List of Naval Officer Designators

This is a list of Naval Officer Designators in the United States Navy.


In the United States Navy officers are assigned to one of four communities, based on their education, training and assignments: Line Officers (divided into Unrestricted Line or URL, Restricted Line or RL, and Restricted Line Special Duty or RL SD), Staff Corps Officers, Limited Duty Officers (LDO), or Warrant Officers (WO/CWO). Each community is further subdivided by primary occupation. Each occupation is identified by a four digit numerical code, called a designator.[1]

The first digit identifies the officer's community.

First Digit Community
1 Line (Unrestricted and Restricted)
2 Staff Medical & JAG
3 Supply Corps
4 Chaplain Corps
5 Civil Engineer Corps
6 Limited Duty
7 Warrant

The second and third digits denotes the officer's area of specialization within the Line, Staff Corps, LDO or Warrant Officer communities.

The final (fourth) digit denotes the officer's current type of commission.

Fourth Digit Commission
0 An officer of the Regular Navy whose permanent grade is Ensign or above
1 An officer of the Regular Navy whose permanent status is Warrant Officer or Chief Warrant Officer (NOTE: Warrant Officer (pay grade W-1) is not currently used in the U.S. Navy; all U.S. Navy Warrant Officers are currently commissioned as Chief Warrant Officer 2 (pay grade W-2))
2 A temporary officer of the Regular Navy whose permanent status is enlisted
3 An officer of the Regular Navy who is on the retired list
4 No longer used
5 An officer of the Navy Reserve who is either on full-time active duty or who is on the Reserve Active Status List (RASL) as a part-time Selected Reservist (SELRES) in a drilling status
(NOTE: Exceptions are designators with a 4th digit of 7, 8 or 9)
7 An officer of the Naval Reserve on active duty in the Full Time Support (FTS) Program, previously known as the Training and Administration of the Reserve (TAR) Program; includes officers of the FTS Program rotated to other than FTS billets
8 An officer of the Naval Reserve who was appointed in the Naval Reserve Integration Program from enlisted status or whose permanent status is Chief Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer or enlisted
9 An officer of the Naval Reserve who is on the retired list

Between Fiscal Year 1992 until Fiscal Year 2005, all officers entering the U.S. Navy were awarded a Reserve commission (commissioned as Ensign, USNR). Legislation was signed that all Reserve Officers on full-time Active Duty, previously designated by a "5" in the last digit of the designator, would be converted over to a Regular Navy commission by the close of Fiscal Year 2006.

Today, there is no distinction between USN and USNR Officers, no matter what the commissioning source. All hold the same ranks, have the same responsibilities and authority, and enjoy the same privileges. As part of the U.S. Navy's Active Reserve Integration (ARI) initiative that "operationalized" the Navy's Reserve Component, the term "U.S. Naval Reserve" was superseded by "U.S. Navy Reserve" and the term USNR was discontinued as a matter of Total Force policy in 2005. All officers in the U.S. Navy now use the term USN with their rank titles.

(1xxx) Line Officers

Fully Warfare Qualified Unrestricted Line (URL) Officers

Unrestricted Line Officers (URL Officers) are commissioned Officers of the Line in the United States Navy who are qualified to Command at Sea the Navy's warfighting combatant units such as warships, submarines, aviation squadrons and SEAL Teams. They are also qualified to command the higher echelons of those units such as destroyer and submarine squadrons, aviation wings and groups, and special warfare groups. At the Flag Officer level, they also command carrier strike groups, expeditionary strike groups, task forces, and Fleet and Force commands. URL officers are also eligible to command shore installations, facilities and activities directly supporting the Navy's warfare mission.[2][3][4]

111x URL Officer qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer.
112x URL Officer qualified as a Submarine Warfare Officer.
113x URL Officer qualified as a Special Warfare Officer (SEAL).
114x URL Officer qualified as a Special Operations Officer by virtue of training in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Diving/Salvage, and EOM functional areas.
130x Previously qualified Naval Aviator or Naval Flight Officer whose operational flight rating has been terminated for medical or performance reasons, or by the individual's personal resignation.
131x URL Officer qualified for duty involving piloting heavier-than-air, or heavier and lighter-than air types of aircraft as a Naval Aviator. Includes Naval Aviator-Astronaut.
132x URL Officer qualified for duty involving flying heavier-than-air, or heavier and lighter-than-air type aircraft as a Naval Flight Officer. Includes Naval Flight Officer-Astronaut.

Non-Warfare Qualified Unrestricted Line (URL) Officers

110x General URL Officer without any warfare qualification (NOTE: the 110X designator is being phased out and superseded by various Restricted Line incumbents).

Training Designators For Unrestricted Line Officers

116x URL Officer in training for Surface Warfare Officer qualification.
117x URL Officer in training for Submarine Warfare Officer qualification.
118x URL Officer in training for Special Warfare qualification.
119x URL Officer in training for Special Operations qualification.
137x URL Officer in training for duty involving flying as a Naval Flight Officer.
139x URL Officer in training for duty involving flying as a Naval Aviator (pilot).

