List of Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited housemates

The following is a list of contestants of Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited, the fourth season of Pinoy Big Brother, the Philippine version of the reality-TV series Big Brother.

The contestants are listed below in the order of their entry into the Big Brother House. Their ages at time of entry are also indicated.

First batch

From left to right: Jaz, Slater, Kigoy, Tin, Roy, Kevin, Luz, Pamu, Paco, Kim, Biggel, Seichang, Divine

The following housemates entered on Day 1.


Jahziel "Jaz" Manabat (born April 9, 1987) is a 24-year-old from Quezon City. She is a model for men's magazines and has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for five years.[1][2] She made a voluntary exit on Day 31 due to homesickness.


Main article: Slater Young

Jan Slater Young (born December 19, 1987) is a 23-year-old from Cebu City, Cebu. A civil engineer working at his family's construction business, he is the first-born out of four kids and aims to prove his worth.[1][2] He graduated from the University of San Carlos in 2005 and passed the board exam on his second take (May 2006). Slater was declared the season champion - the regular edition's first male Big Winner - on Day 155.


Marnill "Kigoy" Abarico (October 19, 1979 – January 12, 2016) is a 32-year-old from Ormoc, Leyte. A civil disobedient in his younger years, Kigoy aimed to enter the house to reform his life and find his siblings.[1][2] He was evicted on Day 71. Kigoy re-entered the House on Day 121 as part of the M6 House Player team, but was forcibly evicted three days later for making grave threats on a housemate.


Anna Christine "Tin" Patrimonio (born December 29, 1991) is a 19-year-old from Quezon City. One of Philippine Basketball Association player Alvin Patrimonio's two daughters, she is an athlete herself, playing tennis, and has been home-schooled to focus on her tennis career. She was evicted on Day 148.


Roy Marcelo Gamboa (born January 15, 1982) is a 29-year-old from Pangasinan. He hails from a family of fishermen and has lived a simple life. Roy is earning a living as a salesman.[1][2] He was evicted on Day 78.


Kevin Andrew Fowler (born September 23, 1993) is an 18-year-old American-Filipino from California, United States. He was raised by his American dad and Filipina mom and lived in Japan, Italy and the USA. His ethnicity also made him a frequent target of bullies. He believes that love for family is the most important Filipino virtue.[1][2] Kevin was evicted on Day 134.


Luzviminda "Luz" McClinton (born May 29, 1978) is a 33-year-old from Muntinlupa City. A professional bodybuilder with multiple international awards to her credit,[3] Luz grew up selling goto (beef tripe congee) and cigarettes on the streets. She has been married to a foreigner for eight years.[1][2] She was evicted on Day 71 but came back on Day 121 along with Kigoy as part of the M6 House Players. Luz left the house again on Day 127.


Main article: Pamu Pamorada

Annielie "Pamu" Pamorada (born January 8, 1992) is a 19-year-old from Lipa City, Batangas. She is a self-proclaimed promdi (Tagalog slang for people from the countryside) and loves to impersonate artists, especially her idol Vice Ganda. She was abandoned by her parents in her childhood.[1][2] Pamu was crowned the second Big Placer on Day 155.


Philip Joel "Paco" Evangelista (born July 28, 1985) is a 26-year-old from General Santos City. A law student, Paco had fallen on hard times after his father was hospitalized, his business went bankrupt and his long-time girlfriend left him. He wished to enter the house to find himself.[1][2] He was evicted on Day 106, but was later reassigned as a House Player. On Day 141, he was voted as a wildcard housemate and crowned the fourth Big Placer on Day 155.


Kim de Guzman (born June 7, 1992) is a 19-year-old from Olongapo City. A typical girl-next-door and a former bikini pageant contestant, she auditioned for the show along with her boyfriend, Mark, who later became a housemate.[1][2] She was forcibly evicted on Day 71 because of chronic despondence over her stay since Mark left.


