List of United Kingdom by-elections (1801–06)

This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in the United Kingdom held between 1801 and 1806, with the names of the previous incumbent and the victor in the by-election.

In the absence of a comprehensive and reliable source for party and factional alignments in this period, no attempt is made to define them in this article. The House of Commons: 1790-1820 provides some guidance to the complex and shifting political relationships, but it is significant that the compilers of that work make no attempt to produce a definitive list of each members allegiances.


See Resignation from the British House of Commons for more details.

Where the cause of by-election is given as "resigned", this indicates that the incumbent was appointed on his own request to an "office of profit under the Crown". Offices used, in this period, were the Stewards of the Chiltern Hundreds or the Manor of East Hendred and the Escheators of Munster or Ulster. These appointments are made as a constitutional device for leaving the House of Commons, whose Members are not permitted to resign.


The c/u column denotes whether the by-election was a contested poll or an unopposed return. If the winner was re-elected, at the next general election and any intermediate by-elections, this is indicated by an * following the c or u. In a few cases the winner was elected at the next general election but had not been re-elected in a by-election after the one noted. In those cases no * symbol is used.

An incumbent who vacated a seat in the Irish Parliament, before the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland came into existence on 1 January 1801, has (IP) following their name. In two cases two member seats in the Parliament of Ireland were reduced to single member constituencies in the United Kingdom Parliament, with both old seats being vacant at the start of the union and a by-election having to be held to fill the vacancy for the new seat.

Where a seat was vacated, because the incumbent member inherited a peerage or was created a peer or was appointed to an office, click the highlighted cause for further details of the particular circumstances. If the by-election date is highlighted, this is a link to an article about the by-election.

1st Parliament (1801–1802)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
14 January 1801 Londonderry County u Earl of Tyrone (IP) Sir George Hill, Bt peerage
19 January 1801 Wicklow c Nicholas Westby (IP) George Ponsonby died
9 February 1801 Cambridge u* Robert Manners Robert Manners appointed
12 February 1801 Wilton u* Philip Goldsworthy John Spencer died
13 February 1801 Clonmel u* Stephen Moore (IP)
John Dennis (IP)
William Bagwell resigned
14 February 1801 Old Sarum u Sir George Yonge, Bt John Horne Tooke resigned
16 February 1801 Stamford u* The Earl of Carysfort Albemarle Bertie peerage
20 February 1801 Kinsale u William Rowley William Rowley appointed
20 February 1801 Wexford Borough u Francis Leigh Ponsonby Tottenham resigned
21 February 1801 Northampton u* Spencer Perceval Spencer Perceval appointed
25 February 1801 Bramber u James Adams James Adams appointed
25 February 1801 Corfe Castle u* John Bond Nathaniel Bond resigned
25 February 1801 Devizes u* Henry Addington Henry Addington resigned
25 February 1801 Newtown u Sir Richard Worsley Sir Edward Law resigned
25 February 1801 Rye u* Lord Hawkesbury Lord Hawkesbury appointed
25 February 1801 Weymouth & Melcombe Regis u* William Garthshore William Garthshore appointed
27 February 1801 Totnes u The Baron Arden The Baron Arden appointed
28 February 1801 Dundalk u John Jocelyn (IP)
John Stratton (IP)
Isaac Corry resigned
2 March 1801 Armagh City u* Patrick Duigenan Patrick Duigenan appointed
2 March 1801 Kilkenny City u William Talbot Richard Archdall resigned
