath
27 June 1825County Tyroneu*Sir John StewartHenry Thomas Lowry CorryDeath
8 February 1826Newport (Cornwall)u*William NortheyCharles PercyDeath
9 February 1826Exeteru*William CourtenaySamuel Trehawke KekewichResignation (Clerk Assistant of the Parliaments)
10 February 1826Banburyu*Heneage LeggeArthur Charles LeggeResignation (Commissioner of Customs)
11 February 1826Warwickc*Charles MillsJohn TomesDeath
13 February 1826Corfe Castleu*Henry BankesGeorge BankesResignation to contest Dorset
16 February 1826Dorsetu*William Morton PittHenry BankesResignation
21 February 1826Northumberlandc*Charles John BrandlingMatthew BellDeath
22 February 1826Oxford Universityu*Richard HeberThomas Grimston Bucknall EstcourtResignation
1 March 1826Devizesu*Thomas Grimston Bucknall EstcourtGeorge Watson TaylorResignation to contest Oxford University
3 March 1826East LooeuGeorge Watson TaylorViscount PercevalResignation to contest Devizes
17 March 1826Horshamu*Sir John AubreyHenry Edward FoxDeath
6 April 1826County Carlowu*Sir Ulysses Bagenal BurghThomas KavanaghBecame an Irish Peer
6 April 1826Mitchellu*William Taylor MoneyHenry LabouchereResignation (Consul General at Venice)
8 May 1826Roxburghshireu*Sir Alexander DonHenry Francis Hepburne ScottDeath

8th Parliament (1826–1830)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
14 December 1826HarwichuNicholas Conyngham TindalNicholas Conyngham TindalSolicitor General for England and Wales
15 December 1826HastingsuSir William CurtisJames Law LushingtonResignation
Sir Charles WetherellJohn Evelyn DenisonAttorney General for England and Wales
15 December 1826StaffordcRichard IronmongerThomas Wentworth BeaumontDeath
16 December 1826Cambridge Universityu*Sir John Singleton CopleySir John Singleton CopleyMaster of the Rolls
16 December 1826DowntonuThomas Grimston Bucknall EstcourtBartholomew BouverieChose to sit for Oxford University
16 December 1826Plympton Erleu*George EdgcumbeCharles WetherellResignation
16 December 1826Wallingfordc*George James RobartsRobert KnightResignation (Ill-health)
18 December 1826DowntonuRobert SoutheyAlexander PowellDeclined seat due to lack of property qualifications
18 December 1826LostwithieluSir Alexander Cray GrantEdward CustChose to sit for Aldborough
19 December 1826Bandon BridgeuViscount DuncannonLord John RussellChose to sit for County Kilkenny
19 December 1826SaltashuHenry MonteithColin Campbell MacaulayResignation
26 December 1826OrforduHorace Beauchamp SeymourQuintin DickChose to sit for Bodmin
29 December 1826Cork CitycChristopher Hely HutchinsonJohn Hely HutchinsonDeath
14 February 1827Horshamu*Henry Edward FoxNicholas William Ridley ColborneResignation
16 February 1827CockermouthuWilliam Wilson Carus WilsonLaurence PeelResignation
29 March 1827Berwick-upon-Tweedc*John GladstoneSir Francis BlakeVoid Election
6 April 1827West Looeu*John BullerSir Charles HulseResignation
20 April 1827Seafordu*Augustus Frederick EllisGeorge CanningResignation to provide a seat for Canning
21 April 1827Hastingsu*James Law LushingtonJoseph PlantaResignation to contest Carlisle
24 April 1827NewportuGeorge CanningWilliam LambFirst Lord of the Treasury
7 May 1827BletchingleyuWilliam RussellWilliam LambResignation
8 May 1827AshburtonuWilliam Sturges BourneWilliam Sturges BourneHome Secretary
9 May 1827Liskeardu*Lord EliotLord EliotJunior Lord of the Treasury
9 May 1827Peterboroughu*James ScarlettJames ScarlettAttorney General for England and Wales
10 May 1827Sandwichu*Sir Edward OwenSir Edward OwenSurveyor-General of the Ordnance
11 May 1827Cambridge UniversitycSir John Singleton CopleySir Nicholas Conyngham TindalElevated to the peerage and appointed Lord Chancellor
15 May 1827Dublin UniversitycWilliam Conyngham PlunketJohn Wilson CrokerElevated to the peerage
15 May 1827Edinburghshireu*Sir George ClerkSir George ClerkClerk of the Ordnance
15 May 1827Riponu*Frederick John RobinsonLouis Hayes PetitElevated to the peerage
16 May 1827HarwichuNicholas Conyngham TindalSir William RaeResignation to contest Cambridge University
22 May 1827AldeburghuJohn Wilson CrokerWyndham LewisResignation to contest Dublin University
