List of Mongol and Tatar raids against Rus'

The following is a list of Mongol and Tatar raids against Rus' principalities following the Mongol invasion:

Year Raid
1223 Battle of the Kalka River
1237–1242 Mongol invasion of Rus'
1252 Nevruy's horde devastated Pereslavl-Zalessky and Suzdal.
1258/1259 Mongol attacks against Danylo of Halych, led by Burundai.
1273 Mongol twice attacked Novgorod territory, devastating Vologda and Bezhitsa.
1274 Mongols devastated Smolensk.
1275 Mongol invasion of south-eastern Rus', Kursk pillaged.
1278 Mongols pillaged the Ryazan Principality.
1281 The horde of Kovdygay and Alchiday sacked Murom and Pereslavl-Zalessky, ruined vicinities of Suzdal, Rostov, Vladimir, Yuryev-Polsky, Tver and Torzhok.
1282 Mongols attacked Vladimir and Pereslavl-Zalessky.
1283 Mongols sacked Vorgolsk, Rylsk, and Lipetsk, overrunning Kursk and Vorgol.
1285 The Mongol warlord Eltoray, the son of Temir, pillaged Ryazan and Murom.
1293 The Mongol warlord Dyuden came to Rus and pillaged fourteen towns, including Murom, Moscow, Kolomna, Vladimir, Suzdal, Yuriev-Polsky, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Mozhaysk, Volokolamsk, Dmitrov and Uglitch. During the same summer Takhtamir looted the Tver principality and took slaves in the Vladimir principality.
1307 Tatars pillaged the Ryazan principality.
1315 Tatars pillaged Torzhok in the Novgorod principality as well as Rostov
1317 Tatars devastated the Tver principality
1318 Tatars sacked Kostroma and Rostov
1322 Tatars devastated Yaroslavl
1327 The Golden Horde organised a punitive expedition to the Tver principality
1358, 1365, 1373 Tatars sacked the Ryazan principality
1375 Tatars attacked the southeastern suburb of Nizhniy Novgorod
1377 and 1378 Tatars attacked the Nizhniy Novgorod and Ryazan principalities
1380 Dmitri Donskoi defeated Tatars at Battle of Kulikovo
1382 Khan Tokhtamysh burns down Moscow, tens of thousands of its citizens died
1391 Tatars attacked Vyatka
1399 Tatars attacked Nizhniy Novgorod
1408 Tatars sacked Serpukhov, as well as the vicinities of Moscow, Pereyaslavl, Rostov, Yuriev, Dmitrov, Nizhni Novgorod and Galich
1410 Tatars ruined Vladimir
1415 Tatars devastated Elets
1429 Tatars looted the vicinities of Galich and Kostroma
1439 Tatar incursions into the vicinities of Moscow and Kolomna
1443 Tatars looted the outskirts of Ryazan, but were repelled from the city proper
1445 Tatars attacked Nizhni Novgorod and Suzdal
1449, 1451, 1455, 1459 Tatars looted the outskirts of Moscow
1468 Tatars looted the vicinities of Galich
1472 Tatars plundered Aleksin
1480 The Great stand on the Ugra river marks the end of the Tatar-Mongol yoke in Russia.


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