List of Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 housemates

This is a list of housemates that participated in Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7, the third special season of Pinoy Big Brother.

The housemates are listed below in order of their entry into the House. Their ages at the time of their entry are also indicated.

Celebrity housemates

Six celebrity housemates entered the Big Brother House in Vietnam on July 4, 2016. The last three housemates entered the next day; they were delayed due to immigration problems.


Marc Carlos Francis "McCoy" De Jesus De Leon (born February 20, 1995) is a member of an all-male dance group, Hashtags from It's Showtime. He is competing together with Nikko as one housemate. He and Nikko became a finalist on Day 23. He, together with Nikko and Jinri, left on Day 24 and will return at a later date.


Nikko Seagal Natividad (born February 13, 1993) is a member of an all-male dance group, Hashtags from It's Showtime. He is competing together with McCoy as one housemate. On Day 4, Nikko admitted to "Kuya" that he is now a father of a one-year-old son with his non-showbiz girlfriend. He and McCoy became a finalist on Day 23.[1] He, together with McCoy and Jinri, left on Day 24 and will return at a later date.


Yasmin Isabel "Yassi" Yasto Pressman (born May 11, 1995) is a Filipino-British-Hong Konger model, actress, television personality, singer, and dancer. Yassi is a VJ of MTV Pinoy. She was evicted on Day 23.


Juan Karlos "JK" Labajo (born February 5, 2001) is a Filipino-German singer and actor. He is an artist of ABS-CBN's Star Magic and also a part of MCA Music. He became a runner-up in the first season of The Voice Kids. He was evicted on Day 23.


Jinri Park (Hangul: 박진리; born April 24, 1988) is a South Korean model, radio disc jockey and magazine columnist active in the Philippines. Park has worked as a DJ at Monster Radio RX 93.1 from 2011-2015 and is starting a career as an actress and TV host. On Day 15, she went out of the House for reasons she didn't disclose. On Day 17, she came back to the House. She became a finalist on Day 22 after winning a task that will determine the first finalist spot. She, together with McCoy & Nikko, left on Day 24 and will return at a later date.


Hideo Muraoka (born November 18, 1987)[2][3] is a Brazilian-Japanese model and entrepreneur from São Paulo, Brazil, and currently residing in Taguig. He was evicted on Day 23.


Walter Mark "Nonong" Ballinan (born March 3, 1987) is a comedian. He was first known as a contestant in It's Showtime's Funny One and won the second-runner up. He is currently part of Comedy Manila's homegrown talents, including former Funny One co-contestant Ryan Rems Sarita. He was evicted on Day 23.[4]


Maria Chriselle Elisse Joson Diuco (born January 6, 1996) is a teen star and a commercial model for various brands, most notably, a fast food chain. She is known for McDonalds' campaign, "Tuloy pa rin" that promotes changing her ways of thinking from being brokenhearted to positively independent person. Her mother is a doctor, Dr. Christine Joson Diuco.[5] She was involved in a past relationship with actor and house guest Jerome Ponce.[6] She was evicted on Day 23.[7]


Czarina Marie "DJ Chacha" Balba (born August 30, 1987) is an award-winning radio DJ of MOR 101.9. She is best known for her program on primetime block, Heartbeats. She is also known for her literary pieces, "Napakasakit, Ate Chacha" & "Anak ng Patola! Mas masakit, Ate Chacha", that give people advice on different relationship problems. She voluntarily exited on Day 11 because she wants to continue doing radio work and to take care of her 7-year-old daughter.[8]

Teen housemates

The first teen housemate entered on Day 23. Five male housemates entered on Day 24. Six female housemates entered on Day 25.


Edward John Barber (born July 15, 2000) is a 16-year-old from Germany. He was the first housemate to be revealed prior to entering the Big Brother House.[9] He was born and raised in Germany from his Filipina mother and a British-German father. He is fluent in speaking German.[10] He became one of the three finalists from the teen edition after he won the Big Jump Challenge.[11] He, together with Kisses and Maymay, left on Day 129 and will return at a later date.


Cornillo "Yong" Muhajil (born October 13, 1999) is a 17-year-old from Zamboanga. He was born 14th out of 17 siblings, and was raised in a rural life with his whole family. His father was a vendor of different goods, which were usually confiscated by the police. His father later died of asthma. After learning of his father's death, his mother suffered a mild stroke.[10] He was evicted on Day 128.