23 May 1827Buckinghamu*William Henry FremantleSir Thomas Francis FremantleResignation
23 May 1827Sutherlandu*Lord Francis Leveson GowerLord Francis Leveson GowerJunior Lord of the Treasury
24 May 1827KnaresboroughuGeorge TierneyGeorge TierneyMaster of the Mint
25 May 1827CalneuJames AbercrombyJames AbercrombyJudge Advocate General
u*Sir James MacdonaldSir James MacdonaldCommissioner of the Board of Control
25 May 1827NewportuWilliam LambSpencer PercevalChief Secretary for Ireland
7 June 1827St GermansuCharles ArbuthnotJames LochResignation
9 July 1827LymingtonuGuy Lenox PrendergastThomas DivettResignation
9 July 1827Milborne PortuThe Lord GravesJohn Henry NorthResignation (Commissioner of Excise)
20 July 1827County Kerryu*Maurice FitzGeraldMaurice FitzGeraldJunior Lord of the Treasury
16 August 1827Carlislec*Sir Philip Christopher MusgraveJames Law LushingtonDeath
21 August 1827YarmouthuLord BinningThomas WallaceElevated to the peerage
5 September 1827Seafordc*George CanningAugustus Frederick EllisDeath
16 October 1827LanarkshirecLord Archibald HamiltonSir Michael Shaw StewartDeath
3 December 1827MaldoncGeorge Mark Arthur Way Allanson WinnHugh DickDeath
4 December 1827County CorkuViscount EnnismoreJohn BoyleDeath
4 February 1828Harwichu*John Charles HerriesJohn Charles HerriesChancellor of the Exchequer
4 February 1828Haslemereu*Sir John BeckettSir John BeckettJudge Advocate General
4 February 1828King's Lynnu*Lord William BentinckLord George BentinckResignation
4 February 1828Oxford UniversityuRobert PeelRobert PeelHome Secretary
5 February 1828AshburtonuWilliam Sturges BourneWilliam Sturges BourneFirst Commissioner of Woods and Forests
5 February 1828Liverpoolu*William HuskissonWilliam HuskissonSecretary of State for War and the Colonies
6 February 1828Armagh Cityu*Henry GoulburnHenry GoulburnChancellor of the Exchequer
6 February 1828Durham Cityc*Sir Henry HardingeSir Henry HardingeClerk of the Ordnance
8 February 1828Cambridgeu*Marquess of GrahamMarquess of GrahamCommissioner of the Board of Control
8 February 1828Corfe CastleuJohn BondNathaniel William PeachResignation
8 February 1828Richmondu*Samuel Barrett Moulton BarrettRobert Lawrence DundasResignation
8 February 1828RiponuLancelot ShadwellSir Robert InglisResignation (Vice Chancellor)
8 February 1828New WoodstockuLord AshleyLord AshleyCommissioner of the Board of Control
9 February 1828Plympton ErleuCharles WetherellCharles WetherellAttorney General for England and Wales
11 February 1828BathuEarl of BrecknockEarl of BrecknockAppointed to the Council of the Lord High Admiral
11 February 1828DovercEdward Bootle WilbrahamWilliam Henry TrantElevated to the peerage
11 February 1828EnnisuThomas Frankland LewisThomas Frankland LewisVice President of the Board of Trade
11 February 1828Enniskillenu*Richard MagennisArthur Henry ColeResignation
12 February 1828Monmouthshireu*Lord Granville SomersetLord Granville SomersetJunior Lord of the Treasury
13 February 1828County Durhamu*John George LambtonWilliam RussellElevated to the peerage
18 February 1828Edinburghshireu*Sir George ClerkSir George ClerkAppointed to the Council of the Lord High Admiral
18 February 1828Kilkenny CitycJohn DohertyJohn DohertySolicitor-General for Ireland
20 February 1828Salisburyu*Viscount FolkestoneDuncombe Pleydell BouverieSucceeded to a peerage
20 February 1828Weymouth and Melcombe Regisc*Thomas WallaceEdward Burtenshaw SugdenElevated to the peerage
28 February 1828Inverness-shireu*Charles GrantCharles GrantPresident of the Board of Trade and Treasurer of the Navy
29 February 1828St Ivesu*Sir Christopher HawkinsCharles ArbuthnotResignation
14 March 1828SandwichuSir Edward OwenSir Edward OwenAppointed to the Council of the Lord High Admiral
20 March 1828County Longfordu*Viscount ForbesViscount ForbesComptroller of the Household to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
2 April 1828Old SarumuJosias du Pre AlexanderStratford CanningResignation
3 April 1828Angleseyu*Earl of UxbridgeEarl of UxbridgeState Steward to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
