List of rulers of Belarus

History of Belarusian states can be traced far to Principality of Polotsk. From 13th century lands of modern Belarus were a major part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which later became part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In 19th century Belarus together with Lithuania formed the Northwestern Krai of Russian Empire. At the beginning of the 20th century there was a short-lived Belarusian National Republic, and in 1922 Belarus became part of the USSR as Belarusian SSR except West Belarus, which was under Polish rule, which was briefly interrupted due to Soviet occupation during Polish-Soviet War. In 1991, Belarus regained its independence.

Dukes of Principality of Polotsk

Rurikid dynasty
Palemonid dynasty
Gediminid dynasty

Grand Dukes of Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Title: Grand Duke ("Вялікі князь" in Belarusian, "Wielki książę" in Polish, "Kunigaikštis" or "Didysis Kunigaikštis" in Lithuanian)

Elected kings of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Leaders of Belarus since 1918

Belarusian National Republic (1918–1920)

Chairmen of the Rada

Chairman of the Provisional Revolutionary Workers–and–Peasants' Soviet Government

Chairmen of the Central Executive Committee

Belarusian National Republic in Exile (1920–present)


(In Vilnius to 1925, then in Prague, presently in Canada)

West Belarus under Polish rule (1919-1939)

Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (1920–1991)

First secretaries of the Byelorussian Communist Party

Republic of Belarus (1991–Present)

Chairmen of the Supreme Soviet


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