List of Antarctic ice shelves

Antarctica's major ice shelves.
  Ross (472,960 km²)
  Filchner-Ronne (422,420 km²)
  Amery (62,620 km²)
  Larsen (48,600 km²)
  Riiser-Larsen (48,180 km²)
  Fimbul (41,060 km²)
  Shackleton (33,820 km²)
  George VI (23,880 km²)
  West (16,370 km²)
  Wilkins (13,680 km²)

This is a list of Antarctic ice shelves.

Ice shelves are attached to 44% of the Antarctic coastline. Their total area is 1,541,700 km².[1] Names are also listed in the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, Gazetteer.[2] The ice shelf areas are listed below, clockwise, starting in the west of East Antarctica:

Indicates that the ice shelf has collapsed.[3]

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