7 April 1828DumfriesshireuSir William Johnstone HopeSir William Johnstone HopeTreasurer of Greenwich Hospital
9 April 1828Radnorshireu*Walter WilkinsThomas Frankland LewisDeath
9 April 1828SudburycJohn WilksJohn Norman MacLeodResignation
23 April 1828EnnisuThomas Frankland LewisWilliam Smith O'BrienResignation to contest Radnorshire
7 June 1828Plymouthu*Sir William CongreveSir George CockburnDeath
9 June 1828Durham CityuSir Henry HardingeSir Henry HardingeSecretary at War
9 June 1828Totnesu*Thomas Peregrine CourtenayThomas Peregrine CourtenayVice-President of the Board of Trade
10 June 1828St IvesuCharles ArbuthnotCharles ArbuthnotChancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
12 June 1828Weobleyu*Sir George CockburnLord Henry Frederick ThynneResignation to contest Plymouth
16 June 1828Westmorlandu*Viscount LowtherViscount LowtherFirst Commissioner of Woods and Forests
17 June 1828Perthshireu*Sir George MurraySir George MurraySecretary of State for War and the Colonies
17 June 1828Wenlocku*John George Weld Weld ForesterGeorge Cecil Weld ForesterSucceeded to a peerage
23 June 1828Warehamu*John CalcraftJohn CalcraftPaymaster of the Forces
5 July 1828County Clarec*William Vesey FitzGeraldDaniel O'ConnellPresident of the Board of Trade
7 July 1828Sutherlandu*Lord Francis Leveson GowerLord Francis Leveson GowerChief Secretary for Ireland
23 July 1828BletchingleyuWilliam LambWilliam EwartResignation
31 July 1828Lymingtonu*Thomas DivettGeorge BurrardDeath
7 August 1828Newportu*Spencer PercevalSpencer PercevalClerk of the Ordnance
12 September 1828TraleeuJames CuffeSir Edward DennyDeath
16 January 1829Cumberlandu*John Christian CurwenSir James Robert George GrahamDeath
26 January 1829Dartmouthu*Sir John Hutton CooperArthur Howe HoldsworthDeath
11 February 1829East Grinsteadu*Charles JenkinsonViscount HolmesdaleSucceeded to a peerage
12 February 1829Plymouthu*Sir George CockburnSir George CockburnFirst Naval Lord
12 February 1829Whitchurchu*John Robert TownshendJohn Robert TownshendGroom of the Bedchamber
13 February 1829BathcEarl of BrecknockEarl of BrecknockLord of the Admiralty (Two MPs elected due to Double Return)
Charles Palmer
18 February 1829CarlislecSir James Robert George GrahamSir William ScottResignation to contest Cumberland
23 February 1829Edinburghshireu*Sir George ClerkSir George ClerkLord of the Admiralty
27 February 1829Aldeburghu*Wyndham LewisMarquess of DouroResignation
28 February 1829Oxford Universityc*Robert PeelSir Robert InglisSeeks re-election over the Catholic Relief Act
2 March 1829RiponuSir Robert InglisGeorge SpenceResignation to contest Oxford University
6 March 1829WestburyuSir Manasseh Masseh LopesRobert PeelResignation to provide a seat for Peel
6 March 1829Corfe Castleu*Nathaniel William PeachPhilip John MilesResignation to contest Truro
6 March 1829Newark-on-Trentc*William Henry ClintonMichael Thomas SadlerResignation
6 March 1829Trurou*Lord FitzRoy James Henry SomersetViscount EncombeResignation
William Edward TomlineNathaniel William PeachResignation
11 March 1829BathcEarl of BrecknockEarl of BrecknockElection voided due to Double Return
Charles Palmer
13 March 1829Marlboroughu*Earl BruceThomas Bucknall EstcourtResignation
17 March 1829Launcestonu*Pownoll Bastard PellewSir James Willoughby GordonResignation
20 March 1829Newport (Cornwall)uCharles Bertie PercyWilliam Vesey FitzGeraldResignation (Comptroller of the Household to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland)
23 March 1829Marlboroughu*Lord BrudenellWilliam John BankesResignation
30 March 1829SandwichcSir Edward OwenHenry FaneResignation
20 April 1829ColchesteruSir George Henry SmythRichard SandersonResignation
4 May 1829Horshamu*Robert HurstEarl of SurreyResignation
9 May 1829East Looeu*James Drummond Buller ElphinstoneHenry Thomas HopeResignation
13 May 1829Ayrshireu*James MontgomerieWilliam BlairDeath
25 May 1829AldeburghuJoshua WalkerSpencer Horsey KilderbeeResignation
3 June 1829Wexford BoroughcHenry EvansSir Robert WigramResignation
Sir Robert WigramSir Edward DeringBy-election result reversed on petition 15 March 1830.
