List of Canadian comics creators

Canadian cartoonists have been active since the earliest days of cartooning, in both English and French, the two official languages of Canada.

Canadian cartoonists are prominently active in every area of comics and cartooning, from editorial and gag cartoons, to comic strips, comic books, graphic novels and webcomics.

Brief overview

While earlier examples of Canadian comics tend to imitate American and British examples, over the course of the 20th Century, Canadian cartoonists have cut out niches of their own, as in Hal Foster's pioneering adventure comic strip work on Tarzan and Prince Valiant;[1] in Lynn Johnston's For Better or For Worse, readers follow the characters as they grow older and deal with a variety of issues, unusual for the gag-a-day comic strip world of the latter 20th Century; Dave Sim's Cerebus tackled epic-sized themes over the course of a 6000-page, self-contained story, while providing new publishing models in the forms of self-publishing and graphic novel collections.

John Wilson Bengough and his Puck-inspired humour magazine Grip (1873–1892) was a popular forum for political cartoons in the earliest decades following Canadian Confederation in 1867.[2] At the start of the 20th century, Albéric Bourgeois brought what may have been the first continuing comic strip to use word balloons to Canadian newspapers when he created Les Aventures de Timothée in 1903.

In 1938, artist Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster, along with American writer Jerry Siegel, released Superman to the world, kickstarting the fledgling comic book industry while popularizing the superhero genre. During World War II, Canadian superhero comic books got their start when Adrian Dingle debuted Nelvana of the Northern Lights in Triumph Adventure Comics, one of the "Canadian whites", comic books with colour covers and black-and-white interiors that were common in Canada during the war years.[3]

Canadians made a bigger impact on alternative comics later in the century. Dave Sim's 6000-page epic Cerebus pushed creative boundaries while Sim pushing a model of self-publishing as an ideal. Chester Brown had a broad influence breaking taboos in his Yummy Fur series, and was part of an autobiographical comics trend in the 1990s that included Seth and Julie Doucet. Graphic novels have since become more prominent, and webcomics have also become a popular outlet for Canadian cartoonists.

What is "Canadian"?

The Joe Shuster Awards considers eligible anyone who has Canadian citizenship (regardless of residence) or permanent residence.[4] The following list reflects that inclusive philosophy in choosing who to consider "Canadian".

