List of National Historic Landmarks in Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia, capital of the United States, is home to 74 National Historic Landmarks. The National Historic Landmark program is operated under the auspices of the National Park Service, and recognizes structures, districts, objects, and similar resources according to a list of criteria of national significance.[1] The city's landmarks reflect its status as the national capital, including grand government buildings, homes of politicians, military facilities, and museums. The list also includes sites relating to support for the disabled, the Civil Rights Movement, pioneering urban infrastructure, and other historic themes.

Current NHLs

[2] Landmark name Image Date designated[3] Location Description
1 Cleveland Abbe House
Cleveland Abbe House
May 15, 1975
38°54′05″N 77°02′46″W / 38.901444°N 77.046167°W / 38.901444; -77.046167 (Cleveland Abbe House)
Cleveland Abbe, a prominent meteorologist who became known as the father of the National Weather Service, lived in this house from 1877 to 1909. Previous occupants in the early decades of the 19th century included James Monroe and the British legation. Built ca. 1802 to 1805, this is a fine example of the Federal style of residential architecture.
2 Administration Building, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Administration Building, Carnegie Institution of Washington
June 23, 1965
38°54′39″N 77°02′07″W / 38.910838°N 77.035167°W / 38.910838; -77.035167 (Administration Building, Carnegie Institution of Washington)
3 American Federation of Labor Building
American Federation of Labor Building
May 30, 1974
38°54′12″N 77°01′28″W / 38.903333°N 77.024444°W / 38.903333; -77.024444 (American Federation of Labor Building)
4 American Peace Society
American Peace Society
May 30, 1974
38°53′58″N 77°02′19″W / 38.8994°N 77.0386°W / 38.8994; -77.0386 (American Peace Society)
Headquarters of the American Peace Society from 1911 to 1948, in LaFayette Square Historic District.
5 Anderson House
Exterior photograph of the Anderson House.
June 19, 1996
38°54′39″N 77°02′53″W / 38.91075°N 77.047944°W / 38.91075; -77.047944 (Anderson House)
6 Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, Frederick Douglas Memorial Hall, Founders Library, Howard University
Photograph of Founders Library at Howard University against a clear, sunny sky.
January 3, 2001
38°55′23″N 77°01′15″W / 38.9231°N 77.0207°W / 38.9231; -77.0207 (Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, Frederick Douglas Memorial Hall, Founders Library, Howard University)
Three Howard University buildings: Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, Frederick Douglass Memorial Hall, and Founders Library.
7 Arts and Industries Building, Smithsonian Institution
Photograph of an entrance to the Smithsonian Institution's Arts and Industries Building.
November 11, 1971
38°53′13″N 77°01′29″W / 38.886944°N 77.024722°W / 38.886944; -77.024722 (Arts and Industries Building, Smithsonian Institution)
8 Ashburton House
Ashburton House
November 7, 1973
38°54′01″N 77°02′09″W / 38.900278°N 77.035833°W / 38.900278; -77.035833 (Ashburton House)
House on Lafayette Square that was site of 10 months of U.S.-British negotiations leading to the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842. This settled U.S.-Canada border disputes and ended the Aroostook War.
9 Newton D. Baker House
Newton D. Baker House
December 8, 1976
38°54′25″N 77°03′37″W / 38.906944°N 77.060278°W / 38.906944; -77.060278 (Newton D. Baker House)
10 Blair House
Photograph of Blair House on a sunny autumn day.
October 26, 1973
38°53′56″N 77°02′19″W / 38.898889°N 77.038611°W / 38.898889; -77.038611 (Blair House)
11 William E. Borah Apartment, Windsor Lodge
William E. Borah Apartment, Windsor Lodge
December 8, 1976
38°55′03″N 77°02′57″W / 38.9175°N 77.049167°W / 38.9175; -77.049167 (William E. Borah Apartment, Windsor Lodge)
The home of William E. Borah, a United States Senator from Idaho and a noted isolationist.
12 Blanche K. Bruce House
Blanche K. Bruce House
May 15, 1975
38°54′21″N 77°01′29″W / 38.905833°N 77.024722°W / 38.905833; -77.024722 (Blanche K. Bruce House)
A home of Blanche K. Bruce, who was an African American Senator from Mississippi.
13 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
May 30, 1974
38°53′56″N 77°02′19″W / 38.898889°N 77.038611°W / 38.898889; -77.038611 (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
14 Mary Ann Shadd Cary House
Mary Ann Shadd Cary House
December 8, 1976
38°55′10″N 77°02′08″W / 38.919444°N 77.035556°W / 38.919444; -77.035556 (Mary Ann Shadd Cary House)
A home of writer and abolitionist Mary Ann Shadd Cary.