Ma. Vivoree Niña Matutes Esclito (born August 3, 2000) is a 16-year-old who hails from Loon, Bohol.[12] She was born a premature baby at 7 months. She was bullied but despite being teased for having a light mustache, she proved herself to everyone by being a constant honor student. She is not only a dancer but a composer as well. In fact, she composed her own song "Kaya Pa" and performed it with JK Labajo while she was still inside the PBB House. She released her debut song "Kaya pa" on November 29, 2016 and is now on Spotify and ITunes. She lead the Pak Salern Lucky Task and had a make over as a price that made her gained confidence.[10] Vivoree is now an aspiring singer and is making her way into showbiz as a performer. She was evicted on Day 101


Fenech Aimee Salazar Veloso (born August 20, 2002) is a 14-year-old talented ballroom dancer and singer from Tagbilaran, Bohol. She joined the show to help her grandmother, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Also to lessen the burden of her family financially since both of her parents do not have stable jobs. They are only depending on their family business which is owned by her sick grandmother. She graduated grade school in a Catholic school with flying colors as the salutatorian in her batch and received the award of best in leadership. Fenech started her high school in a Christian military school in her hometown. She is a member of a military army to financially assist her studies. It serves as a scholarship to be able to pursue her studies, the same as her elder brother. She later celebrated her 14th birthday inside the house. She is the 2nd child among 6 siblings. A dalagang Filipina and a cutie as described by the show's avid viewers. She was evicted on Day 59.[13]


Kristine Charlotte Hammond (October 21, 1999) is a 17-year old Filipino-British varsity volleyball player from Binan, Laguna who have gained popularity in social media when she was a subject of a viral online photo.[14] Prior to joining, she was featured in an episode of ABS-CBN's current affairs program Mission: Possible.[15] She was raised in a broken family; her British father left her during childhood years, and her mother took care of her. Their family's insurance vanished when the company they were insured at closed. She became a varsity player to sustain her studies.[16] She was evicted on Day 80.


Rita Gaviola (born May 13, 2003) is a 13-year old Badjao native from Lucena, Quezon, who made mark in social media for her viral pictures taken at the Pahiyas Festival in the nearby Lucban in May 2016.[17] She had made appearances in magazine programs Rated K and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho after her photos went viral on social media. Gaviola auditioned because she had dreamed being part of the entertainment industry.[18] She grew up in a poor family from Zamboanga, before she and her family relocated to Cavite, then Lucena.[17] She was evicted on Day 52.


Kirsten Danielle "Kisses" Delavin (born May 1, 1999) is a 17-year old beauty pageant winner from Masbate, having recently won the Miss Kaogma 2016 beauty pageant.[19] Her mother had eight pregnancies and they all died of premature birth, except for Kisses, who was also stricken with a disease when she was younger, but is now well. She currently takes up BS Accountancy at De La Salle University.[20] Kisses won the second lucky sun garnering the highest number of text votes of 48.53%. She, together with Edward and Maymay, left on Day 129 and will return at a later date.


Christian Edward Morones (born November 21, 2000) is a 16-year-old varsity basketball player from Zamboanga. His favorite hobby is to cook dishes and play basketball.[21] His father is a basketball coach. He decided to join the show to give financial support to her younger sister's treatment. He was evicted on Day 115.


Marco Cañete Gallo (born January 3, 2001) is a 15-year-old half-Italian who grew up in Milan, Italy. He is fluent in speaking Filipino, English, Italian, Spanish, and French.[21] His father is an Italian, while his mother is a Filipino. He was once an overweight person, and got bullied in school. He was evicted on Day 95.


Marydale "MayMay" Entrata (born May 6, 1997) is a 19-year-old student from Cagayan De Oro, studying at Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST).[22] She was selected by the celebrity housemates themselves from the pool of auditionees. Her father left when she was one year old to start a new family, while her mother is an overseas worker based in Japan. Her grandfather died during her stay in the house, and she exited the house to say her last farewells. She re-entered after.[23] She, together with Edward and Kisses, left on Day 129 after which she won the third lucky sun and will return at a later date.


Gerard "Aizan" Perez (born October 1, 2001) is a 15-year-old from Padre Garcia, Batangas. His father is a seaman. He is a self-confessed bully, and got expelled twice in school. This changed after being urged by her mother to join the show. He is an aspiring singer and actor. He was evicted on Day 45.[24]


Heaven Lyan Peralejo (born November 26, 1999) is a 16-year-old young actress from Makati. She is the niece of former actresses Rica Peralejo and Paula Peralejo.[25] Her parents split early due to a long distance relationship. Her mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer in February 2015. She voluntary exited on Day 72, because of her mother's brain operation

Regular housemates


Nguyen Thi Thuy, is a 23-year old Vietnamese national who first came in the Big Brother house in Vietnam as a houseguest. Thuy, was born in Palawan by her parents who are refugees during the Vietnam War who fled to the Philippines to seek shelter and care, and later relocated to Tacloban where she spend her childhood and young teenage days. Thuy migrated to the US, and eventually graduated with a degree in Nursing at the San Jose State University.[26] After the celebrity housemates, completed the seven challenges during their stay in Vietnam Big Brother House, Thuy became an official regular housemate.[27] Thuy left on Day 16, after the celebrity batch left Vietnam. She returned on Day 108. She was evicted on Day 136.


