List of Pinoy Big Brother (season 2) housemates and houseguests

On the second season of Pinoy Big Brother, there were a total of 15 official housemates and 3 sub-official housemates who entered the house on designated dates. Aside from the housemates, three houseguests entered the house. The first houseguest is Tina Semolič from the Slovenian version of Big Brother, as part of the Big Brother Swap between Pinoy Big Brother and Slovenian Big Brother. The second houseguest is Hanna Eunice Rodriquez, as the winner of the Globe Promotion of being a housemate for a week. The third houseguest is Uma Khouny, housemate from the previous season of Pinoy Big Brother and 4th Big Placer.


On Day 1, only six housemates entered the house. The next six housemates entered the house,one by one, on Days 7 to 12. The final four housemates entered the house on Day 14. The number of housemates thus reached 16, although only 14 were promised in the pre-season teasers. The last batch of housemates were put up for public voting. Two of the final four housemates were eventually voted to stay in the house, thus completing the list of 14 housemates. Due to an unprecedented Forced Eviction of Maricris, an additional housemate entered the house. Instead of just one housemate, Big Brother decided to let two mothers enter, deviating from the young group of housemates that were already in the house. By the end of the week, one of the two mothers was chosen by the housemates to stay in the house. Conversely, the other housemate was evicted from the house. All in all, there were 18 housemates for this season, 15 of which were official housemates and 3 sub-official housemates.

The housemates are presented in the article in order of their entrance.

First batch


Ezekiel Joshua "Zeke" Dimaguila (born: November 2, 1985 in Australia) is a 21-year-old online gamer from Australia. Prior to his entry to the house, he is said to have played the World of Warcraft for up to 15 hours straight. He is known for his frank attitude towards his housemates especially with the girl housemates. He is also a "turntablism" aficionado and idolizes DJ Q-Bert, for being the greatest "scratcher" in the world. Ezekiel was first evicted on Day 35, but returned to the House on Day 78 and was re-evicted after a week because of low votes on Day 86.


Main article: Wendy Valdez

Wendy Manalus Valdez (born: June 2, 1982 in Manila) is a 25-year-old commercial model from Navotas. Modeling under Mercator models,[1] she was a student from Far Eastern University and St. James Academy in Malabon City. and previously a Binibining Pilipinas-Tourism titleholder, she lived in a squatters' area prior to her stay in the house. As a commercial model, she has been seen in commercials such as those of the Unilever brand Close-Up and food company Jollibee. She has also appeared in music videos such as "Binibini" of the reggae group Brownman Revival. She was also a model on a hit game show Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal. Wendy also made it to the Final 38 Star Dreamers of Pinoy Dream Academy, but failed to make it as a scholar. She was earlier launched as a part of the girl group Dream Girls along with other female star dreamers, In the house, she found Bruce Quebral as her best buddy. She is indeed the most controversial among all the housemates. Her behavior and actions inside the house has gained her supporters as well as detractors; she is even a subject of allegations of favoritism against the show due to her background before living in the House. Wendy was first evicted on Day 70, but returned to the House on Day 78. On Day 126, she was proclaimed the third placer of the second season.


Ronel Arreza "Nel" Rapiz (born: November 13, 1981 in Iloilo) is a 25-year-old from Iloilo City. Describing himself as a "perfect" and "exotic" man who previously had nine girlfriends and six "flings." He also gets his discipline from his parents, who are both police officers. He frequently uses the catchphrases "Bongga" (gay lingo for "extravagant") and "Perfect." Among all the housemates he is the funniest. His penchant for gay expressions, being comfortable wearing a bathing suit just for playing in the swimming pool, and being non-chalant about having "Sarah" as a nickname (after Sarah Balabagan, a former OFW who was spared the death penalty in the United Arab Emirates) have led some viewers to think he is a closet gay. But he himself denies this and his family and Kian, whom he befriended during the latter's stay in the house, attest that his seemingly homosexual acts are just a way to show his sense of humor. He was evicted on Day 119.


Saicy Abucejo Aguila (born: October 11, 1983 in Iloilo City) is a 23-year-old dancesport and samba instructor in Bacolod City. She calls herself "bobo" (unintelligent) due to her failing grades during her high school and college days. Another reason is that she did not pass the teachers' board exam when she graduated. She also said her biggest failure was that she fell in love with her gay dance partner. Saicy dreams to be an actress someday. She is also a hardworking person. She was evicted on Day 105.


