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The Parliament of Sierra Leone is unicameral, with 124 seats. Each of the country's fourteen districts is represented in parliament. 112 members are elected concurrently with the presidential elections; the other 12 seats are filled by paramount chiefs from each of the country's 12 administrative districts. Members of Parliament of Sierra Leone are address as the Honourable.

The incoming members to the Sierra Leone House of Parliament, after the result of the just concluded 2012 Parliamentary elections will be made up of two political parties (with three seats still yet to be decided) with the following representations : the All People's Congress (APC) 67 seats, the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) 42 seats .

Below is a list of the incoming Sierra Leone members of Parliament, based on the final results of the 2012 Sierra Leone Parliamentary elections.

Eastern Province

NameParty2012 election results
Alice Foyah SLPPWon with 78.25%
Mustapha BrimaSLPPWon with 72.37%
Sahr TengbehAPCWon with 56.55%
Sahr FatormaSLPPWon with 61.47%
Moiwai MomohSLPPwon with 74.42%
Abu JajuaSLPPWon with 77.78%
Bu-Buakei JabbiSLPPWon with 86.10%
NameParty2012 election results
Bockarie Nomolie Salamy SLPPWon with 75.60%
Edward Bindi PrinceSLPPWon with 72.37%
Francis Amara KaisambaSLPPWon with 68.46%
Saidu MansaraySLPPWon with 78.25%
Andrew Victor LungaySLPPwon with 79.70%
Bernadette LahaiSLPPWon with 69.15%
Francis Amara KonuwaSLPPWon with 76.51%
Samuel H BrimaSLPPWon with 76.91%
Habib Bakarr MundaSLPPWon with 82.09%
Lansana Ibrahim KemokaiSLPPWon with 78.89%
Alusine KannehSLPPWon with 90.54%
NameParty2012 election results
Aiah Dabundeh APCWon with 53.19%
Tamba Entochema EbbaAPCWon with 56.88%
Saar SangbahAPCWon with 55.15%
Frederick Sandy SourieAPCWon with 55.99%
Rosky Momokani MbayohAPCwon with 58.20%
Komba E.S. BoyahSLPPWon with 51.32%
Komba Eric KoedeyomaSLPPWon with 48.05%

Southern Province

NameParty2012 election results
Salieu Monyaba Koroma SLPPWon with 74.07%
Foday Rado YokieSLPPWon with 57.35%
Umarr TarawallySLPPWon with 72.60%
Mohamed K TholleySLPPWon with 66.54%
Frank KposowaSLPPwon with 80.40%
Bashiru SidiqueSLPPWon with 75.35%
Jusufu Barry MansaraySLPPWon with 74.13%
Moses Allieu SwaraySLPPWon with 72.47%
Helen KuyembehSLPPWon with 80.55%
Emma Josephine KowaSLPPWon with 91.27%
Alfred Brima KattaSLPPWon with 61.77%
NameParty2012 election results
Segepoh Solomon Thomas SLPPWon with 63.05%
Brima ContehSLPPWon with 73.10%
Moses B JorkieSLPPWon with 75.36%
NameParty2012 election results
James N.D Alie SLPPWon with 69.03%
Gladys Gbamoh Gbappy-BrimaSLPPWon with 82.59%
Edward S JengoAPCWon with 65.97%
Mima Yema StephensSLPPWon with 66.86%
Veronica Kadie SesaySLPPwon with 52.41%
Amadu Mohamed KanuAPCWon with 59.40%
NameParty2012 election results
Ansumana Jaia Kaikai SLPPWon with 60.17%
Dauda D FawunduSLPPWon with 43.28%
Dickson M RogersAPCWon with 77.98%
Senesie FawunduSLPPWon with 77.72%
Mohamed Sidie TunisSLPPwon with 68.14%

Northern Province

NameParty2012 election results
Mabinty Kadijah Sillah APCWon with 82.18%
Alimamy A KamaraAPCWon with 88.48%
Ibrahim Martin BanguraAPCWon with 92.88%
Dan Y SesayAPCwon with 76.65%
Sulaiman Muluku SesayAPCWon with 88.92%
Albert Deen KamaraAPCWon with 81.63%
Thomus B TurayAPCWon with 89.05%
Roland Foday KargboAPCWon with 87.40%
NameParty2012 election results
Patricia Brown APCWon with 79.48%
Alieu Baddara MunuAPCWon with 55.98%
Patrick Lahai M KargboAPCWon with 71.95%
Foday I SumahAPCWon with 52.76%
Henneh RaddarAPCwon with 63.18%
Mabinty H BanguraAPCWon with 81.25%
NameParty2012 election results
Kusan Sesay APCWon with 70.59%
Alusine MarahAPCWon with 84.04%
Lahai MarahAPCWon with 84.26%
Daniel B KoromaAPCWon with 80.34%
Mohamed Lamin MansarayAPCwon with 82.95%
Alhassan Jero KamaraAPCWon with 63.71%
NameParty2012 election results
Alhaji Serray Dumbuya APCWon with 82.39%
Isata KabiaAPCWon with 89.54%
Abi KalokoAPCWon with 86.17%
Ibrahim Rassin BunduAPCWon with 67.72%
Sheriff B HassanAPCwon with 77.85%
Nicholas KamaraAPCWon with 71.58%
Benneh BanguraAPCWon with 67.97%
Kombor KamaraAPCWon with 78.02%
Abu Bakarr KoromaAPCWon with 79.67%
Saidu Babah KamaraAPCWon with 94.00%
NameParty2012 election results
Hassan Sesay APCWon with 89.71%
Mohamed KamarAAPCWon with 89.56%
Songowa BunduAPCWon with 90.16%
Mathew TimboAPCWon with 88.28%
Abdulai SesayAPCwon with 76.56%
Bai KalokoAPCWon with 91.73%
Mabinty FunnaAPCWon with 94.47%
Taworo Tara-KoromaAPCWon with 88.21%

Western Area

NameParty2012 election results
Alhassan Kamara APCWon with 59.20%
Ibrahim Nox SankohAPCWon with 63.59%
Alimamy G KargboAPCWon with 69.43%
Sheku Badara Bashiru DumbuyaAPCWon with 60.65%
Abdul Salaam KanuAPCwon with 62.49%
Alie KalokoAPCWon with 72.07%
Rosaline J SmithAPCWon with 73.38%
Alpha B LewallyAPCWon with 62.80%
Ibrahim KamaraAPCWon with 71.07%
Ajibola E Manly SpainAPCWon with 64.41%
Michel Sho-SawyerAPCWon with 66.17%
Michel Sho-SawyerAPCWon with 66.17%
Amadu FofanaAPCWon with 64.72%
Chernor Ramadan Maju BahAPCWon with 68.45%
David JohnsonAPCWon with 65.31%
Sheku SannohAPCWon with 56.43%
NameParty2012 election results
Dauda J B Kallon APCWon with 56.22%
Kemokoh ContehAPCWon with 69.51%
Claude Daniel Melville KamandaAPCWon with 66.51%
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