JS HoF = year of induction into the Joe Shuster Hall of Fame

CC HoF = year of induction into the Canadian Cartoonist Hall of Fame

NameBornDiedNotable worksPrimary
NationalityJS HoFCC HoFHonours
de Adder, MichaelMichael de Adder 1965-05-25[5] Moncton, New Brunswick[5] Editorial cartoons English
Bradford-Lea, ShereeSheree Bradford-Lea Hamilton, Ontario Editorial cartoons, Life Outside The Box cartoons, Freelance Single Panel (Gag) cartoons and comic strips English
Clement, GaryGary Clement 1959–07 Toronto, Ontario Editorial cartoons English
Curatolo, FredFred Curatolo 1958[6] Toronto, Ontario Editorial cartoons English
O'Malley, Bryan LeeBryan Lee O'Malley 1979[7] London, Ontario[7] Scott Pilgrim English Canadian/Korean
Donato, AndyAndy Donato 1937 Scarborough, Ontario Editorial cartoons English
Gable, BrianBrian Gable 1949[8] Saskatoon, Saskatchewan[8] Editorial cartoons English Canadian
Kowsar, NikahangNikahang Kowsar 1969 Iran Editorial cartoons English Iranian
MacKay, GraemeGraeme MacKay 1968[9] Editorial cartoons English Canadian
AislinAislin 1942-11-11[10] Ottawa, Ontario[10] Editorial cartoons English Canadian OC
Peterson, RoyRoy Peterson 1936 Winnipeg, Manitoba Editorial cartoons English Canadian OC
Raeside, AdrianAdrian Raeside 1957[11] Dunedin, New Zealand[11] Editorial cartoons English
Roschkov, Sr., VicVic Roschkov, Sr. 1941 Kiev, Soviet Ukraine Editorial cartoons English
Szep, PaulPaul Szep 1941-07-29 Hamilton, Ontario Editorial cartoons English American
Tremblay, WyattWyatt Tremblay 1960 Jasper, Alberta Editorial cartoons English
Barron, SidSid Barron 1917-06-13[12] Toronto, Ontario[12] 2006-04-26[12] Victoria, British Columbia[12] Editorial cartoons English Canadian
Bengough, John WilsonJohn Wilson Bengough 1851-04-07[13] Toronto, Ontario[13] 1923-11-02[13] Toronto, Ontario[13] Grip Ltd. English Canadian 2005
Carless, RoyRoy Carless 1920-11-03 York County, Ontario 2009-01-02 Hamilton, Ontario Editorial cartoons English
Feyer, GeorgeGeorge Feyer 1921 Hungary 1967–03 Los Angeles, California English 2006
Coughlin, William Garnet "Bing"William Garnet "Bing" Coughlin 1905-10-07 Ottawa, Ontario 1991-09-04 English
Macpherson, DuncanDuncan Macpherson 1924-09-20 Toronto, Ontario 1993-05-03 Beaverton, Ontario Editorial cartoons English CM
Norris, LenLen Norris 1913 London, England 1997 Langley, British Columbia Editorial cartoons English
Thorson, CharlesCharles Thorson 1890-08-29[14] Winnipeg, Manitoba[14] 1966-08-07[14] Vancouver, British Columbia[14] Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd English Canadian
Wicks, BenBen Wicks 1926-10-01 London, England 2000-09-10 English CM
Yanovsky, AvromAvrom Yanovsky 1911[15] Krivoy Rog, Ukraine[15] 1979 English
Johnston, LynnLynn Johnston 1947-05-28 Collingwood, Ontario[16] For Better or For Worse English 2008 OC, OM
Fawkes, WallyWally Fawkes 1924[17] Vancouver, British Columbia[17] Flook English
Frazer, J. D.J. D. Frazer 1969 User Friendly English
Hanson, GlenGlen Hanson Chelsea Boys English
Martin, SeanSean Martin 1960-12-29 Hereford, Texas Doc and Raider English
Stevens, NoreenNoreen Stevens 1962[18] Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario[18] The Chosen Family English Canadian
Street, PhilipPhilip Street 1959 Fisher English
Ball, WalterWalter Ball 1911 Rural Route English
Foster, HalHal Foster 1892-08-18[19] Halifax, Nova Scotia[19] 1982-07-25[19] Winter Park, Florida, United States[19] Prince Valiant English 2005
Simpkins, JamesJames Simpkins 1910-11-26[20] Winnipeg, Manitoba[21] Dundas, Ontario[21] Jasper the Bear English Canadian
Wright II, DougDoug Wright II 1917-08-07 Dover, Kent, England 1983 Doug Wright's Family (Nipper) English 2005
Alphona, AdrianAdrian Alphona Runaways English
Anderson, Ho CheHo Che Anderson 1969[22] London, England[22] English Canadian
Annable, GrahamGraham Annable 1970-06-01 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Grickle, Hickee English Canadian
Andrews, KaareKaare Andrews Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Year One, Spider-Man: Reign English Canadian