9 June 1829Cambridgeu*Frederick William TrenchFrederick William TrenchStorekeeper of the Ordnance
9 June 1829Traleeu*Sir Edward DennyRobert Vernon SmithResignation
15 June 1829Weymouth and Melcombe Regisc*Edward Burtenshaw SugdenEdward Burtenshaw SugdenSolicitor General for England and Wales
18 June 1829Cambridge Universityc*Sir Nicholas Conyngham TindalWilliam CavendishResignation (Chief Justice of the Common Pleas)
22 June 1829PeterboroughuJames ScarlettJames ScarlettAttorney General for England and Wales
2 July 1829Corfe Castleu*George BankesGeorge BankesResignation to Contest Cambridge University
9 July 1829Cork CitycSir Nicholas ColthurstGerrard CallaghanDeath
15 July 1829County Downu*Viscount CastlereaghViscount CastlereaghLord of the Admiralty
22 July 1829County Wicklowu*Granville ProbyRalph HowardResignation
30 July 1829County ClareuDaniel O'ConnellDaniel O'ConnellRefused to take the Oath of Supremacy
19 October 1829Eyeu*Sir Miles NightingallPhilip Charles SidneyDeath
13 January 1830Southamptonc*William ChamberlayneJames Barlow HoyDeath
2 February 1830County Limerickc(*)Thomas LloydStandish O'GradyDeath
cStandish O'GradyJames Hewitt Massy DawsonBy-election result reversed on petition 3 May 1830
10 February 1830Harwichu*John Charles HerriesJohn Charles HerriesPresident of the Board of Trade
11 February 1830LeominsteruRowland StephensonJohn WardUnseated for Bankruptcy
12 February 1830West Looeu*Charles BullerCharles BullerResignation
15 February 1830Calneu*James AbercrombyThomas Babington MacaulayResignation (Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland)
15 February 1830Winchelseau*Henry BroughamJohn WilliamsResignation to contest Knaresborough
16 February 1830Knaresboroughu*George TierneyHenry BroughamDeath
20 February 1830Foweyu*Lord BrudenellRobert Henley EdenResignation
20 February 1830Wenlocku*George Cecil Weld ForesterGeorge Cecil Weld ForesterGroom of the Bedchamber
22 February 1830Clonmelu*James Hewitt Massy DawsonEyre CooteResignation to contest County Limerick
22 February 1830County Meathu*Earl of BectiveLord KilleenBecame an Irish Peer
1 March 1830Radnorshireu*Thomas Frankland LewisThomas Frankland LewisTreasurer of the Navy
1 March 1830RyecHenry BonhamPhilip PuseyResignation
Philip PuseyDe Lacy EvansBy-election result reversed on petition 17 May 1830
2 March 1830County Waterfordc*Henry Villiers StuartLord George Thomas BeresfordResignation
8 March 1830GattonuWilliam ScottJoseph NeeldResignation
11 March 1830EssexcSir Eliab HarveyThomas Gardiner BramstonDeath
26 March 1830Hytheu*Sir Robert Townsend FarquharJohn LochDeath
29 March 1830Cork Cityc*Gerrard CallaghanDaniel CallaghanVoid Election
10 April 1830DorchesteruAnthony William Ashley CooperHenry SturtResignation
13 April 1830East Looeu*Henry Thomas HopeHenry Thomas HopeGroom of the Bedchamber
14 April 1830Corfe Castleu*George BankesGeorge BankesJunior Lord of the Treasury
20 April 1830County Kerryu*Maurice FitzGeraldMaurice FitzGeraldVice Treasurer of Ireland
3 May 1830St Mawesu*Sir Scrope Bernard MorlandGeorge Grenville Wandisford PigottDeath

9th Parliament (1830–1831)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
24 November 1830Peterboroughu*Viscount MiltonJohn Nicholas FazakerleyResignation
25 November 1830Southwarku*John Rawlinson HarrisCharles CalvertDeath
27 November 1830Tavistocku*Viscount EbringtonLord John RussellChose to sit for Devon