3 March 1801 Cambridgeshire u* Charles Philip Yorke Charles Philip Yorke appointed
4 March 1801 Rye u Robert Saunders-Dundas The Baron de Blaquiere resigned
5 March 1801 Kerry u* Maurice FitzGerald Maurice FitzGerald appointed
5 March 1801 Portarlington u Frederick Trench William Elliot peerage
6 March 1801 Oxfordshire u* Lord Charles Spencer Lord Francis Almeric Spencer appointed
10 March 1801 Banffshire u* Sir William Grant Sir William Grant resigned
10 March 1801 Galway Borough u St. George Daly John Brabazon Ponsonby appointed
21 March 1801 Carlow Borough u Henry Sadleir Prittie Francis Aldborough Prittie peerage
21 March 1801 Devizes u* Henry Addington Henry Addington appointed
23 March 1801 Corfe Castle u* Nathaniel Bond Nathaniel Bond appointed
23 March 1801 Oxford University u* Francis Page Sir William Scott resigned
24 March 1801 Weobley u* Lord George Thynne Lord George Thynne appointed
25 March 1801 Downton u Sir William Scott Viscount Folkestone resigned
4 April 1801 Poole u* Charles Stuart George Garland died
9 April 1801 Callington u* Sir John Call John Inglett-Fortescue died
10 May 1801 Downpatrick u Clotworthy Rowley Samuel Campbell Rowley appointed
12 May 1801 Poole u* George Garland George Garland resigned
22 May 1801 Helston u Charles Abbot Charles Abbot appointed
30 May 1801 Weymouth & Melcombe Regis u* Andrew Stuart Charles Adams died
1 June 1801 Bath c* Sir Richard Pepper Arden John Palmer peerage
1 June 1801 Edinbughshire or Midlothian u* Robert Dundas Robert Saunders-Dundas appointed
9 June 1801 Lymington u Sir Harry Neale Sir Harry Neale appointed
15 June 1801 Banffshire u* Sir William Grant Sir William Grant appointed
6 July 1801 Plympton Erle u William Adams The Baron Glenbervie resigned
6 July 1801 Totnes u* Lord George Seymour William Adams resigned
16 July 1801 Sussex u* Thomas Pelham John Fuller peerage
30 July 1801 Carlow Borough u* Francis Aldborough Prittie Charles Montagu Ormsby resigned
7 November 1801 Thirsk u* Sir Thomas Frankland William Frankland resigned
12 November 1801 Portsmouth u* Lord Hugh Seymour John Markham died
13 November 1801 Higham Ferrers u* Stephen Thurston Adey Francis Ferrand Foljambe died
19 November 1801 Nottinghamshire u* Evelyn Henry Frederick Pierrepont Charles Herbert Pierrepont died
21 November 1801 Dungannon u John Knox Sir Charles Hamilton died
23 November 1801 Bristol u* Charles Bragge Charles Bragge appointed
1 December 1801 Monaghan u* Warner William Westenra Charles Powell Leslie II peerage
9 December 1801 Cashel u Richard Bagwell John Bagwell resigned
28 December 1801 Queen's County u* Sir John Parnell William Wellesley-Pole died
5 January 1802 Aberdeen Burghs u* Alexander Allardyce James Farquhar died
8 January 1802 Cork City u* John Hely-Hutchinson Christopher Hely-Hutchinson peerage
12 January 1802 Haverfordwest u* The 1st Baron Kensington The 2nd Baron Kensington died
13 January 1802 Stirlingshire u* The Baron Keith Charles Elphinstone Fleeming peerage
22 February 1802 Heytesbury u The Viscount Clifden William Wickham peerage
26 February 1802 East Looe u Sir John Mitford James Buller peerage
1 March 1802 Tyrone u* Viscount Corry John Stewart peerage
10 March 1802 Haddington Burghs u* Robert Baird Thomas Maitland resigned
25 March 1802 Tavistock u* Lord John Russell Lord Robert Spencer peerage
29 March 1802 Petersfield u* William Jolliffe Hylton Jolliffe died
5 April 1802 Queen's County u Charles Henry Coote Henry Brooke Parnell peerage
19 April 1802 Northampton u* Spencer Perceval Spencer Perceval appointed
5 May 1802 Cambridgeshire c James Whorwood Adeane Sir Henry Peyton died
5 May 1802 Newtown u Sir Edward Law Ewan Law appointed
8 May 1802 Newark u* Thomas Manners-Sutton Thomas Manners-Sutton appointed

2nd Parliament (1802–1806)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
14 December 1802 Brackley u* Samuel Haynes Robert Haldane Bradshaw resigned