15 City Hall / D.C. Courthouse
City Hall / D.C. Courthouse
December 19, 1960
38°53′43″N 77°01′04″W / 38.895278°N 77.017778°W / 38.895278; -77.017778 (City Hall / D.C. Courthouse)
Also known as the Old Courthouse, it was renovated and rededicated on June 17, 2009 as the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.
16 Congressional Cemetery
Congressional Cemetery
June 14, 2011
38°52′52″N 76°58′38″W / 38.881111°N 76.977222°W / 38.881111; -76.977222 (Congressional Cemetery)
Burial place of early city residents and many members of Congress who died in office.
17 Constitution Hall
Constitution Hall
September 16, 1985
38°53′38″N 77°02′24″W / 38.894°N 77.04°W / 38.894; -77.04 (Constitution Hall)
18 Corcoran Gallery and Corcoran School Of Art
Corcoran Gallery and Corcoran School Of Art
April 27, 1992
38°53′45″N 77°02′24″W / 38.89578°N 77.039899°W / 38.89578; -77.039899 (Corcoran Gallery and Corcoran School Of Art)
19 Elliott Coues House
Elliott Coues House
May 15, 1975
38°54′25″N 77°02′24″W / 38.906944°N 77.04°W / 38.906944; -77.04 (Elliott Coues House)
Elliott Coues, a leading 19th century ornithologist, led great expansions of the knowledge of North American bird life, helped found the American Ornithologists' Union in 1883, edited approximately 15 volumes of journals, memoirs, and diaries by famous Western explorers and fur traders. He lived in this house from 1887 until his death in 1899.
20 Decatur House
Decatur House
December 19, 1960
38°53′59″N 77°02′20″W / 38.899706°N 77.038897°W / 38.899706; -77.038897 (Decatur House)
Federal Style house designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe for naval hero Stephen Decatur across Lafayette Square from the White House. During 1827-1833 was home to successive Secretaries of State Henry Clay, Martin Van Buren, and Judah P. Benjamin.
21 Franklin School
Franklin School
June 19, 1996
38°54′08″N 77°01′47″W / 38.902222°N 77.029722°W / 38.902222; -77.029722 (Franklin School)
A nineteenth-century school, site of Alexander Graham Bell's experiments with the photophone.
22 Gallaudet College Historic District
Chapel Hall.
December 21, 1965
38°54′26″N 76°59′35″W / 38.907222°N 76.993056°W / 38.907222; -76.993056 (Gallaudet College Historic District)
The world's first college for the education of the deaf and hard of hearing.
23 General Federation of Women's Clubs Headquarters
General Federation of Women's Clubs Headquarters
December 4, 1991
38°54′25″N 77°02′25″W / 38.906944°N 77.040278°W / 38.906944; -77.040278 (General Federation of Women's Clubs Headquarters)
24 General Post Office
General Post Office
November 11, 1971
38°53′48″N 77°01′22″W / 38.896667°N 77.022778°W / 38.896667; -77.022778 (General Post Office)
This post office is a fine example of restrained Neoclassical design. Built in phases between 1839 and 1866, the building features beautiful scaling and fine details.
25 Georgetown Historic District
Photograph of the M Street and Wisconsin Avenue intersection in Georgetown.
May 28, 1967
38°54′34″N 77°03′54″W / 38.909444°N 77.065°W / 38.909444; -77.065 (Georgetown Historic District)
26 Samuel Gompers House
Samuel Gompers House
May 30, 1974
38°55′02″N 77°00′46″W / 38.917222°N 77.012778°W / 38.917222; -77.012778 (Samuel Gompers House)
Samuel Gompers was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1886 until his death in 1924. Gompers helped found the AFL, and vigorously pursued its three goals of higher wages, shorter hours, and better working conditions for American workers. He lived in this three-story brick rowhouse from 1902 to 1917.
27 Charlotte Forten Grimke House
Charlotte Forten Grimke House
May 11, 1976
38°54′45″N 77°02′13″W / 38.9125°N 77.036944°W / 38.9125; -77.036944 (Charlotte Forten Grimke House)
A home of Charlotte Forten Grimke, a prominent Abolitionist and educator.
28 Healy Hall, Georgetown University
Photograph of Healy Hall during a sunset, its central tower rising against a pink sky.
December 23, 1987
38°54′26″N 77°04′23″W / 38.907242°N 77.072981°W / 38.907242; -77.072981 (Healy Hall, Georgetown University)
This large-scale High Victorian Gothic structure is the most prominent building on the Georgetown University campus and a picturesque landmark for all Georgetown. Built from 1877 through 1879, its construction marked the evolution of the school toward true university status.