Joseph Emil "Biggel" Biggel (born July 27, 1992) is a 19-year-old Filipino-German from Marinduque. Together with his sister, Biggel was raised by his grandparents. To support his sister's dream of attending college, he entered several jobs including fishing, farming and being a make-up artist in a mortuary.[1][2] He was named the third Big Placer on Day 155.


Seiichi "Seichang" Ushimi (born March 16, 1989) is a 22-year-old Japanese-Filipino from Tokyo, Japan. Born and raised by his grandmother in Japan, Seichang only knows how to speak English and Japanese. He visits the Philippines frequently as his mother is from Davao.[1][2] He was evicted on Day 127, but stayed in the House as a House Player until exiting on Day 134.


Divine Maitland-Smith (born March 9, 1991) is a 20-year-old Filipino-British from Cebu City. A tattoo artist and proud lesbian, Divine believes that everyone should be treated equally. She only speaks Cebuano and English and has trouble understanding Tagalog.[1][2] Divine was the season's final evictee, exiting on Day 152.


Carlo Romero (born December 2, 1985) is a 25-year-old from Chicago, United States. He is an aspiring law enforcer who was supposed to leave for the US two days after his entrance to the Big Brother house. The first of the reserved housemates revealed in the season, his task was to become a "mole" for Big Brother. As the week progressed, Carlo was given four tasks to accomplish to become an official housemate or be forcibly evicted. He only completed three of the four tasks, but was eventually confirmed as a housemate on Day 8.[1][2][4] He was evicted on Day 141.

Second batch

The following are housemates who entered the house on Day 8, which is November 5, 2011.


Jerico Redrico (born February 21, 1987) is a 24-year-old from Pampanga. He grew up in the United States and started a modeling career. At its peak, he decided to move to the Philippines to try his luck in show business.[4] He was evicted on Day 78.


Diane Marie Aquino (born June 4, 1983) is a 28-year-old from Quezon City. The eldest of four girls, she learned to care for her family when her siblings almost got kidnapped under her watch. A graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, she is the creative head of a marketing company and book designer of her own business.[4] She was evicted on Day 29.


Anatoly "Tol" Chua (born March 28, 1978) is a 33-year-old from Surigao del Sur. He was a medical representative when he met his wife. Having had an extra-marital affair, he strove to reform his ways and live a harmonious life with his family. Affected by the global financial crisis, his family moved back to Davao while he stayed in the US to pay for their outstanding loans. Losing their house, Anatoly currently lives in a church, while working as a taxi driver.[4] He was evicted on Day 71.


Casey Anne Austria (born December 25, 1991) is a 19-year-old from Legazpi, Albay. She has been her family's breadwinner ever since her mother suffered from stroke. She joined beauty pageants and currently works as an events host and disk jockey in a Legaspi City radio station.[4] She was evicted on Day 36.


Wendy Tabusalla (born February 7, 1989) is a 22-year-old Filipino-Indonesian from Muntinlupa City. Growing up in Indonesia, Wendy was ridiculed for not being fluent in Bahasa Indonesia; her Muslim faith and failure to speak English fluently would also make her a subject of ridicule among her peers in the Philippines. A modern Filipina with a strong devotion to Islam, Tabusalla has earned a living from joining beauty pageants and working as a model.[4] She was evicted on Day 99.


Ma. Joya Jimenea Genzola (born June 11, 1987) is a 24-year-old from Negros Occidental. Being the eldest child and only daughter in the family, she strove to be the best that she can be, graduating with honors in college and placing seventh in the 2008 nursing board exams.[5] Joya parlayed her knowledge to work as a nursing instructor. Being an achiever, she still balances life and gives time to her family and boyfriend.[4] She was evicted on Day 92.


Johnny "Eting" Busarang Linaban (born October 23, 1984) is a 27-year-old from Cebu. Coming from a family of farmers, he has gone into different forms of livelihood including searching and selling firewood, selling coconut husks and copra, and making candles. He currently works as a security guard, and is fond of playing the ukulele.[4] He was evicted on Day 113.


