Military history of Denmark

The Viking Age (793–1050)

Main article: Viking Age

Early period

Union Wars (1434–1523)

War with Lübeck and "The Counts Feud" (1534–1537)

Main article: Count's Feud

War against The Netherlands (1542–1543)

Seven Years' War (1563–1570)

Kalmar War (1611–1613)

Main article: Kalmar War

Thirty Years' War (1618–1648)

Main article: Thirty Years' War

Thorsteinson War (1643–1645)

Main article: Torstenson War

Northern Wars (Carl Gustav Krigene) (1657–1660)

Main article: Northern Wars

Scanian War (Skånske Krig) (1675–1679)

Main article: Scanian War

Great Northern War (Store Nordiske Krig) (1700–1720)

Main article: Great Northern War

Rákóczi's War of Independence (1703-1711)

Russo-Swedish War (1788)

Napoleonic Wars (Napeoleonskrigene) (1800–1813)

Main article: Napoleonic Wars

Gunboat War (Kanonbådskrigen) (1807–1814)

Main article: Gunboat War

First War of Schleswig (Treårskrigen / Første Slesvigske Krig) (1848–1850)

Second War of Schleswig (Krigen i 1864 / Anden Slesvigske Krig) (1864)

German Occupation (Den tyske besættelse) (1940–1945)

Main article: Occupation of Denmark

Operations in Bosnia (1994)

War in Afghanistan (2001–present)

Invasion of Iraq (2003)

Main article: 2003 Invasion of Iraq

Military intervention in Libya (2011)


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