Main article: Gee-Ann Abrahan

Gianina Maria "Gee-Ann" Sta. Maria Abrahan (born: November 6, 1985 in Quezon City) is a 21-year-old cheerleader from Quezon City. She was a former student of Assumption College San Lorenzo Makati. She is said to be a "mother" of eight "children" (actually dolls and stuffed toys) since age 6. The one she owned the longest, a baby doll called Pamela which is in her possession for 15 years, is taken along with her inside the house. She gave Pamela away on Day 63. Gee-Ann's best friend in the house is Beatriz whom she is always on Gee-Ann's side in times that other housemates are already degrading her. Gee-Ann as well is also known for her reserved demeanor and a devout Roman Catholic. On Day 126, she was proclaimed the fourth placer of the second season.


Main article: Mickey Perz

Michael Richard "Mickey" Perz (born: June 1, 1984 in Vienna, Austria) is a 23-year-old hip-hop dancer, e-Bay analyst and mixer from Switzerland. Being half-Filipino and half-Austrian, he was secretly tasked to speak only German during the first week. In reality, Mickey could also speak fluent Filipino, as well as English and French. In the Big Brother House, he is well known to be a good listener and adviser to his housemates. On Day 126, he was proclaimed the second placer of the second season.

Second batch


Robert James Woods II (born: April 21, 1983 in Las Piñas) is a 24-year-old pet lover and McDonald's shift manager from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Being half-British and half-Filipino, he lived a normal life in the Philippines with his Filipina mother until he flew to England after finding out about his stroke-ridden British father. He stayed in England for three years prior to his entry to the house just to take care of his father, despite his father leaving him for another woman during his first recovery. He was known for his romantic affair with Saicy. He was evicted on Day 112.


Main article: Bea Saw

Maria Beatriz Imperial "Bea" Saw (born: November 17, 1985 in Muntinlupa) is a 21-year-old resource associate from Baao, Camarines Sur and a graduate with a degree of AB Development Communications from the Jesuit Ateneo de Naga University and a candidate for the 2006 Miss Bicolandia. She is of Chinese descent. Prior to her entry to the House, her family moved from place to place because of poverty. After some years together, her father currently works in Taiwan, while her mother goes around the country as a social worker, leaving her to act as a breadwinner for her sisters, who are staying with their aunt in Camarines Sur, while working in a consulting firm in Makati. In the house she was well known for her natural charm, calm and diplomatic approach to situations especially during her spats with Maricris and Wendy, her loud laughter, her forgiveness with mistakes, and her happy disposition. She is being called "Mommy Bei" by her housemates because of her caring and motherly character. Her aim in being inside the House is to reunite her scattered family. Her best friend in the house is Gee-Ann. According to her mother Verda Saw, once Beatriz exits the house, her whole family will settle already in Manila and her father will come home from Taiwan as well for good. On Day 126, she was proclaimed the winner of the second season. She was a reporter appearing on PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Update.


Main article: Kian Kazemi

Kian Reza Kazemi (born: January 26, 1986 in Makati) is a 21-year-old track and field runner and restaurant owner/manager from Makati. He joined the track-and-field team despite having alopecia areata. Graduated from College of Saint Benilde, he is also half-Persian and half-Filipino. Kian also describes himself as a playboy who has been reformed, having been exposed to marijuana during his teens. Kian was first evicted on Day 49, but returned to the House on Day 78. After two weeks of his stay in the house, he was re-evicted on Day 98.


Maria Jasmin Engracia (born: July 19, 1984 ) is a 22-year-old college student and sales merchant from Davao City. Because her parents are separated, she goes through college by selling various wares, an occupation that she has done since childhood. She aims to use her ways of selling her goods during her stay in the House. Jasmin was first evicted on Day 29, but returned to the House on Day 78 and was re-evicted after a week because of low votes on Day 86.


Bruce Angelo Quebral (born: December 29, 1981 in Pasig) is 25-year-old commercial model and former varsity basketball player from Cainta, Rizal. Modeling under Mercator models,[2] he previously played for the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons in the UAAP and the Granny Goose Tortillos in the Philippine Basketball League before suffering an injury which put him out of the court. He also represented Philippines in Manhunt International 2002 competition. Being the oldest of the offspring, he also stands as breadwinner for his family after his father died of thyroid cancer. He was the housemate sent to the Slovenian Big Brother House in exchange for Tina Semolič, the Slovenian housemate who stayed in the House for five days. His stint in the House was best known for his romance with Wendy, a fellow Mercator model. Bruce was evicted on Day 122.


