Melkite Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East

For Patriarchs before 1724, see List of Greek Patriarchs of Antioch before 1724.

This is a list of Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch. The present complete title is Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, of Alexandria and Jerusalem of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. This Church was formed when a portion of the Orthodox Church of Antioch went back into communion with Rome in 1724, becoming an Eastern Catholic Church, while the rest of the ancient Patriarchate continues in full communion with the rest of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The Melkite Catholic Church is one of five churches that are continuations of the original See of Antioch. Thus, the Melkite Catholic Church traces its existence all the way back to St. Peter, in a line of succession acknowledged by both Catholic and Orthodox canons. This claim is accepted by the Vatican and is not disputed by the other two Eastern Catholic Churches that also claim descent from the ancient See of Antioch (namely the Maronite Catholic Church[1] and the Syriac Catholic Church[2]), which both also have Patriarchs of Antioch.

Titular Patriarchates of Alexandria and of Jerusalem

In continuation of the earlier Melkite patriarchates of those ancient sees, two titular patriarchates exist, which are however simply titles, vested in the residential Patriarch of Antioch, which also have Catholic residential counterparts:

Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch


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