29 November 1830Doveru*Charles Poulett ThomsonCharles Poulett ThomsonVice-President of the Board of Trade and Treasurer of the Navy
29 November 1830Nottinghamu*Thomas DenmanThomas DenmanAttorney General for England and Wales
29 November 1830OkehamptonuGeorge Agar EllisGeorge Agar EllisFirst Commissioner of Woods and Forests
29 November 1830Portsmouthu*Francis Thornhill BaringFrancis Thornhill BaringJunior Lord of the Treasury
30 November 1830Cambridge UniversityuThe Viscount PalmerstonThe Viscount PalmerstonForeign Secretary
30 November 1830Liverpoolc*William HuskissonWilliam EwartDeath (Rail accident). Results voided 23 March 1831. No By-election held.
30 November 1830Norwichu*Robert GrantRobert GrantJudge Advocate General
1 December 1830HelstonuSir Samuel John Brooke PechellSir Samuel John Brooke PechellThird Naval Lord
2 December 1830Knaresboroughc*Henry BroughamThe Lord WaterparkElevated to the peerage
u*Sir James MackintoshSir James MackintoshCommissioner of the Board of Control
3 December 1830Aylesburyu*The Lord NugentThe Lord NugentJunior Lord of the Treasury
4 December 1830Youghalu*George PonsonbyGeorge PonsonbyJunior Lord of the Treasury
4 December 1830TraleeuRobert Vernon SmithRobert Vernon SmithJunior Lord of the Treasury
6 December 1830Northamptonshireu*Viscount AlthorpViscount AlthorpChancellor of the Exchequer
7 December 1830Yorkshirec*Henry BroughamSir John Vanden Bempde JohnstoneElevated to the peerage
8 December 1830Cumberlandu*Sir James GrahamSir James GrahamFirst Lord of the Admiralty
10 December 1830Calneu*Sir James MacdonaldSir James MacdonaldCommissioner of the Board of Control
11 December 1830Chesterc*Robert GrosvenorRobert GrosvenorComptroller of the Household
15 December 1830Montgomeryshireu*Charles Watkin Williams WynnCharles Watkin Williams WynnSecretary at War
17 December 1830Newport (Cornwall)u*John DohertySir Henry HardingeResignation
17 December 1830Prestonc*Edward StanleyHenry HuntChief Secretary for Ireland
17 December 1830St Germansu*Sir Henry HardingeWinthrop Mackworth PraedResignation to contest Newport
20 December 1830Lostwithielu*William Vesey FitzGeraldViscount ValletortResignation
23 December 1830Plympton Erleu*Viscount ValletortSir Compton DomvileResignation to contest Lostwithiel
28 December 1830Dungannonu*Thomas KnoxJohn James KnoxResignation
30 December 1830Inverness-shireu*Charles GrantCharles GrantPresident of the Board of Control
6 January 1831Bandon Bridgeu*Viscount BernardViscount BernardBecame an Irish Peer
10 January 1831Bletchingleyu*Charles TennysonCharles TennysonClerk of the Ordnance
11 January 1831Bere Alstonc*Lord LovaineDavid LyonSucceeded to a peerage
13 January 1831Perth Burghsc(*)John Stuart WortleyFrancis JeffreyVoid Election
cFrancis JeffreyWilliam OgilvyBy-election result reversed on petition 28 March 1831
8 February 1831Beaumarisu*Sir Robert WilliamsSir Richard Bulkeley Williams BulkeleyDeath
10 February 1831New Windsoru*Sir Richard Hussey VivianEdward StanleyResignation
16 February 1831Bossineyu*Charles James Stuart WortleyJohn Stuart WortleyResignation
18 February 1831BletchingleyuRobert William MillsSir William HorneResignation to provide a seat for Horne
21 February 1831Newarkc*Henry WilloughbyWilliam Farnworth HandleyResignation
25 February 1831Ashburtonu*Charles ArbuthnotWilliam Stephen PoyntzResignation
25 February 1831Whitchurchu*John Robert TownshendHoratio George Powys TownshendSucceeded to a peerage
26 February 1831SaltashuJohn GregsonPhilip Cecil CramptonResignation