Restricted Line (RL) Officer Designators

RL officers are authorized to command ashore within their particular speciality, but are not eligible for combatant command at sea, which remains strictly within the purview of URL officers.[4]

120x RL Officer - Human Resources Officer.
121x RL Officer - Nuclear Propulsion Training Officer (Nuclear Power School Instructor).
122x RL Officer - Nuclear Engineering Officer (Naval Reactors Engineer).
123x RL Officer - Permanent Military Professor (NOTE: Pay grades O-5 through O-6 only).
144x RL Officer - Engineering Duty Officer who is qualified as a Ship Engineering specialist.
146x RL Officer - Engineering Duty Officer who is in the process of completing the Engineering Duty qualification program.
150x RL Officer - Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer, Engineering or Maintenance (NOTE: Designators 151X and 152X merge into 150X at pay grade O-6).
151x RL Officer - Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer, Engineering (AEDO).
152x RL Officer - Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer, Maintenance (AMDO and AMO).
154x RL Officer - Aviation Duty Officer (ADO Naval Aviator)
171x RL Officer - Foreign Area Officer (FAO).
180x RL Officer - Meteorology/Oceanography Officer.[5]
181x RL Officer - Cryptologic Warfare Officer (NOTE: Formerly designators 161x and 164x (Cryptology); merged and redesignated effective October 2010 under Information Dominance Corps).[5]
182x RL Officer - Information Professional Officer (NOTE: Formerly designator 160x; redesignated effective October 2010 under Information Warfare Officer Community).[5]
183x RL Officer - Intelligence Officer (NOTE: Formerly designator 163x, redesignated effective October 2010 under Information Warfare Officer Community).[5]
184x RL Officer - Cyber Warfare Engineer.[5]
185x Billets which may be filled by any appropriately skilled and experienced Information Warfare Officer
186x RL Officer - IDC Flag Officer

Training Designators For Restricted Line Officers

146x RL Officer - in training for Engineering Duty Officer (EDO) (NOTE: Designator converts to 144x upon completion of qualification requirements).

172x RL Officer - in training for Foreign Area Officer (FAO) (NOTE: Designator converts to 171x upon completion of qualification requirements).

Restricted Line Special Duty (SD) Officers

166x SD Officer - Strategic Sealift Officer (NOTE: Formerly designators 162x, 166x, 167x, and 169x (Merchant Marine)) [6]
165x SD Officer - Public Affairs Officer [7]
170x SD Officer - Fleet Support Officer

(2xxx) Staff Corps Designators

210x Medical Corps Officer
220n Dental Corps Officer
230x Medical Service Corps Officer
250x Judge Advocate General's Corps Officer
270x Senior Health Care Executive Officer (NOTE: Flag Officers, O-7 through O-9, accessed from designators 210X, 220X, 230X and 290X)
290x Nurse Corps Officer
310x Supply Corps Officer
410x Chaplain Corps Officer
510x Civil Engineer Corps (i.e., Seabee) Officer

(6xxx) Limited Duty Officers [8][9]

Limited Duty Line Officers

611X Deck (Surface)
612X Operations (Surface)
613X Engineering/Repair (Surface)
615X Special Warfare
616X Ordnance (Surface)
618X Electronics (Surface)
620X Nuclear Power (General)
621X Deck (Submarine)
623X Engineering/Repair (Submarine)
626X Ordnance (Submarine)
628X Electronics (Submarine)
629X Communications (Submarine)
631X Deck (Aviation)
632X Operations (Aviation)
633X Maintenance (Aviation)
636X Ordnance (Aviation)
639X Air Traffic Control
641X Administration (General)
643X Bandmaster (General)
647X Photography (General)
648X Explosive Ordnance Disposal (General)
649X Security (General)

Limited Duty Staff Corps Officers

651X Supply Corps
653X Civil Engineer Corps
655X Law

Limited Duty Information Dominance Corps Officers

680x Meteorology/Oceanography
681X Information Warfare
682X Information Professional
683X Intelligence

(7xxx) Warrant Officers[8][10]

Line Chief Warrant Officers

711X Boatswain (Surface)
712X Operations Technician (Surface)
713X Engineering Technician (Surface)
715X Special Warfare Technician
716X Ordinance Technician (Surface)
717X Special Warfare Combatant Craft Technician
718X Electronics Technician (Surface)
720X Diving Officer
721X Boatswain (Submarine)
723X Engineering Technician (Submarine)
726X Ordnance Technician (Submarine)
728X Electronics Technician (Submarine)
731X Boatswain (Aviation)
732X Operations Technician (Aviation)
733X Maintenance Technician (Aviation)
736X Ordnance Technician (Aviation)
740X Nuclear Power Technician (General)
741X Ship's Clerk (General)
748X Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (General)
749X Security Technician (General)

Staff Corps Chief Warrant Officers

|752X Food Service |- |}

Information Dominance Corps Chief Warrant Officers

781X Information Warfare Technician
782X Information Systems Technician
783X Intelligence Technician
784X Cyber Warrant

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