14 December 1802 Great Marlow u* Thomas Williams Pascoe Grenfell died
14 December 1802 Heytesbury u Charles Abbot Charles Moore sat elsewhere
15 December 1802 Chester u* Viscount Belgrave Richard Erle-Drax-Grosvenor peerage
16 December 1802 Fowey u Edward Golding Robert Wigram sat elsewhere
16 December 1802 Lymington u* Harry Burrard John Kingston resigned
17 December 1802 Bodmin u Charles Shaw-Lefevre John Sargent sat elsewhere
18 December 1802 Wootton Bassett u Henry St John Peter William Baker resigned
24 December 1802 Enniskillen u John Beresford William Burroughs sat elsewhere
24 December 1802 Midhurst c Samuel Smith Edmund Turnor sat elsewhere
30 December 1802 Portarlington u Henry Brooke Parnell Thomas Tyrwhitt resigned
4 January 1803 Edinburgh u Henry Dundas Charles Hope peerage
4 January 1803 Harwich u* John Robinson John Hiley Addington died
12 January 1803 Bossiney u John Hiley Addington George Peter Holford resigned
24 January 1803 Dumfries Burghs u Charles Hope Viscount Stopford resigned
24 January 1803 Gatton c James Dashwood Philip Dundas resigned
8 February 1803 Ipswich u Charles Alexander Crickitt William Middleton died
11 February 1803 Hastings u The Baron Glenbervie The Baron Glenbervie appointed
15 February 1803 Steyning u Robert Hurst Lord Ossulston sat elsewhere
25 February 1803 Yarmouth (I.o.W) u James Patrick Murray Charles MacDonnell resigned
29 March 1803 Brackley u* John William Egerton Anthony Henderson peerage
30 March 1803 Coventry c* Nathaniel Jefferys Peter Moore void election
31 March 1803 Herefordshire u John Geers Cotterell John Matthews void election
5 April 1803 Ayrshire u* William Fullarton Sir Hew Dalrymple-Hamilton appointed
5 April 1803 Ilchester c William Hunter Charles Brooke void election
Thomas Plummer Sir William Manners
19 April 1803 Berwick-upon-Tweed c Thomas Hall Francis Sitwell void election
John Fordyce Alexander Allan
9 May 1803 Nottinghamshire u* Lord William Cavendish-Bentinck Anthony Hardolph Eyre appointed
17 May 1803 Boston c Thomas Fydell (senior) Thomas Fydell (junior) void election
19 May 1803 Callington u John Inglett-Fortescue Ambrose St John resigned
30 May 1803 Nottingham c* Joseph Birch Daniel Parker Coke void election
9 June 1803 Dungannon u George Knox Sir Charles Hamilton sat elsewhere
17 June 1803 Fermanagh u* Viscount Cole Galbraith Lowry Cole peerage
18 June 1803 Downton u Edward Bouverie The Baron de Blaquiere resigned
20 June 1803 Newport (Cornwall) u* Joseph Richardson Edward Morris died
29 June 1803 Southwark c George Tierney George Tierney appointed
8 July 1803 Tiverton u* Dudley Ryder William Fitzhugh peerage
18 July 1803 Great Grimsby u* Ayscoghe Boucherett Charles Anderson-Pelham resigned
18 July 1803 Worcestershire u Edward Foley John William Ward died
29 July 1803 Wigtown Burghs u John Spalding William Stewart resigned
13 August 1803 Downton u John William Ward Viscount Marsham resigned
15 August 1803 Bury St Edmunds u* Lord Hervey The Baron Templetown peerage
16 August 1803 Bristol u* Charles Bragge Charles Bragge resigned
19 August 1803 Whitchurch u* William Brodrick William Brodrick appointed
22 August 1803 Athlone u William Handcock Thomas Jones resigned
22 August 1803 Cambridgeshire u* Charles Philip Yorke Charles Philip Yorke resigned
23 August 1803 Kinross-shire u William Douglas MacLean-Clephane David Clephane appointed
10 September 1803 Haddington Burghs u Thomas Maitland Thomas Maitland appointed
1 October 1803 Yarmouth (I.o.W) u Charles MacDonnell Henry Swann died
14 November 1803 Gloucestershire u* Marquess of Worcester Lord Robert Edward Henry Somerset peerage
2 December 1803 Rye u Viscount Hawkesbury Sir Charles Talbot peerage
3 December 1803 Plympton Erle c Edward Golding Edward Golding appointed
21 December 1803 West Looe u Thomas Smith Quintin Dick resigned
26 December 1803 Inverness Burghs u Alexander Penrose Cumming-Gordon George Cumming resigned