Jessica Alviola Connelly (born June 15, 1992) is a 19-year-old Filipina-Australian from Taguig. Born half-Filipino and half-Irish, she grew-up in New South Wales, Australia, always getting what she wanted. She tried several things in a quest to find herself, from having a nose ring, being shy, to growing fat. With her new-found love for singing, she got her act together and eventually lost 40 pounds.[4] She was forcibly evicted on Day 93.


Lordwin Claveria (born January 14, 1988) is a 23-year-old from Quezon province. A family man, his marriage was once tested because of his playboy ways. He works as a fish vendor and cellphone technician to keep his family afloat.[4] He was evicted on Day 29.


Robelyn "Lyn" Elimanco Bagiosa (born August 26, 1986) is a 25-year-old from Surigao del Norte. Having ended school at Grade 6 due to poverty, she became a house-helper to finish her schooling. She has been a house-helper for eight years and is her family's breadwinner.[4] Lyn voluntarily exited the House in the early hours of Day 43 to attend the burial of her mother, who died a few days before.


Erica Guiro Arlante (born August 22, 1980) is a 31-year-old from Bacolod. A skilled painter and former hostess, Erica lost her first child from signing a contract which she unwittingly signed, which triggered her drug addiction. As she found love for the second time, she changed her ways with the birth of her second child.[4] She was evicted on Day 50.


Leonard "Unad" Panganiban Hernandez (born September 26, 1987) is a 24-year-old farmer from Batangas. He grew-up living a modest life, knowing how to farm, herd and taking care of pigs, thus becoming a role-model in his hometown. He is a proud virgin, and believes in the sanctity of marriage.[4] He was evicted on Day 78.


Stephanie Grace Enage (born September 28, 1988) is a 23-year-old from Baybay City, Leyte. The eldest of three siblings, Steph is a registered nurse working as an insurance agent. Taking a cue from her business-minded mother, she has sold clothes, wallets, jewelry, and managed her own pizza parlor for a time.[4] Steph was evicted on Day 78.


Main article: Mark Luz

Mark Tajon Luz (born February 8, 1988) is a 23-year-old from Quezon City. Being the eldest, he served as his mother's partner in running their business, where he works as the vice-president and dabbles in modeling on the side. He is loyal to his model and beauty-queen girlfriend.[4] Mark was forcibly evicted on Day 43 for committing several violations, including talking without a lapel mic, whispering, and talking about the outside world (particularly his entry on Day 8).


The franchise's first-ever differently-able housemate, Naprey "Nap" Almario (born July 8, 1988) is a 23-year-old from Davao City. He is also a volunteer of various organizations in the city and works as a part-time information technology instructor.[4][6] He was evicted on Day 78.

Reserved housemates

On opening night, it was revealed that Big Brother has reserved housemates, a group of 30 auditionees who made it to the shortlist but not the final cut. They are given a chance to become an official housemate by succeeding in tasks Big Brother assigns them to do.


Joanna Cindy Miranda (born December 18, 1990[7]) is a 20-year-old from Nueva Ecija. A tourism graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, Cindy is known for her string of beauty pageant titles. She first entered the house as one of the reserved housemates on Day 15 and was evicted on Day 22.


Rhea Angela Lim (born November 16, 1984) is a 26-year-old from Pampanga. A single mother, Rhea entered the house as one of the 3Gs on Day 15. Despite a birthday wish to be confirmed as an official housemate, she was eventually evicted on Day 22.


Deniesse Joaquin (born October 15, 1990) is a 21-year-old from Sampaloc, Manila. She entered the house as one of the 3Gs on Day 15 and she became an official housemate on Day 22. Although she was technically safe from the voting block on Day 120, she was meted a forced eviction the same day for two offenses logged within a few hours of each other on Day 115 - whispering and asking a question about the outside world (specifically the public's perception of her) from former housemate Melisa. She was the last reserved housemate and the longest reserved housemate who stayed in the house.