28 February 1831County Kilkennyc*Viscount DuncannonViscount DuncannonFirst Commissioner of Woods and Forests
1 March 1831Wiganc*James Alexander HodsonJohn Hodson KearsleyResignation
4 March 1831Milborne Portu*George Stevens ByngRichard Lalor SheilResignation (Comptroller of the Household to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland)
4 March 1831Peeblesshireu*Sir James MontgomerySir George MontgomeryResignation
14 March 1831Eyeu*Philip Charles SidneyWilliam BurgeResignation
14 March 1831Lancasteru*John Fenton CawthornePatrick Maxwell StewartDeath
14 March 1831Milborne Portu*William Sturges BourneGeorge Stephens ByngResignation
15 March 1831Chesteru*Robert GrosvenorRobert GrosvenorVoted before taking the oath
19 March 1831New RomneyuArthur Hill TrevorSir Roger GresleyResignation
21 March 1831NairnshireuGeorge Pryse CampbellGeorge Pryse CampbellGroom of the Bedchamber
23 March 1831County Clarec*James Patrick MahonMaurice O'ConnellVoid Election
23 March 1831Durham Cityc*Sir Roger GresleyWilliam Richard Carter ChaytorVoid Election
2 April 1831Londonderry Cityc*Sir Robert FergusonSir Robert FergusonVoid Election
4 April 1831Winchelseau*Henry DundasStephen LushingtonResignation
6 April 1831Maltonu*Sir James ScarlettFrancis JeffreyResignation
9 April 1831Colchesterc*Andrew SpottiswoodeWilliam MayhewVoid Election
9 April 1831Launcestonu*Sir James GordonSir John MalcolmResignation
16 April 1831Queen's Countyu*Sir Henry ParnellSir Henry ParnellSecretary at War
19 April 1831Shaftesburyu*William Stratford DugdaleWilliam Leader MaberlyResignation

10th Parliament (1831–1832)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
12 July 1831Newport (Cornwall)uJonathan RaineViscount GrimstonDeath
13 July 1831MaltonuFrancis JeffreyWilliam CavendishChose to sit for Perth Burghs
13 July 1831Reigateu*Sir Joseph Sydney YorkeCharles Philip YorkeDeath
13 July 1831TavistockuLord John RussellJohn Heywood HawkinsChose to sit for Devon
14 July 1831Higham FerrersuViscount MiltonCharles Christopher PepysChose to sit for Northamptonshire
14 July 1831OkehamptonuWilliam Henry TrantSir Richard Rawlinson VyvyanResignation
15 July 1831Milborne PortuRichard Lalor SheilPhilip Cecil CramptonChose to sit for County Louth
15 July 1831WestburyuHenry HanmerHenry Frederick StephensonResignation
15 July 1831Winchelseau*Stephen LushingtonJames BroughamChose to sit for Ilchester
16 July 1831CasheluMatthew PennefatherPhilip PuseyResignation
18 July 1831BletchingleyuJohn George Brabazon PonsonbyThomas Hyde VilliersResignation
Charles TennysonThe Viscount PalmerstonChose to sit for Stamford
20 July 1831DowntonuJames BroughamPhilip Pleydell BouverieResignation to contest Winchelsea
22 July 1831Bandon BridgeuViscount BernardSir Augustus William CliffordResignation
25 July 1831Roscommonu*The O'Conor DonThe O'Conor DonDeath
1 August 1831Weymouth and Melcombe RegiscRichard WeylandCharles Baring WallChose to sit for Oxfordshire
9 August 1831Peeblesshireu*Sir George MontgomerySir John HayDeath
10 August 1831Great GrimsbycGeorge HarrisLord LoughboroughVoid Election
John Villiers ShelleyHenry FitzroyVoid Election
11 August 1831County Meathc*Sir Marcus SomervilleHenry GrattanDeath
15 August 1831New RossuCharles TottenhamWilliam WigramResignation
18 August 1831Dublin CitycLouis PerrinViscount IngestreVoid Election
Robert HartyFrederick Shaw
25 August 1831Armagh CityuViscount IngestreSir John William Head BrydgesResignation to contest Dublin City
