List of Danish films before 1910

The following table is a list of films produced in Denmark or in the Danish language before 1910. For an alphabetical list of all Danish films currently on Wikipedia see Category:Danish films. For Danish films from other decades see the Cinema of Denmark box above.

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Danish title English title Director(s) Cast Genre Notes
Kørsel med Grønlandske HundeTraveling with Greenlandic Dogs Peter Elfelt Johan Carl Joensen Documentary First Danish film
Brandvæsnet rykker udThe Fire department Moves Out Peter Elfelt Documentary
BrydekampWrestling Peter Elfelt Magnus Bech-Olsen Documentary
Kongelige skal fotograferesPhotographing the Royal Family Peter Elfelt Christian IX of Denmark, Dagmar of Denmark,
Nicholas II of Russia, Alexandra of Denmark
Vagtparaden paa Amalienborg Peter Elfelt Documentary
Fru Anna Larssen i sit Paaklædningsværelse Peter Elfelt Anna Larssen Bjørner Documentary
Tietgens Bisættelse Peter Elfelt P.A. Alberti, Benny Dessau, King Christian X,
King Frederik VIII
Rideklubben ved Nærumgaard Peter Elfelt Documentary
HenrettelsenCapital Execution Peter Elfelt Francesca Nathansen, Victor Betzonich Drama First Danish feature film
Dagmar Hansen Peter Elfelt Dagmar Hansen Documentary
Kongejagt paa HveenRoyal Shooting Party on Hveen Peter Elfelt King Oscar II, King Christian X, Prins Valdemar Documentary
Anarkistens Svigermor Viggo Larsen Viggo Larsen, Margrete Jespersen Short film
LøvejagtenThe Lion Hunt Viggo Larsen Viggo Larsen
Knud Lumbye
Drama Banned in Denmark
En grov SpøgA Practical Joke and a Sad End Viggo Larsen Holger-Madsen, Knud Lumbye, Aage Brandt Short film
Barnet som Velgører Viggo Larsen Aage Brandt, Kai Voigt Drama

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