Dionne Dennia Monsanto (born: December 5, 1985 in Cebu) is a 21-year-old college student and local celebrity from Cebu City. Prior to her entry to the house, she is already a local celebrity in the Visayas, having appeared in the ABS-CBN Cebuano language drama series For Life.[3] She currently takes up Mass Communication in the Visayan campus of the University of Philippines. She also relates that her father has been missing for some time and she has siblings sired by different men. After Geraldine's exit, she was also sent out in the house on Day 77.

Secret Housemates

The following housemates entered and stayed in two secret areas of the house. Only two of them would become official housemates and enter the main House area. They were also tasked to gather some of their basic necessities from the main House area without being caught. Being caught would mean automatic eviction. For four days, only Ezekiel and Dionne knew about their presence and could not divulge this to the others except Big Brother. Eventually, these housemates were revealed to the others on Day 18. For the sake of explanation and because they entered the house without the knowledge of Ezekiel and Dionne's fellow housemates, they are referred to in this article as the "secret housemates."

However, as only two of the four could become the 13th and 14th official housemates, their fate inside the house was determined by public voting.


Elmo Jeremiah "Bodie" Cruz (born: September 8, 1985 in Las Piñas) is a 21-year-old software developer and a former SCTC Alumni from Las Piñas. He is the son of actor Tirso Cruz III, and with his entry in the House, he wants to break away from the image of being a "showbiz son." Naturally, because of his showbiz connections, he was once a mainstay of the youth-talent show Ang TV before living a life of obscurity prior to his stay in the House. He was involved in a love triangle between Mickey and Gee-Ann. On Day 21, he was proclaimed an official housemate. He was evicted on Day 124.


Jeremy Legazpi Hidano (born: December 21, 1986 in Mountain Province) is a 20-year-old voice actor from Japan. He initially went to Japan to seek out his mother, which he found remarried to a Japanese man. He aims that after his stay in the House, he will find a job to provide financial support for himself and eventually for his mother. In the official website, he is known under his stepfather's surname, Hidano. His stint in the House was best known for his frequent and fluent use of his stepfather's language. Jeremy was evicted on Day 21.


Maricris Dizon (born: March 28, 1980 in Pampanga) is a 27-year-old stylist from Italy. She is a daughter of Filipinos working in that country. Her mother works as a domestic helper while her father works as a messenger. She is said to be proud of her parents' blue-collar jobs and have not experienced any discrimination despite being an Asian in Italy. On Day 21, she was proclaimed an official housemate. She is the eldest among the housemates. In the House, she is known to be confrontational and pushy, to the point that she had a shouting match with Beatriz (see below). She was forced out of the House on Day 65 after committing forms of violence on herself and her fellow housemates.


Mikah Dizon (born: June 14, 1986 in Baguio) is a 20-year-old buxom student from Baguio. She describes herself at a party girl at night, which often leads to misconceptions. She had also straightened her relations with her mother. She is not related in any way to Maricris, despite both having the same surname. Mikah was evicted on Day 21.

Replacement Housemates

After Maricris's exit on Day 65, it had been announced that a 30-something-year-old mother would take her place. In a twist that even the viewers did not see coming, two new housemates, both of whom fit the description, entered the house on Day 70. They lived in the house for a week and only one of them stayed longer. The choice of who should stay rested on the nine remaining housemates at the time. Regardless of who stayed, the new housemates, both mothers and one of them married, are a deviation from the other remaining housemates, all single and in their twenties.


Geraldine "Giei" Javier is a 32-year-old single mother and market vendor from Quezon City. She had previously worked in Japan as an entertainer and had failed relationships, which resulted in two children. She was evicted on Day 77 by a unanimous decision of 0 out of 9 votes voted by the housemates.


Yen Galagnara is a 35-year-old mother and Korean school ESL teacher from Quezon City. Having a shaved head, she regards herself as a modern kind of wife and mother. Also, she used to be a fashion designer, hence her hairstyle and style of clothing. She was evicted on Day 91.


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