25 August 1831CarmarthencVacantJohn JonesNo Election held due to riots
14 September 1831Sutherlandu*Sir Hugh InnesRoderick MacleodDeath
21 September 1831WallingfordcWilliam Lewis HughesThomas Charles LeighElevated to the peerage
22 September 1831DerbyshireuLord George CavendishLord CavendishElevated to the peerage
22 September 1831Flint BoroughsuEdward Pryce LloydHenry GlynneElevated to the peerage
27 September 1831County Wexfordu*Arthur ChichesterRobert Shapland CarewElevated to the peerage
28 September 1831County LouthuAlexander DawsonSir Patrick BellewDeath
30 September 1831Dorsetc*John CalcraftLord AshleyDeath (suicide)
30 September 1831Maltonu*Lord CavendishCharles Christopher PepysResignation to contest Derbyshire
3 October 1831ForfarshirecWilliam MauleDonald Ogilvy MayElevated to the peerage
c*Donald Ogilvy MayDouglas Gordon HallyburtonBy-election result reversed on petition
6 October 1831Higham FerrersuCharles Christopher PepysJohn George Brabazon PonsonbyResignation to contest Malton
6 October 1831Poolec*William Francis Spencer PonsonbySir John ByngResignation
11 October 1831Dorchesteru*Lord AshleyAnthony Henry Ashley CooperResignation to contest Dorset
20 October 1831DroghedauJohn Henry NorthThomas WallaceDeath
21 October 1831Liverpoolc*John Evelyn DenisonViscount SandonChose to sit for Nottinghamshire
24 October 1831Pembrokeshirec*Sir John OwenSir John OwenVoid Election
25 October 1831TavistockuLord RussellFrancis RussellResignation
1 November 1831Cambridgeshirec*Lord Francis Godolphin OsborneRichard Greaves TownleyResignation
15 December 1831ReigateuCharles Philip YorkeCharles Philip YorkeResignation to contest Cambridgeshire
22 December 1831Leominsteru*Thomas BrayenThe Lord HothamResignation
23 January 1832Tewkesburyu*John MartinCharles Hanbury TracyDeath
2 February 1832DunwichuEarl of BrecknockViscount LowtherResignation
8 February 1832Westminsteru*Sir John Cam HobhouseSir John Cam HobhouseSecretary at War
25 February 1832Flint Boroughsu*Henry GlynneSir Stephen Richard GlynneResignation
25 February 1832TregonycCharles George James ArbuthnotJames Adam GordonResignation
28 February 1832EnnisuWilliam Vesey FitzGeraldSir Augustine FitzgeraldBecame an Irish Peer
3 March 1832Great Marlowu*Owen WilliamsWilliam Robert ClaytonDeath
5 March 1832Ayr Burghsu*Thomas Francis KennedyThomas Francis KennedyClerk of the Ordnance
18 May 1832ChestercFoster Cunliffe OffleyJohn Finchett MaddockDeath
24 May 1832ApplebyuHenry TuftonCharles Henry Foster BarhamSucceed to a peerage
7 June 1832Berkshirec*Charles DundasRobert PalmerElevated to the peerage
12 June 1832Tauntonu*Henry LabouchereHenry LabouchereCivil Lord of the Admiralty
13 June 1832Calneu*Thomas Babington MacaulayThomas Babington MacaulayCommissioner of the Board of Control
16 June 1832Crickladeu*Robert GordonRobert GordonCommissioner of the Board of Control
22 June 1832HampshireuSir James MacdonaldSir Thomas BaringResignation (Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands)
26 June 1832Chipping Wycombec*Sir Thomas BaringCharles GreyResignation to contest Hampshire
28 June 1832KnaresboroughuJames MackintoshWilliam Francis Spencer PonsonbyDeath
31 July 1832WinchelseauJames BroughamJames BroughamClerk of Patents and Registrar of Affidavits at the Court of Chancery
8 August 1832County TipperaryuJohn Hely HutchinsonRobert Otway CaveSucceeded to a peerage


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