List of Caucasian Albanian Catholicoi

This is a list of the Caucasian Albanian Primates and Catholicoi of the Church of Caucasian Albania.

Note that the lineage and dates slightly vary from source to source. Some dates are unclear. Armenian language equivalents are provided at the end of each line.

The initial list is from the Caucasian Albanian Chronicle[1] of Mkhitar Gosh and further additions after his death:

Apostolic primates

Historic catholicoi / primates

Catolicoi primates appointed by Armenian Apostolic Church (Fourth century – c. 590)

The following is a list of Caucasian Albanian Catholicoi obtained from the Caucasian Albanian Chronicle of Mkhitar Gosh:[2] and further additions.

Auotocephaly (590–705)
Catholicoi ordained through the Catholicos Patriarch of Armenia (705 – c. 1058)
Autocephaly reestablished (c. 1058 – c. 1434)

(After Catholicosate of Church of Armenia moves to Cilicia and the Holy See of Cilicia is established)

Jurisdiction under Armenian Apostolic Church (1441–1828)

(After Catholicosate of Church of Armenia is reestablished at Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin)


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