27 December 1803 Carmarthen u John George Philipps William Paxton resigned
30 December 1803 Dorchester u* Cropley Ashley Cropley Ashley appointed
8 February 1804 Truro u* John Lemon John Lemon appointed
8 February 1804 Wallingford c Sir Francis Sykes George Galway Mills died
17 February 1804 Bridport u* Sir Evan Nepean Sir Evan Nepean appointed
22 February 1804 Windsor c John Williams Arthur Vansittart void election
27 February 1804 Bramber u George Manners-Sutton Richard Norman died
27 February 1804 Yarmouth (I.o.W) u Henry Swann John Delgarno resigned
5 March 1804 Durham City c Richard Wharton Robert Eden Duncombe Shafto void election
9 March 1804 Liskeard c John Eliot double return - decided 16 May 1804 peerage
William Huskisson
16 March 1804 Ilchester c Sir William Manners John Manners void election
17 March 1804 Preston u* John Horrocks Samuel Horrocks died
21 March 1804 Yarmouth (I.o.W) u John Delgarno Sir Home Riggs Popham resigned
31 March 1804 Dublin City u* John Claudius Beresford Robert Shaw resigned
9 April 1804 Knaresborough u James Hare William Cavendish died
27 April 1804 Okehampton u James Charles Stuart Strange Viscount Althorp resigned
7 May 1804 Ludgershall u* Earl of Dalkeith Magens Dorrien Magens resigned
17 May 1804 Cambridge University u William Pitt William Pitt appointed
19 May 1804 Wendover u Charles Long Charles Long appointed
22 May 1804 Bere Alston u* Lord Lovaine Lord Lovaine appointed
22 May 1804 Weobley u* Lord George Thynne Lord George Thynne appointed
24 May 1804 Wilton u* John Spencer Ralph Sheldon appointed
26 May 1804 Christchurch u* George Rose George Rose appointed
26 May 1804 Helston u Viscount FitzHarris Davies Giddy appointed
26 May 1804 Lostwithiel u* William Dickinson William Dickinson appointed
4 June 1804 Galway County u Viscount Dunlo Viscount Dunlo appointed
4 June 1804 Sutherland u* William Dundas William Dundas appointed
4 June 1804 Tralee u George Canning George Canning appointed
12 June 1804 Milborne Port u Lord Paget Charles Paget resigned
26 June 1804 Bridgwater u Jefferys Allen John Hudleston appointed
5 July 1804 Monmouth Boroughs u* Lord Charles Henry Somerset Lord Charles Henry Somerset appointed
16 July 1804 Aylesbury c Robert Bent William Cavendish void election
19 July 1804 Buckingham u* Thomas Grenville Thomas Grenville resigned
20 July 1804 Bath u* Lord John Thynne Lord John Thynne appointed
23 July 1804 Middlesex c Sir Francis Burdett George Boulton Mainwaring void 9 Jul 1804
Sir Francis Burdett void 5 Mar 1805
George Boulton Mainwaring void 10 Feb 1806
28 July 1804 Tain Burghs u John Charles Villiers John Charles Villiers appointed
30 July 1804 Knaresborough - William Cavendish no return made due to riot resigned
4 August 1804 Barnstaple u* Sir Edward Pellew Viscount Ebrington resigned
4 August 1804 Christchurch u* George Rose George Rose appointed
4 August 1804 Tiverton u* Richard Ryder Richard Ryder appointed
6 August 1804 Louth County u* John Foster John Foster appointed
14 August 1804 Bridport u* Sir Evan Nepean Sir Evan Nepean appointed
20 August 1804 Tregony u Marquess of Blandford George Woodford Thellusson appointed
1 October 1804 Warwickshire u* Sir George Shuckburgh-Evelyn Charles Mordaunt died
10 October 1804 Horsham u Patrick Ross Viscount FitzHarris died
8 November 1804 Dumfriesshire u* Sir Robert Laurie William Johnstone Hope died
14 December 1804 Totnes u John Berkeley Burland Vicary Gibbs died
23 January 1805 Buckingham u William, Lord Proby John, Lord Proby died
23 January 1805 Devizes u* Henry Addington Thomas Grimston Estcourt peerage
23 January 1805 West Looe u* James Buller Ralph Allen Daniell resigned
28 January 1805 Edinburgh u Charles Hope George Abercromby appointed
30 January 1805 Droitwich u* Sir Edward Winnington Thomas Foley died
31 January 1805 Amersham u* Charles Drake Garrard Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake resigned