Tanner Mata is a 21-year old Filipino-American ramp and commercial model from Nueva Ecija. He became popular due to his looks similar to Clark Kent/Superman of the DC Comics series.[28] He was born and raised in Colorado, where he finished education. He once studied in a vocational program for automotive in high school and worked as a real estate agent. At 13, his parents separated and he became close to his twin brother Tyler.


Princess Vaness "Baninay" Bautista is a 20-year old accounting student from Mabini, Batangas. She caught the attention by Big Brother due to her rendition of "Fame" and Baninay' cheerful and colorful personality. She was born as a youngest and the only daughter in her family. Her mother died in her childhood years and she grew up to her step mother and her eldest brothers, while her father passed away last February 2016.[28] She worked in several sideline jobs including working in a fast food chain where she met her boyfriend, a part-time singer in birthday parties and funeral wakes, and a distributor of beauty and slimming products.


Annalie "Ali" Forbes is a 24-year old beauty queen, singer and television host from Santa Maria, Bulacan.[29][30] Forbes was crowned as the 1st runner-up in the Binibining Pilipinas 2012, and the first local titleholder of Miss Grand International in 2013, where she was placed as 3rd runner-up.[31] She was the host of Pinay Beauty Queen Academy, a beauty pageant-inspired reality competition aired on GMA News TV.[32] She is the sister of horse racing TV host Lea Forbes.[33] Her father once managed a trucking business but it went bankrupt and debts went higher. To solve their family's financial problems, she and her mother went on selling roses, rags and barbecue in front of the church. She first participated in Miss Makati 2011, where she was the 1st runner-up.


Enrique Roberto Luis Hontiveros Samonte (born July 7, 1992)[34] is a 24-years old Filipino-Spanish ramp model and actor from Taguig. He is a nephew of incumbent Senator Risa Hontiveros. He went viral after became a vital contributor in his aunt's campaign in the 2016 national elections.[30] Hontiveros won the coveted title of Hotlist 2016, a competition of which he and co-housemate Tanner Mata joined.[35] He joined the showbiz industry as part of the cast of daytime drama series Doble Kara as a photographer.[30] He grew up in a broken family, his dad focused on his first family and he was the only child. He had no communication with his father since his graduation in grade school. Few years ago, Luis discovered in his birth certificate of which he was a second-born child to his mother. He also admires Cora when he entered in the PBB house.


Coraleen "Cora" Waddell is a 26-year old Filipino-American fashion model and video blogger. She grew up with her Filipino mother and American father and studied in Florida for 12 years before she moved to Bulacan (later Makati), 7 years ago. She was forced to quit college and moved to the Philippines to pursue modeling.[36] Her family's financial problems became worse when Cora's mother was involved in a vehicular accident and had to undergo emergency surgeries and had to be hospitalized for a month. The long recovery, and many more surgeries, depleted the family's finances and they were unable to pay the huge medical bills.


Jerome Alacre is a 32-year old Overseas Filipino Worker from San Francisco, California. Born and raised in a slum community in Tondo, Manila, Alacre currently worked as an assistant director of nursing and travelling nurse in a medical facility.[37] At 11, Jerome helped his grandmother in their business in Divisoria selling children's wear. He became a scholar afterwards of the Charity First Foundation and pursued his dream job of being a nurse.


Aura Azarcon is a 24-year old medical intern from Las Piñas.[38] She is a graduate of Medicine in the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. She worked as a medical intern in Ospital ng Maynila and is set to take Physician Board Exam next year and hopes to become a pediatrician.[39] Aura came from a family of medical professionals. Her father and one of her siblings is dentist, while her other sibling is a nurse.[39] While at grade school, she became an honor student, and later in high school, Aura became part of the student council, and accepted her offer to become a scholar since 3rd year high school until her college days in the De La Salle University and med school.


Wil Dasovich is a 25-year old Filipino-American YouTuber and video blogger from Makati.[40] He was born and raised outside of San Francisco, California. His father is half-Croatian and half-Irish while his mother is Filipino. At 16, he was a merchant and was worked in a cargo ship. Before fame, he graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in business. He is also famously known for his eponymous channel Tsong and Tsonggo and his vlogs with fellow YouTuber Janina Vela and as a model for several advertisements such as Jollibee, Pizza Hut, Metrobank and Chevrolet.[41]


Jesi Corcuera is a 25-year old Trans man from Bacoor, Cavite.[42] Before He entered the Pinoy Big Brother house, Corcuera was part of the contestants of GMA-7's reality show StarStruck: The Next Level in 2006 as a woman.[43] He was the on-screen partner of now-Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino during the season.[43] He was born as a female but as he grew up and went into school, Jesi accepted his reality and decided to become a transgender, which his mother initially opposed but later accepted. Jesi underwent surgery in 2013 where he became a trans man.


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