List of Han

Map of Japan, 1855 -- The major han as between 1564 and 1573.
Map of Japan, 1855 -- The old boundary lines of the major domains were mirrored in the borders of the provinces.
Map of Japan, 1871 -- Some of the old boundary lines were kept when reform created the prefectures.

The List of Han or domains in the Tokugawa period was changed from time to time during the Edo period. Han were feudal domains that formed the effective basis of administration in Tokugawa-era Japan. The han are given along with their approximate borders compared with the modern prefecture system.

The han system was abolished by the Meiji government in 1871.



Mutsu Province

Dewa Province

Kantō region

Hitachi Province

Shimotsuke Province

Kōzuke Province

Shimōsa Province

Kazusa Province

Awa Province

Musashi Province

Sagami Province


Echigo Province

Shinano Province

Kai Province

Etchū Province

Kaga Province

Echizen Province

Wakasa Province


Suruga Province

Tōtōmi Province

Mikawa Province

Owari Province

Hida Province

Mino Province


Ise Province

Shima Province

Ōmi Province

Yamashiro Province

Yamato Province

Kii Province

Izumi Province

Kawachi Province

Settsu Province

Tamba Province

Tango Province

Harima Province

Tajima Province

Awaji Province


Inaba Province

Hōki Province

Izumo Province

Iwami Province

Bizen Province

Mimasaka Province

Bitchū Province

Bingo Province

Aki Province

Suō Province

Nagato Province


Awa Province

Sanuki Province

Iyo Province

Tosa Province


Chikuzen Province

Chikugo Province

Buzen Province

Bungo Province

Hizen Province

Tsushima Province

Higo Province

Hyūga Province

Satsuma Province and Ōsumi Province


Map of Japan, 1789 -- the Han system affected cartography


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