31 January 1805 Rutland u* The Baron Carbery The Baron Henniker died
4 February 1805 Peeblesshire u* Sir James Montgomery Sir James Montgomery appointed
5 February 1805 Leitrim u* Viscount Clements Henry John Clements peerage
6 February 1805 Thirsk u Sir Gregory Page-Turner Richard Griffin died
8 February 1805 Newark u* Sir Thomas Manners-Sutton Henry Willoughby appointed
8 February 1805 Totnes u Vicary Gibbs Vicary Gibbs appointed
11 February 1805 Hertfordshire c* Peniston Lamb William Baker died
11 February 1805 Mitchell u Robert Dallas Earl of Dalkeith appointed
14 February 1805 Haddington Burghs u Thomas Maitland John Dalrymple appointed
27 February 1805 Calne u* Joseph Jekyll Joseph Jekyll appointed
4 March 1805 Dysart Burghs u Sir James St Clair-Erskine Robert Dallas peerage
13 March 1805 Honiton c* George Shum Augustus Cavendish-Bradshaw died
25 March 1805 Knaresborough c William Cavendish Viscount Duncannon resigned
28 March 1805 Dublin University c* George Knox George Knox appointed
29 March 1805 Bath u* Lord John Thynne Lord John Thynne Voted before taking the Oath
1 April 1805 Old Sarum u* Nicholas Vansittart Nicholas Vansittart appointed
6 April 1805 King's County u* Sir Lawrence Parsons Sir Lawrence Parsons appointed
15 April 1805 Wigtownshire u* Andrew McDouall William Maxwell resigned
22 April 1805 Gatton u Philip Dundas William Garrow resigned
23 April 1805 Malton u Charles Lawrence Dundas Henry Grattan resigned
1 May 1805 Hereford u* John Scudamore Richard Philip Scudamore died
8 May 1805 Bletchingley u James Milnes Nicholas Ridley-Colborne died
10 May 1805 Helston u John Penn Viscount Primrose resigned
17 May 1805 Coventry c* Francis William Barlow William Mills died
5 June 1805 Newtown (I.o.W) u Charles Chapman James Paull resigned
8 June 1805 Galway County u* Viscount Dunlo Denis Bowes Daly peerage
10 June 1805 Shrewsbury u Sir William Pulteney John Hill died
24 June 1805 Forfarshire u* Sir David Carnegie William Maule died
26 June 1805 Tain Burghs u John Charles Villiers James Macdonald resigned
29 June 1805 Galway Borough u* Denis Bowes Daly James Daly resigned
22 July 1805 Cockermouth u James Graham Viscount Garlies resigned
26 July 1805 New Ross u Charles Tottenham Ponsonby Tottenham resigned
27 July 1805 Down c* Viscount Castlereagh John Meade appointed
7 August 1805 Gloucester c* John Pitt Robert Morris died
9 August 1805 Wigtown Burghs u William Stewart James Graham resigned
8 November 1805 Monmouthshire u* James Rooke Lord Arthur John Henry Somerset died
27 November 1805 Perth Burghs c* David Scott Sir David Wedderburn died
6 January 1806 Waterford County u* John Beresford John Claudius Beresford died
18 January 1806 Boroughbridge u John Scott Viscount Castlereagh died
27 January 1806 Dunwich u* Snowdon Barne Snowdon Barne appointed
29 January 1806 Yarmouth (I.o.W) u Sir Home Riggs Popham David Scott resigned
31 January 1806 Leominster u Charles Kinnaird William Lamb peerage
5 February 1806 Bedfordshire u* St Andrew St John Francis Pym peerage
7 February 1806 Cambridge University c* William Pitt Lord Henry Petty died
8 February 1806 Wendover u Charles Long Charles Long appointed
13 February 1806 Westminster u Charles James Fox Charles James Fox appointed
15 February 1806 Morpeth u Viscount Morpeth Viscount Morpeth appointed
15 February 1806 Okehampton u Viscount Althorp Viscount Althorp appointed
17 February 1806 Calne u* Lord Henry Petty Osborne Markham appointed
17 February 1806 Harwich u* John Hiley Addington John Hiley Addington appointed
17 February 1806 Newark u Sir Charles Morice Pole Sir Charles Morice Pole appointed
17 February 1806 Queen's County u* Sir Eyre Coote Henry Brooke Parnell appointed
17 February 1806 Reigate u John Somers Cocks Philip James Cocks peerage
17 February 1806 Tavistock u* Lord Robert Spencer Lord Robert Spencer resigned
