List of S.S. Lazio managers

This is a list of all managers of Società Sportiva Lazio.

Lazio have had many managers and head coaches throughout their history, below is a chronological list of them from when Serie A was changed into a league format, from 1901 onward.[1]

Name Nationality Years
Bruto Seghettini France Italy 1901–02
Sante Ancherani Italy 1902–06
Sante Ancherani
Guido Baccani
Silvio Mizzi
Guido Baccani
Guido Baccani Italy 1908–24
Dezső Kőszegy Hungary 1924–26
Jenő Ligeti Hungary 1926–27
Franz Sedlacek Austria 1927–28
Technical Commission Italy 1928–29
Pietro Piselli Italy 1929–30
Ferenc Molnár Hungary 1930–31
Amílcar Barbuy Brazil 1931–32
Karl Stürmer Austria 1932–34
Walter Alt Czechoslovakia 1934–36
József Viola Hungary 1936–39
Luigi Allemandi
Alfredo Di Franco
Géza Kertész Hungary 1939–40
Ferenc Molnár Hungary 1940–41
Dino Canestri Italy 1941
Alexander Popovich Austria 1941–43
Dino Canestri Italy 1943–45
Salvador Gualtieri Argentina 1945–46
Tony Cargnelli Austria 1946–48
Orlando Tognotti Italy 1948
Mario Sperone Italy 1948–51
Giuseppe Bigogno Italy 1951–53
Alfredo Notti Italy 1953
Mario Sperone Italy 1953–54
Federico Allasio Italy 1954
George Raynor
Roberto Copernico
Luigi Ferrero
Roberto Copernico
Italy 1955–56
Luigi Ferrero
Jesse Carver
Jesse Carver England 1956–57
Milovan Ćirić Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1957–58
Alfredo Monza
Dino Canestri
Italy 1958
Fulvio Bernardini Italy 1958–60
Enrique Flamini Italy Argentina 1960–61
Enrique Flamini
Jesse Carver
Italy Argentina
Name Nationality Years
Paolo Todeschini Italy 1961–62
Alfonso Ricciardi Italy 1962
Carlo Facchini Italy 1962
Juan Carlos Lorenzo Argentina 1962–64
Umberto Mannocci Italy 1964–66
Maino Neri Italy 1966–67
Renato Gei Italy 1967–68
Roberto Lovati Italy 1968
Juan Carlos Lorenzo Argentina 1968–71
Roberto Lovati Italy 1971
Tommaso Maestrelli Italy 1971–75
Giulio Corsini Italy 1975
Tommaso Maestrelli Italy 1975–76
Luís Vinício Brazil 1976–78
Roberto Lovati Italy 1978–80
Ilario Castagner Italy 1980–82
Roberto Clagluna Italy 1982–83
Juan Carlos Morrone Argentina 1983
Paolo Carosi Italy 1983–84
Juan Carlos Lorenzo Argentina 1984–85
Giancarlo Oddi
Roberto Lovati
Italy 1985
Luigi Simoni Italy 1985–86
Eugenio Fascetti Italy 1986–88
Giuseppe Materazzi Italy 1988–90
Dino Zoff Italy 1990–94
Zdeněk Zeman Czech Republic 1994–97
Dino Zoff Italy 1997
Sven-Göran Eriksson Sweden 1997–2000
Dino Zoff Italy 2001
Alberto Zaccheroni Italy 2001–02
Roberto Mancini Italy 2002–04
Domenico Caso Italy 2004
Giuseppe Papadopulo Italy 2004–05
Delio Rossi Italy 2005–09
Davide Ballardini Italy 2009–10
Edoardo Reja Italy 2010–12
Vladimir Petković Switzerland Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012–13
Edoardo Reja Italy 2014
Stefano Pioli Italy 2014–16
Simone Inzaghi Italy 2016
Marcelo Bielsa Argentina 2016
Simone Inzaghi (caretaker) Italy 2016–present


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