29 General Oliver Otis Howard House
General Oliver Otis Howard House
May 30, 1974
38°55′23″N 77°01′20″W / 38.923056°N 77.022222°W / 38.923056; -77.022222 (General Oliver Otis Howard House)
Located on Howard University campus, a home of Union general and Howard founder Oliver O. Howard.
30 Charles Evans Hughes House
Charles Evans Hughes House
November 28, 1972
38°54′45″N 77°02′58″W / 38.9125°N 77.049444°W / 38.9125; -77.049444 (Charles Evans Hughes House)
Charles Evans Hughes was a leader in the progressive movement, and 1916 presidential candidate. He held office as Associate Justice and Chief Justice of the United States, as well as multiple executive positions under several Presidents. He lived in this house from 1930 until his death in 1948.
31 Hiram W. Johnson House
Hiram W. Johnson House
December 8, 1976
38°53′29″N 77°00′18″W / 38.891389°N 77.005°W / 38.891389; -77.005 (Hiram W. Johnson House)
32 Lafayette Building
Lafayette Building
September 1, 2005
38°54′07″N 77°02′05″W / 38.901988°N 77.034588°W / 38.901988; -77.034588 (Lafayette Building)
Home of Reconstruction Finance Corporation which helped finance the buildup for World War II.
33 Lafayette Square Historic District
Lafayette Square Historic District
August 29, 1970
38°53′59″N 77°02′12″W / 38.899694°N 77.036528°W / 38.899694; -77.036528 (Lafayette Square Historic District)
District including LaFayette Square Park, surrounding but excluding the White House.
34 Library Of Congress
Photograph of the elaborately detailed Great Hall of the Library of Congress, with grand stairways and a finely worked ceiling.
December 21, 1965
38°53′20″N 77°00′16″W / 38.888841°N 77.004531°W / 38.888841; -77.004531 (Library Of Congress)
35 Andrew Mellon Building
Andrew Mellon Building
May 11, 1976
38°54′33″N 77°02′30″W / 38.909167°N 77.041667°W / 38.909167; -77.041667 (Andrew Mellon Building)
A residence of Andrew W. Mellon.
36 Memorial Continental Hall
Memorial Continental Hall
November 28, 1972
38°53′37″N 77°02′25″W / 38.893611°N 77.040278°W / 38.893611; -77.040278 (Memorial Continental Hall)
37 Meridian Hill Park
Photograph of the Italian-renaissance stairstep fountain at Meridian Hill Park, bordered by vegetation.
April 19, 1994
38°55′16″N 77°02′08″W / 38.921236°N 77.035611°W / 38.921236; -77.035611 (Meridian Hill Park)
38 National Training School For Women And Girls
National Training School For Women And Girls
July 17, 1991
38°53′46″N 76°55′48″W / 38.896092°N 76.930031°W / 38.896092; -76.930031 (National Training School For Women And Girls)
39 National War College
Photograph of the National War College at Fort Lesley J. McNair.
November 28, 1972
38°51′48″N 77°01′01″W / 38.863333°N 77.016944°W / 38.863333; -77.016944 (National War College)
40 Octagon House
Photograph of the Octagon House on a sunny winter day, with more modern buildings behind.
December 19, 1960
38°53′46″N 77°02′30″W / 38.896089°N 77.041675°W / 38.896089; -77.041675 (Octagon House)
Plantation owner's home lent to President Madison after the Burning of Washington in 1814.
41 Old Naval Observatory
Photograph from
January 12, 1965
38°53′42″N 77°03′07″W / 38.895°N 77.051944°W / 38.895; -77.051944 (Old Naval Observatory)
The original US Naval Observatory, current home of the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery; closed to the public.
42 Old Patent Office
Old Patent Office Building (Donald W. Reynolds Center)
January 12, 1965
38°53′52″N 77°01′23″W / 38.89778°N 77.022936°W / 38.89778; -77.022936 (Old Patent Office)
Current home of the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
43 Pension Building
Pension Building (National Building Museum)
February 4, 1985
38°53′51″N 77°01′05″W / 38.8975°N 77.018056°W / 38.8975; -77.018056 (Pension Building)
44 Frances Perkins House
Frances Perkins House
July 17, 1992
38°54′55″N 77°03′07″W / 38.915278°N 77.051944°W / 38.915278; -77.051944 (Frances Perkins House)
A home of Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor and the first woman to serve in the United States Cabinet.
