List of Mr. Meaty episodes

This is the list of Mr. Meaty episodes, which aired on CBC Television and Nickelodeon / Nicktoons.

Shorts (2005)

Mr. Meaty originally began as a series of 3-minute shorts aired on the Canadian TV show The Void and occasionally between shows on Nickelodeon. A total of 13 shorts were made.

The shorts are no longer aired on TV, but some can still be seen on TurboNick at

  1. Gone With the Wind (currently available as a Nickelodeon Podcast)
  2. McBoa
  3. The Meatrix
  4. The Original Sin (reused and expanded for the independent series)
  5. Model Employee 2.6 (reused and expanded for the independent series)
  6. Revenge of the Vegan (currently available as a Nickelodeon Podcast)
  7. Crispy Hand
  8. Mind Power
  9. Fry-a-tron
  10. 20 Green Aliens (currently available as a Nickelodeon Podcast with the title "Little Green Men")
  11. The Black Tar (currently available as a Nickelodeon Podcast)
  12. Chicken Country (currently available as a Nickelodeon Podcast)
  13. Beef-bop-a-lula


Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 12 December 30, 2005 March 17, 2007
2 8 October 4, 2008 May 23, 2009

Season 1 (2005–07)

The first season consisted of 12 episodes. All of the episodes from this season (except for the pilot and episode 7) contain two segments. In the original broadcasts, it was decided not to present the first 6 episodes in the same format and order that they were produced. The 12 short stories from these episodes were mixed and put in a new order. But in the reruns, the episodes have been aired the way they were originally made.

No. Title(s) Original airdate
Pilot"In Parker's Sight"December 30, 2005 (2005-12-30)
When Josh and Parker get locked in a freezer, Josh reflects on good times while Parker eats everything in sight.
1"Buffalo Burrito / Parkerina"September 22, 2006 (2006-09-22)

Buffalo Burrito - Parker has very bad body odor, but Josh won't tell him for fear of his reaction. Meanwhile, Mr. Meaty is getting ready to introduce their new Buffalo Burrito, and Wink hires two actors to be Bucky Buffalo for the big intro, but they are zapped by the Mr. Meaty Security Bot, who is lurking around the mall. Parker volunteers Josh and himself to be the buffalo, and Josh is forced to get inside the buffalo costume with a very smelly Parker.

Parkerina - Mr. Meaty's latest product, the Ms. Meaty burger, is out, and Josh and Parker try to sell it to girls for their phone numbers. But none accept. Parker, however, has eaten 12 and glugged down the special Girly Sauce, which painfully turns him into a girl. Josh sees this as a way to find out why none of the girls are into him. Josh tells the girls that Parker's name is Parkerina, and she is his cousin from the country and has come to get a big city makeover. Josh leaves her in their hands, and they become friends, causing Parkerina to become more feminine. After talking with the girls, Parkerina becomes angry with Josh and rallies the girls to give him a piece of their mind, but at that very moment Parker turns normal again. The girls become even angrier and shove Josh into Ms. Meaty burgers, causing him to turn into Jocelyn while Parker hides in the freezer. (Written and directed by Jamie Shannon.)
2"Schnozzola / Wedgelor"September 29, 2006 (2006-09-29)

Schnozzola - Josh and Parker try to help Ashley Steinberg get a zit off of her nose with a special concoction, "Nuke 10", but it burns off her nose and they attempt to glue it back on with "Nose Balm 20". Soon they replace her nose with a sausage after her original nose falls into the deep fryer. Everyone likes the new craze for noses made of Meat.