Bachalo, ChrisChris Bachalo 1965-08-23 Portage la Prairie[23] Death: The High Cost of Living, Shade the Changing Man, X-Men English
Beaton, KateKate Beaton 1983-09-08 Mabou, Nova Scotia[24] Hark! A Vagrant English Canadian
Bell, MarcMarc Bell 1971-11-24[25] London, Ontario English Canadian
Berneche, StanleyStanley Berneche 1947 Windsor, Ontario Captain Canada English 2008
Boothby, IanIan Boothby English Canadian
Boswell, DavidDavid Boswell 1953[26] Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman English Canadian 2011
Bottenberg, RupertRupert Bottenberg 1971-07-19 Wolfville, Nova Scotia English
Brown, ChesterChester Brown 1960-05-16 Montréal, Québec Yummy Fur, Louis Riel English Canadian 2011
Byrne, JohnJohn Byrne 1950-06-06 West Bromwich, United Kingdom Uncanny X-Men, Fantastic Four, Superman, Alpha Flight, Next Men English American 2008
Chackowicz, HowardHoward Chackowicz 1969 Laval, Québec English Canadian
Chang, BernardBernard Chang 1972 Montréal, Québec English American
Chmakova, SvetlanaSvetlana Chmakova 1979-10-07 Soviet Union Dramacon, Nightschool English Russian
Collier, DavidDavid Collier 1963-01-24[27] Windsor, Ontario[27] Collier's, Just the Facts, Surviving Saskatoon English Canadian
Cooke, DarwynDarwyn Cooke DC: The New Frontier, The Spirit, Richard Stark's Parker novel adaptations English Canadian
Cooper, DaveDave Cooper 1967[28] Nova Scotia[28] Suckle, Crumple, Weasel English Canadian
Dawson, WillowWillow Dawson 1975 English Canadian
Day, GeneGene Day 1951-08-13[29] Kingston, Ontario[29] 1982-09-23[30] English Canadian
Delaprée, StéphaneStéphane Delaprée 1956 Paris, France English
Douglas, MaxMax Douglas 1970-09-15 Toronto, Ontario Therefore Repent!, Sea of Red, RevolveЯ English Canadian
Eaglesham, DaleDale Eaglesham 1962 Justice Society of America, Alpha Flight English Canadian
Fillion, PatrickPatrick Fillion 1973 Québec Naked Justice English Canadian
Fowler, TomTom Fowler English Canadian
Furness, EdEd Furness 1911 United Kingdom 2005 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Freelance, Commander Steele English Canadian 2005
Gagné, MichelMichel Gagné 1965 Roberval, Québec, Canada English
GerhardGerhard 1959-04-14 Edmonton, Alberta Cerebus English Canadian
Griffiths, BusBus Griffiths 1913[31] Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan[31] 2006-09-25[31] Comox, British Columbia[31] Now You're Logging English Canadian
Hamelmann, RalphRalph Hamelmann 1967-06-21 St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador English
Hicks, Faith ErinFaith Erin Hicks Demonology 101, Zombies Calling, War at Ellesmere English Canadian
Lapp, DaveDave Lapp Drop-In English
Lawrence, JulianJulian Lawrence England[32] English
Little, TroyTroy Little 1973-03-07 Prince Edward Island Chiaroscuro English Canadian
Malone, JayJay Malone Kentville, Nova Scotia English
McCall, BruceBruce McCall 1935 Simcoe, Ontario New Yorker cartoons English
Marcy, JasonJason Marcy Jay's Days English
McFarlane, ToddTodd McFarlane 1961-03-16 Calgary, Alberta Spawn English Canadian, American 2011
Mireault, BernieBernie Mireault 1961 Marville, France English Canadian
Saba, ArnArn Saba 1947 Vancouver, British Columbia Neil the Horse English Canadian
SethSeth 1962-09-16 Clinton, Ontario Palookaville, It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken English Canadian
Shuster, JoeJoe Shuster 1914-07-10[33] Toronto, Ontario[34] 1992-07-30[35] Superman English Canadian until 1945, American 2005
Sim, DaveDave Sim 1956-05-17[36] Hamilton, Ontario[36] Cerebus English Canadian 2006
Shapton, LeanneLeanne Shapton English
Stephens, JayJay Stephens 1971-03-22 Toronto, Ontario Chick & Dee, Oh, Brother! English Canadian
Tamaki, JillianJillian Tamaki Ottawa, Ontario[37] Skim English
Templeton, TyTy Templeton 1962-05-09 Stig's Inferno, Batman Adventures, Justice League English Canadian
Upton, ColinColin Upton 1960-04-02 Winnipeg, Manitoba English Canadian
Valium, HenrietteHenriette Valium 1959-05-04 English Canadian
St. Ables, JonJon St. Ables 1912-12-23[38] Ulverston, England[38] 1999[38] Seattle, Washington Piltdown Pete, Brok Windsor, Bill Speed English Canadian 2006