The remains of the Philadelphia gunboat on display
January 20, 1961
38°53′28″N 77°01′46″W / 38.891222°N 77.029472°W / 38.891222; -77.029472 (PHILADELPHIA (Gundelo))
Philadelphia, the only remaining American gunboat from the Revolutionary War, sank in a battle on Lake Champlain in 1776. It was salvaged in remarkably good condition in 1935 and now resides at the National Museum of American History.
46 Red Cross (American National) Headquarters
Exterior photograph of the American Red Cross Headquarters, a large, white, columned structure with red crosses on the portico peak and above the main door.
June 23, 1965
38°53′41″N 77°02′26″W / 38.894722°N 77.040556°W / 38.894722; -77.040556 (Red Cross (American National) Headquarters)
47 Renwick Gallery
Photograph of the Renwick Gallery, an old brick building with colorful contemporary banners flanking the main entry and announcing "American Craft".
November 11, 1971
38°53′56″N 77°02′22″W / 38.898867°N 77.039447°W / 38.898867; -77.039447 (Renwick Gallery)
48 Zalmon Richards House
Zalmon Richards House
December 21, 1965
38°54′42″N 77°01′49″W / 38.911667°N 77.030278°W / 38.911667; -77.030278 (Zalmon Richards House)
A home of National Education Association founder Zalmon Richards.
49 St. Elizabeth's Hospital
Photograph of the grand main building at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, with pillars and cupola, across a grassy lawn.
December 14, 1990
38°50′57″N 76°59′23″W / 38.8492°N 76.9896°W / 38.8492; -76.9896 (St. Elizabeth's Hospital)
50 St. John's Church
St. John's Church
December 19, 1960
38°54′01″N 77°02′07″W / 38.900278°N 77.035278°W / 38.900278; -77.035278 (St. John's Church)
51 St. Luke's Episcopal Church
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
May 11, 1976
38°54′37″N 77°02′05″W / 38.910278°N 77.034722°W / 38.910278; -77.034722 (St. Luke's Episcopal Church)
The first African-American Episcopal church in Washington, DC.
52 SEQUOIA (Yacht)
Photograph of the USS Sequoia under way.
December 23, 1987
38°52′32″N 77°01′20″W / 38.875667°N 77.022361°W / 38.875667; -77.022361 (SEQUOIA (Yacht))
The former Presidential yacht, moored at the Washington Marina.
53 Sewall-Belmont House
Sewall-Belmont House
May 30, 1974
38°53′31″N 77°00′13″W / 38.891944°N 77.003611°W / 38.891944; -77.003611 (Sewall-Belmont House)
Headquarters of the National Women's Party and home to a museum of the Suffrage movement.
54 Smithsonian Institution Building
Smithsonian Institution Building
January 12, 1965
38°53′19″N 77°01′35″W / 38.888589°N 77.026392°W / 38.888589; -77.026392 (Smithsonian Institution Building)
55 John Philip Sousa Junior High School
John Philip Sousa Junior High School
August 7, 2001
38°53′01″N 76°57′09″W / 38.8837°N 76.9524°W / 38.8837; -76.9524 (John Philip Sousa Junior High School)
In 1950, eleven black students were denied admission to the newly constructed all-white Sousa school. This action was eventually overturned in the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision in Bolling v. Sharpe, which made segregated public schools illegal in the District of Columbia. This defeat of the principle of "separate but equal" was a significant landmark in the modern Civil Rights Movement.
56 State, War, And Navy Building
State, War, And Navy Building
November 11, 1971
38°53′51″N 77°02′21″W / 38.897567°N 77.039147°W / 38.897567; -77.039147 (State, War, And Navy Building)
57 Supreme Court Building
Supreme Court Building
May 4, 1987
38°53′27″N 77°00′16″W / 38.890833°N 77.004444°W / 38.890833; -77.004444 (Supreme Court Building)
58 Mary Church Terrell House
July 2012, awaiting restoration
May 15, 1975
38°54′56″N 77°01′00″W / 38.915556°N 77.016667°W / 38.915556; -77.016667 (Mary Church Terrell House)
A home of Mary Church Terrell, abolitionist and first African-American woman to serve on a school board.
59 Tudor Place
Tudor Place
December 19, 1960
38°54′39″N 77°03′48″W / 38.910808°N 77.063339°W / 38.910808; -77.063339 (Tudor Place)
A home, designed by Capitol designer Dr. William Thornton, and containing a collection of artifacts of George Washington and Martha Washington.
60 Twelfth Street YMCA Building
Twelfth Street YMCA Building
October 12, 1994
38°54′53″N 77°02′25″W / 38.914722°N 77.040278°W / 38.914722; -77.040278 (Twelfth Street YMCA Building)
NHRP 83003523. The earliest "Y" built by and expressly for African Americans.