Reginald Derek Pineda (born April 5, 1992) is a 19-year-old from Quezon City. Known to have auditioned in four of the previous Pinoy Big Brother seasons, Reg entered the house as one of the Power Strangers on Day 15. He became an official housemate on Day 21. However, he was meted a forced eviction on Day 33 when he was revealed to have unknowingly talked about events in the show before he entered the house and committed multiple lapel mic violations. The forced eviction was made known to him moments before his exit on Day 36.


Kevin 'Kulas' Alon (born January 17, 1984) is a 27-year-old from La Union. He entered the house as one of the Power Strangers on Day 15, but was voted out by the housemates on Day 20.


Main article: RJ Padilla

RJ Padilla (born January 22, 1989) is a 23-year-old from Paranaque. He entered the house as one of the Power Strangers on Day 15. However, he was forcibly evicted on Day 21 after Pamu saw him sleeping with his mask off and Lordwin and Unad took a picture of him without the mask.


Seth Russell Cox (born November 5, 1979) is a 32-year-old Filipino-American from Lapu Lapu, Cebu City. He entered the Luxury House on Day 25 as part of a secret task to pose as Luz' husband. The success of his task resulted in him being made an official housemate the next day. He was evicted on Day 50.


Ryan Janus Tomas (born June 20, 1992) is a Filipino from Colorado, USA. A taekwondo instructor and dance expert by trade, Ryan entered the Industrial House on Day 23 as the housemates' instructor for their weekly task. With the task being declared a success, he was made an official housemate on Day 30. He was evicted on Day 78.

House Guests

Anthony and David

Anthony Paul & David John Semerad (born April 25, 1991) are 20-year-old Filipino-Czechs from Australia. Currently basketball players for the San Beda Red Lions, the twins entered the House on Day 100 as Antonik and Imerich Novak, fake housemates from Big Brother Czech. They left the House on Day 106.


Melisa Cantiveros is the winner of the previous Pinoy Big Brother season. She re-entered the House on Day 114 and left on Day 117.


Jason Francisco is the previous season's second runner-up. He also re-entered the House on Day 114 and left on Day 117.

Kuya's Fairy Godmothers

The following are all former Big Winners who were inserted into the House to inspire the housemates. They all re-entered the House on Day 135 and left on Day 140.

Jennivev "Nene" Santillan Tamayo (born September 27, 1981) is a 30-year-old from Romblon province. The winner of the first Pinoy Big Brother season, Nene was brought back as a judge for the Ballroom Dancing inter-House Competition.
Maria Beatriz "Bea" Imperial Saw (born November 17, 1985) is a 26-year-old from Camarines Sur. The overall champion of the second season, Bea previously worked with the show as a special reporter in Celebrity Edition II.
Janet Derecho Duterte aka Keanna Reeves (born February 23, 1970) is a 42-year-old actress from Cebu City. She was the winner of the show's first Celebrity Edition.

House Players


Franzen Macaraig Fajardo (born April 18, 1982) is a 28-year-old from Sampaloc, Manila. Forcibly evicted on Day 91 of the first season, Franzen returned to the Big Brother House on Day 121 as part of the M6 House Player team. He left again on Day 127.


Baron Geisler (born June 5, 1982) is a 29-year-old actor. One of the "2-in-1 Housemates" of Celebrity Edition 2, Baron entered the House again on Day 121 as part of the M6 House Players team. He exited again on Day 127 and was later assigned with Beauty for another weekly task. He left on Day 133.


Christine Marie "Beauty" Gonzalez (born May 28, 1991) is a 20-year-old from Dumaguete. The third runner-up of Teen Edition Plus, Beauty entered the House on Day 121 as part of the M6 House Player team. She left again on Day 127, but stayed again inside from Day 129 to Day 133 along with Baron as part of another weekly task.


Rica Paras (born Richard Paras; November 8, 1982) is a 29-year old IT consultant from Sta. Barbara, Iloilo. A veteran House Player, having participated in Double-Up's Resbak Attack and Kuya's Darlings twists, Rica entered the house again on Day 121 as part of the M6 House Players team. She left once more on Day 127.


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