Bachle, LeoLeo Bachle 1926 2003 Johnny Canuck English Canadian 2005
Dingle, AdrianAdrian Dingle 1911 Barmouth, Gwynedd, Wales 1974-12-22 Toronto, Ontario Nelvana of the Northern Lights English Canadian 2005
McCarron, OwenOwen McCarron 1929 Halifax, Nova Scotia 2005-06-27 Ghost Rider, Spidey Super Stories, Marvel Fun and Games English Canadian 2006
BadoBado 1949-05-21 Montréal, Québec[39] Editorial cartoons French
Chapleau, SergeSerge Chapleau 1945-12-05 Montréal, Québec Editorial cartoons French Canadian
Julien, HenriHenri Julien 1852-05-14[40] Québec City, Québec[40] 1908-09-17[40] French Canadian
Groovie, AnnieAnnie Groovie 1970-04-11 Trois-Rivières, Québec Léon French Canadian
Barré, RaoulRaoul Barré 1874-01-29 Montréal, Québec 1932-05-21 Montréal, Québec French Canadian
Bourgeois, AlbéricAlbéric Bourgeois 1876-11-29[41] Montréal, Québec 1962-11-17[41] Les Aventures de Timothée French Canadian 2005
Beaulieu, JimmyJimmy Beaulieu 1974 French Canadian
Castrée, GenevièveGeneviève Castrée 1981 Loretteville, Québec French Canadian
Doucet, JulieJulie Doucet 1965-12-31 Montréal, Québec Dirty Plotte French
Rabagliati, MichelMichel Rabagliati 1961[42] Montréal, Québec[42] Paul series French Canadian
Requin, SteveSteve Requin 1968-06-21 Montréal, Québec MensuHell French Canadian
Rodier, YvesYves Rodier 1967-06-05 Farnham, Québec French Canadian
Holmes, RandRand Holmes 1942-02-22[43] Truro, Nova Scotia[44] 2002-03-15[43] Nanaimo, British Columbia Harold Hedd English Canadian 2005 2007
Mortimer, WinWin Mortimer 1919-05-01[45] Hamilton, Ontario[45] 1998-01-11[45] Superman, Superboy, Batman, Legion of Super-Heroes, Plastic Man, Supergirl, Scooter, Stanley And His Monster, Spider-Man, Boris Karloff’s Tales of Mystery, The Twilight Zone, Supernatural Thrillers. English Canadian 2006
Chartier, AlbertAlbert Chartier 1912 2004 Onésime, Séraphin, Les Canadiens French Canadian 2007
Lazare, GeraldGerald Lazare 1927 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Nitro, The Wing, The Dreamer, Drummy Young, Air Woman English Canadian 2007
Hurtubise (cartoonist), JacquesJacques Hurtubise (cartoonist), aka ZYX 1950 Croc French Canadian 2007
McCall, TedTed McCall 1901 1975 Men of the Mounted, founder of Anglo-American Publishing, Freelance English Canadian 2008
Fournier, PierrePierre Fournier 1949 Red Ketchup, Les Aventures du Capitaine Kébec, Croc, Michel Risque French Canadian 2008
Steacy, KenKen Steacy 1955-01-08 The Sacred and the Profane, Night and the Enemy, Astro Boy, Johnny Quest, Tempus Fugitive English Canadian 2009
Freeman, GeorgeGeorge Freeman 1951-05-27 Selkirk, Manitoba English Canadian 2010
Whalley, PeterPeter Whalley 2007-09-18 Saint-Jérôme, Quebec English Canadian 2005
Frise, JimmyJimmy Frise Scugog Island, Ontario 1948 Birdseye Center English Canadian 2009
Gray, TonyTony Gray The Incredible Conduit English Canadian
Grummett, TomTom Grummett 1959 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan "The Death of Superman" English Canadian
Guerra, PiaPia Guerra English Canadian
Immonen, StuartStuart Immonen English Canadian
Isherwood, GeofGeof Isherwood 1960-12-04 Quantico, Virginia English American
Keown, DaleDale Keown 1962 Pitt English Canadian
Kerschl, KarlKarl Kerschl Toronto, Ontario English Canadian
Manapul, FrancisFrancis Manapul English
Kim, EricEric Kim English
Kirk, LeonardLeonard Kirk United States English American
Kleinbergen, AdrianAdrian Kleinbergen 1961 Edmonton, Alberta English Canadian
Oakley, MarkMark Oakley Thieves and Kings English Canadian
Paquette, YanickYanick Paquette English Canadian
Paradis, LouisLouis Paradis 1959-06-06[46] Montmagny, Québec French Canadian
Skroce, SteveSteve Skroce English Canadian
Stewart, CameronCameron Stewart Toronto, Ontario English Canadian
Soo, KeanKean Soo England Jellaby English
To, MarcusMarcus To 1983-10-20 English Canadian
Finch, DavidDavid Finch English Canadian
Petričić, DušanDušan Petričić Editorial cartoons English

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