61 Oscar W. Underwood House
Oscar W. Underwood House
December 8, 1976
38°53′53″N 77°02′43″W / 38.898056°N 77.045278°W / 38.898056; -77.045278 (Oscar W. Underwood House)
A home of Oscar W. Underwood, United States Senator from Alabama.
62 United Mine Workers of America Building
United Mine Workers of America Building
April 5, 2005
38°54′08″N 77°02′13″W / 38.902222°N 77.036944°W / 38.902222; -77.036944 (United Mine Workers of America Building)
63 United States Capitol
United States Capitol
December 19, 1960
NW, NE, SE, SW [4]
38°53′23″N 77°00′32″W / 38.889722°N 77.008889°W / 38.889722; -77.008889 (United States Capitol)
64 United States Department of the Treasury
United States Department of the Treasury
November 11, 1971
38°53′51″N 77°02′03″W / 38.8975°N 77.0343°W / 38.8975; -77.0343 (United States Department of the Treasury)
65 United States Marine Corps Barrack and Commandant's House
Photograph of the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant's House across the Barracks' parade ground.
May 11, 1976
38°52′49″N 76°59′38″W / 38.88039°N 76.99386°W / 38.88039; -76.99386 (United States Marine Corps Barrack and Commandant's House)
66 United States Soldier's Home
Photograph of the Lincoln Cottage at the United States Soldier's Home.
November 7, 1973
38°56′30″N 77°00′42″W / 38.941667°N 77.011667°W / 38.941667; -77.011667 (United States Soldier's Home)
67 Volta Bureau
Volta Bureau
November 28, 1972
38°54′34″N 77°04′09″W / 38.909444°N 77.069167°W / 38.909444; -77.069167 (Volta Bureau)
Founded in 1887 by Alexander Graham Bell "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge relating to the Deaf"; merged with the American Association for the Promotion and Teaching of Speech to the Deaf in 1908, and operates today as the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
68 Washington Aqueduct
Washington Aqueduct
November 7, 1973
38°56′15″N 77°06′51″W / 38.9375°N 77.114167°W / 38.9375; -77.114167 (Washington Aqueduct)
Extends into Montgomery County, Maryland.
69 Washington Navy Yard
Aerial photograph of the Washington Navy Yard with a destroyer at dock, the Anacostia River in the foreground and Capitol Hill in the background.
May 11, 1976
38°52′24″N 76°59′49″W / 38.873333°N 76.996944°W / 38.873333; -76.996944 (Washington Navy Yard)
70 White House
White House
December 19, 1960
38°53′52″N 77°02′12″W / 38.89767°N 77.03655°W / 38.89767; -77.03655 (White House)
Residence of the President of the United States.
71 David White House
David White House
January 7, 1976
38°55′32″N 77°02′04″W / 38.925556°N 77.034444°W / 38.925556; -77.034444 (David White House)
Geologist David White of the United States Geological Survey lived in this house from 1910 to 1925. His researches into the distribution of petroleum resources became essential to the oil industry.
72 Woodrow Wilson House
Woodrow Wilson House
July 19, 1964
38°54′51″N 77°03′05″W / 38.9141°N 77.05141°W / 38.9141; -77.05141 (Woodrow Wilson House)
A home of Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States.
73 Carter G. Woodson House
Carter Woodson House.
May 11, 1976
38°54′36″N 77°01′27″W / 38.91°N 77.024167°W / 38.91; -77.024167 (Carter G. Woodson House)
A home of Carter G. Woodson, the "Father of Black History".
74 Robert Simpson Woodward House
Robert Simpson Woodward House
January 7, 1976
38°54′32″N 77°02′11″W / 38.908889°N 77.036389°W / 38.908889; -77.036389 (Robert Simpson Woodward House)
From 1904 to 1914, this was the home of Robert Simpson Woodward, the first President of the Carnegie Institution during the same period. Woodward had made his name as a leading geologist and mathematician.

Moved NHLs

There are no delisted NHLs in Washington, D.C. Ships that are designated NHLs have previously been located in Washington, but have been moved elsewhere, and the Army Medical Museum and Library collection has been relocated to Maryland.

Landmark name Image Date designated Date moved Quadrant Description
1 Army Medical Museum and Library January 12, 1965 1988 NW 38°58′37″N 77°01′57″W / 38.976842°N 77.032453°W / 38.976842; -77.032453 (Army Medical Museum and Library) The listed building was demolished in 1969; the museum collection and library are now part of the National Museum of Health and Medicine, and are based in Silver Spring, Maryland. The landmark designation is under evaluation.

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