Wedgelor - Josh is upset that the mall girls don't like him because he's skinny. Three 8-year-old hip hop gangster brats called the Tater Tots harass him, call him "Skinny Butt," and give him a wedgie. So Josh and Parker go to the store to get protein powder, despite Parker telling Josh to listen to Master Kindu, and encounter a jar on the bargain rack that contains the demon Wedgelor. The demon gives Josh a big beefy body, but he doesn't make his head big to match his body. After that, Wedgelor goes on a wedgie rampage in the mall.
3"The Fries That Bind / Moochmaster P."October 6, 2006 (2006-10-06)

The Fries That Bind - After Parker gets caught in a meat explosion caused by Josh, he storms out of Mr. Meaty. Not only did Josh refuse to apologize, he called him "Porker". But when Parker accepts a new job at the "Soy What" counter across the food court, Josh finds that he can’t cope without his friend and heads across the court to apologize. Instead, he discovers Parker about to be sacrificed, and eaten by a vicious soy cult. The two friends overcome their differences and battle their way free, armed with such delicious product.

Moochmaster P. - Parker is hungry and he tries to get Josh to give him one bite of his sandwich. Josh gives in and Parker eats almost the whole thing. Josh calls him a moocher. Parker then goes around the mall and takes one bite of everyone's food. Then he comes back and eats a raw burger and a tapeworm soon grows in Parker's stomach and eats the food Parker mooches before Parker can.
4"Hamish / Tater Turf"October 13, 2006 (2006-10-13)

Hamish - After Josh abandons Parker for a girl at the premiere of Star Raiders IV, Parker looks for a new best friend. He ends up making one out of ham and other meat from Mr. Meaty and names him Hamish. He and his new friend go to the movie theater to harass Josh and his date. (Written and directed by Jason Hopley.)

Tater Turf - The Tater Tots challenge Josh to a dance-off, and Josh wins. But when another challenge comes, Josh reveals that he only has one move.
5"Nosferateens / I Love Lizzy"October 27, 2006 (2006-10-27)

Nosferateens - Josh and Parker discover a vampire hiding in the freezer and decide that becoming undead is the perfect plan to get away from all the boring rules they endure every day working for Mr. Meaty. But they quickly find out that being vampires is not as cool as they thought. (Written and directed by Jamie Shannon.)

I Love Lizzy - When Lizzy, a new employee, arrives at Mr. Meaty, Parker quickly falls for her. She’s a messy eater, she likes Star Raiders, and her burps smell like his favorite burger combo. Only problem is, Josh thinks she’s pretty hot too. The two boys get into a game of one-upmanship, trying to impress Lizzy – a game that Parker wins. But when Josh discovers that Lizzy’s really a lizard-faced alien, He tries to tell Parker, but Parker doesn't believe him. (Written and directed by Jason Hopley.)

Note When Lizzy puts Parker in a snot like web, she says, "Relax sweetie. Once I put my eggs in, everything will be fine... until they hatch and burst out of your chest." This means that she is the alien and is probably a facehugger, and her eggs are a chestburster pack. This is a parody of Alien (film).
6"Parker's Date / The Tell-Tale Burger"November 4, 2006 (2006-11-04)

Parker's Date - When Josh talks Parker into going on a double-date with him, he has to change his buddy from zero to hero. Despite all the training, he still is a zero; and the date is disastrous. Until Parker finds a girl who talks a little Kalingi herself.

The Tell-Tale Burger - When Parker suddenly runs off to the bathroom, and Josh has to cook fries and causes an overflow of oil, He blames Parker for it. After his guilt takes him over, Josh confesses to Mr. Carney, and as soon gets all tied up as punishment.
7"Model Employee"November 18, 2006 (2006-11-18)
Meatycorp has come up with a new robot, named Chip 2.6, who is assigned to work at the Mr. Meaty at Scaunchboro Mall. Josh takes a liking to Chip, but Parker believes it is out to take their jobs. (Written by Jamie Shannon, Jason Hopley, Simon Racioppa, and Richard Elliott; directed by Jason Hopley.)
8"Unihorn / Josh-Off"November 25, 2006 (2006-11-25)

Unihorn - Parker finds a magic crystal and receives a unicorn horn with the power to heal. Josh gets jealous and summons the unicorn with the same crystal, only to become an ugly-looking horse himself!

