List of Armenian flags

This is a list of flags associated with Armenia.

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189 BC - AD 1 Artaxiad Dynasty standard.
52 AD - 428 AD Arsacid Dynasty standard.
885 – 1045 Flag of Bagratid Armenia.
1198 – 1219 Flag of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia under the Rubenid Dynasty.
1198 – 1219 Alternate Rubenid Dynasty flag.
1214 – 1261 Royal Standard of the Principality of Khachen.
1226 - 1341 Flag of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia under the Hethumid Dynasty.
1341 - 1375 Flag of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia under the Lusignan Dynasty.


1885 Flag designed by Ghevont Alishan for the Armenian Diaspora in France
Late 19th Century Second flag of the Armenian Diaspora designed by Alishan
1918 Flag of Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic
1918 - February 1922 Flag of the First Armenian Republic
Feb. 1922 - Mar. 1922 Flag of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic
Mar. 1922 - 1936 Flag of the Transcaucasian SFSR
1936–1940 Flag of Armenian SSR
1940–1952 Flag of Armenian SSR
1952–1990 Flag of Armenian SSR
1923–1955 Flag of the Soviet Union
1955–1980 Flag of the Soviet Union
1980–1991 Flag of the Soviet Union
1990 - Flag of Armenia


Flag of Yerevan
Flag of Vagharshapat
Flag of Gyumri

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