List of Percy Jackson & the Olympians cast members

This list of Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast members is a list of actors who portray characters appearing in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians film series based on the book series by Rick Riordan.


Character Film
The Lightning Thief
Sea of Monsters
Percy Jackson Logan Lerman
Annabeth Chase Alexandra Daddario
Grover Underwood Brandon T. Jackson
Thalia Grace (Mentioned only, Deleted scene) Paloma Kwiatkowski
Luke Castellan Jake Abel
Mr. Brunner / Chiron Kentavros Pierce Brosnan Anthony Head[2]
Tyson   Douglas Smith[3]
Zeus Sean Bean Sean Bean (Deleted scene)
Poseidon Kevin McKidd (Mentioned only)
Hades Steve Coogan (Mentioned only)
Hera Erica Cerra  
Athena Melina Kanakaredes (Mentioned only)
Hermes Dylan Neal Nathan Fillion[4]
Demeter Stefanie von Pfetten  
Apollo Dimitri Lekkos  
Artemis Ona Grauer  
Mr. D / Dionysus Luke Camilleri Stanley Tucci
Ares Ray Winstone (Mentioned only)
Aphrodite Serinda Swan (Mentioned only)
Hephaestus Conrad Coates  
Persephone Rosario Dawson  
Kronos (Mentioned only) Robert Knepper
Clarisse La Rue   Leven Rambin
Chris Rodriguez   Grey Damon
Silena Beauregard   Zoe Aggeliki
Ethan Nakamura   Danny Le Boyer
Medusa Uma Thurman  
Charon Julian Richings  
Mrs. Dodds / Alecto Maria Olsen  
Sally Jackson Catherine Keener (Mentioned only)
Gabe Ugliano Joe Pantoliano  
Young Annabeth Chase   Alisha Newton
Young Grover Underwood   Bjorn Yearwood
Young Thalia Grace Katelyn Mager
Young Luke Castellan   Samuel Braun
Note: A gray cell indicates character did not appear in that medium.


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