Josh-Off - Josh tells Parker to stop such being a dork and act like him, so Parker does --literally. Now, they have a face-off, hosted by Doug to see who is the real Josh.
9"Roast Beef Barb / My Eddie"December 2, 2006 (2006-12-02)

Roast Beef Barb - Parker makes Josh a meat girlfriend. Everyone at the mall makes fun of her and Josh defendes her. Then Barb leaves Josh for a prime rib. (Written and directed by Jason Hopley.)

My Eddie - Parker orders a Baby Yeti that he saw on a commercial on Asian TV, and names him "Eddie." That night, when Eddie eats everything stored in the freezer and grows into a giant yeti the next morning as a result, Josh and Parker have to think of a way to convince the management to provide them with more meat. But when Wink comes by to drop off the new products, what will Parker do with Eddie? Even worse, Mr. Carney and Wink find Eddie, and decide that they can do something about Eddie and Parker: Have an Abominable BBQ! (Written and directed by Jamie Shannon.)
10"Doug of the Dead / Suburb of the Apes"December 9, 2006 (2006-12-09)

Doug of the Dead - A strange new device is brought to Mr. Meaty, called the SALIVATOR-X8, guaranteed to increase meat sales by 200%. When activated, it turns the patrons of the mall into meat-feasting zombies. Doug saves Josh and Parker from the zombies and destroys the machine.

Suburb of the Apes - After Ken and Darryl steal the first Game Craze, that rightfully belonged to them, Josh and Parker build a time machine to go 2 months into the future. They find Scaunchboro Mall to be invaded by baboons. It turns out that the machine sent them into the year 2676, where baboons rule the earth.
11"Original Sin / Ninjam"March 10, 2007 (2007-03-10)

Original Sin - In this flashback episode, Wink tells the story of how he first hired Josh and Parker and how they thawed out Mr. Carney and how Wink received an implant on his neck.

Ninjam - Josh and Parker ask Ping, the owner of Chop Schtick, to teach them on how to be ninjas, so they can plot revenge on Ken and Darryl.
12"Dinkleman / Incredible Jerk"March 17, 2007 (2007-03-17)

Dinkleman - Parker gains superpowers as a bonus from Mr. Carney, but when he sees that Josh is annoyed, he finds a way to make Josh feel more important. (Written by Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa; directed by Jason Hopley.)

Incredible Jerk - Years of being insulted finally takes a toll on Parker, who turns into a rampaging beast and insults everyone. (Written and directed by Jason Hopley.)

Season 2 (2008–09)

After a hiatus of one season, Mr. Meaty returned for a short second season, which consisted of 6 episodes. They were aired on Nicktoons Network, rather than on Nickelodeon. Because of the parental backlash against the show, an effort is now made to make the program more educational for kids. Stories in Season 2 tend to be tamer than in Season 1, focusing more on issues of growing up and responsibility. The sci-fi / horror element and gross-out humor is toned down. Many of the stories are more domestic and set outside the Mr. Meaty workplace. As a result, the show loses some of its uniqueness.

No. Title(s) Original air date
13"Parker's First Kiss/Kid's Party"December 6, 2008 (2008-12-06)

Parker's First Kiss - Parker gets a girlfriend, but is very nervous about kissing her. He turns to Josh for guidance. (Story by Jason Hopley, Jamie Shannon, Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa; written and directed by Jason Hopley.)

Kid's Party - Britney asks Josh to throw a Mr. Meaty birthday party for her little brother. When Josh and Parker feed the boy a piece of very sugary cake, he goes hyper and runs crazy through the mall. (Story by Jason Hopley, Jamie Shannon, Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott; written by Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott; directed by Jason Hopley.)
14"Embarrassed To Death/Puppet of Pop"December 13, 2008 (2008-12-13)

Embarrassed To Death - A video leaked into the internet causes Parker to literally die of embarrassment, but it's not his time to go yet.