u* Richard Fitzpatrick Richard Fitzpatrick appointed
18 February 1806 Buckinghamshire u* Earl Temple Earl Temple appointed
19 February 1806 Portsmouth u Thomas Erskine David Montague Erskine appointed
u* John Markham John Markham appointed
19 February 1806 St Mawes u William Windham William Windham appointed
20 February 1806 Suffolk u* Viscount Brome Thomas Sherlock Gooch peerage
20 February 1806 Wareham u John Calcraft John Calcraft appointed
21 February 1806 Northumberland u* Charles Grey Charles Grey appointed
21 February 1806 Steyning u Lord Ossulston Lord Ossulston appointed
u James Martin Lloyd Sir Arthur Leary Piggott resigned
22 February 1806 Dunbartonshire u Sir James Colquhoun Henry Glassford resigned
22 February 1806 Surrey u* Lord William Russell Lord William Russell appointed
24 February 1806 Appleby u* John Courtenay John Courtenay appointed
24 February 1806 Haverfordwest u* The Baron Kensington The Baron Kensington appointed
24 February 1806 Lichfield u* Thomas Anson George Anson peerage
24 February 1806 Richmond u* George Dundas Charles Lawrence Dundas resigned
24 February 1806 Wilton u* The Viscount Fitzwilliam Charles Herbert resigned
25 February 1806 Aldeburgh u* John McMahon John McMahon appointed
25 February 1806 Knaresborough u* Lord John Townshend Lord John Townshend appointed
27 February 1806 Cashel u William Wickham William Wickham appointed
28 February 1806 Stafford u Richard Brinsley Sheridan Richard Brinsley Sheridan appointed
3 March 1806 Worcestershire c* William Lygon William Beauchamp Lygon peerage
6 March 1806 Plymouth u* Philip Langmead Thomas Tyrwhitt resigned
14 March 1806 Enniskillen u Sir William Burroughs John King appointed
14 March 1806 Waterford City u* Sir (Simon) John Newport Sir (Simon) John Newport resigned
15 March 1806 Corfe Castle u* Nathaniel Bond Nathaniel Bond appointed
15 March 1806 Portarlington u Thomas Tyrwhitt John Langston resigned
18 March 1806 Lyme Regis u* Thomas Fane Lord Burghersh resigned
21 March 1806 Queenborough u* George Peter Moore Sir Samuel Romilly resigned
1 April 1806 Rye u Thomas Davis Lamb Sir Arthur Wellesley resigned
11 April 1806 Honiton u Sir John Honywood Richard Bateman-Robson died
11 April 1806 Peterborough u* William Elliot William Elliot appointed
12 April 1806 Kilkenny County u William Brabazon Ponsonby George Ponsonby peerage
17 April 1806 Sligo County u* Charles O'Hara Charles O'Hara appointed
17 April 1806 Haddington Burghs u John Dalrymple Henry Erskine resigned
18 April 1806 Queen's County u* Henry Brooke Parnell Henry Brooke Parnell appointed
21 April 1806 Helston u Davies Giddy Sir John Shelley resigned
26 April 1806 Weymouth & Melcombe Regis u* William Garthshore Richard Steward died
29 April 1806 Kinsale u* Samuel Campbell Rowley Henry Martin resigned
10 May 1806 Galway County u* Denis Bowes Daly Denis Bowes Daly appointed
10 May 1806 Wicklow u* George Ponsonby William Tighe appointed
22 May 1806 Cheshire u* William Egerton Davies Davenport died
27 May 1806 Wexford County c Viscount Loftus Caesar Colclough peerage
2 June 1806 Westmorland u* Sir Michael le Fleming The Lord Muncaster died
9 June 1806 Carlow Borough u Charles Montagu Ormsby Michael Symes appointed
16 June 1806 Somerset u* William Dickinson Thomas Buckler Lethbridge died
17 June 1806 Honiton c* Augustus Cavendish-Bradshaw Augustus Cavendish-Bradshaw appointed
14 July 1806 Buckingham u* Thomas Grenville Thomas Grenville appointed
16 July 1806 Sligo Borough u* Owen Wynne George Canning resigned
28 July 1806 Seaford c* Sir Richard Joseph Sullivan John Leach died
31 July 1806 Enniskillen u John King William Henry Fremantle resigned
1 August 1806 Bodmin u John Sargent James Topping resigned
1 August 1806 Buckingham u Lord Proby Earl Percy resigned
7 October 1806 Westminster u Charles James Fox Earl Percy died

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