Puppet of Pop - Mr. Carney books teen pop star, Jesse Lumberpond to hold a concert at the mall, and Josh and Parker scheme to be in his band, until he is knocked unconscious by Parker.
15"Nightmare on Josh Street/Lord of the Geeks"December 20, 2008 (2008-12-20)

Nightmare on Josh Street - Josh throws a party while his family is out of the house, but worried about being cool, he will not allow Parker to come. Parker shows up anyway. (Story by Jason Hopley, Jamie Shannon, Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa; written and directed by Jason Hopley.)

Lord of the Geeks - The cool kids and the geeks must work together to defeat an evil ork. (Story by Jason Hopley, Jamie Shannon, Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa; written and directed by Jamie Shannon.)
16"Geezers/Insecurity Guard"December 27, 2008 (2008-12-27)

Geezers - Josh and Parker keep putting off the making of their Ninja Zombies movie, so their future selves, from 80 years later, who still haven't made the movie, come back and try to convince them to quit procrastinating. (Story by Jamie Shannon, Jason Hopley, Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa; written by Jamie Shannon; directed by Jamie Shannon.)

Insecurity Guard - After Doug the security guard is injured, Parker decides to take his place. When the position goes to Parker's head, Josh organizes a resistance movement against him. (Story by Jamie Shannon, Jason Hopley, Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott; written by Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott; directed by Jamie Shannon.)
17"Mama's Boy/Puberty Fairy"January 3, 2009 (2009-01-03)

Mama's Boy - Parker is sick of his mom babying him, so he moves out of the house. (Story by Jason Hopley, Jamie Shannon, Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa; written and directed by Jason Hopley.)

Puberty Fairy - Parker is visited by the Puberty Fairy but struggles to hang onto his childhood. (Story by Jason Hopley, Jamie Shannon, Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa; written by Jason Hopley and Jamie Shannon; directed by Jamie Shannon.)
18"Flinga Flonga/Backseat Driver"January 10, 2009 (2009-01-10)

Flinga Flonga - Josh and Parker find out that their childhood bully has returned to Scaunchboro, and they plot to get revenge on him. But Josh realizes that Brent has changed and tries to get Parker to call off their "intergalactic revenge." (Story by Jamie Shannon, Jason Hopley, Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa; written and directed by Jamie Shannon.)

Backseat Driver - Josh fails his driving test, and instead of admitting it to Brittany, he takes her illegally to the drive-in, secretly using Parker to give him driving guidance. (Story by Jason Hopley, Jamie Shannon, Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa; written and directed by Jason Hopley.)
19"Big Greasy Musical"May 23, 2009 (2009-05-23)
Josh dreams he stars in a musical where he must save Princess Brittany from Mr. Carney's evil clutches using his "diamond voice".
20"Dream of the Dead"May 23, 2009 (2009-05-23)
One day at Mr. Meaty, Parker tells Josh that a man named Lucas E. Romero is having a horror movie competition. Josh and Parker enter.

Original production order of the Mr. Meaty episodes

Episode Name
101Buffalo Burrito / Wedgelor
102Parkerina / Hamish
103Parker’s Date / The Fries That Bind
104I Love Lizzie / Nosferateens
105Moochmaster P. / Schnozzola
106The Tell Tale Burger / Tater Turf
107Model Employee
108Unihorn / Josh-Off
109Roast Beef Barb / My Eddie
110Doug of the Dead / Suburb of the Apes
111Original Sin / Ninjam
112Dinkleman / The Incredible Jerk
113Big Greasy Musical
114Parker’s First Kiss / Kids Party
115Embarrassed to Death / Puppet of Pop
116Nightmare on Josh Street / Lord of the Geeks
117Geezers / Insecurity Guard
118Mama’s Boy / Puberty Fairy
119Flinga Flonga / Backseat Driver
120Dream of the Dead
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