Free State of Lippe

Free State of Lippe
Freistaat Lippe
State of Germany

Flag Coat of arms
Lippe within Germany at the time of the Weimar Republic.
Capital Detmold
Government Republic
  19181920 Clemens Becker
  19201933 Heinrich Drake
  1933 Ernst Krappe
  19331936 Hans-Joachim Riecke
  19361945 Alfred Meyer
  19451947 Heinrich Drake
Historical era Interwar period
  Established 9 November 1918
  Incorporation into North Rhine-Westphalia 21 January 1947
  1939 1,215.2 km2 (469 sq mi)
  1939 188,598 
Density 155.2 /km2  (402 /sq mi)

The Free State of Lippe (German: Freistaat Lippe) was a German state formed after the Principality of Lippe was abolished following the German Revolution of 1918.

After the end of World War II, Lippe was restored after the end of Nazi rule. This autonomy ended in January 1947, when the Control Commission for Germany - British Element (CCG/BE) incorporated Lippe into the new German state of North Rhine-Westphalia created three months earlier. The British established a number of military bases in North Rhine-Westphalia, of which Detmold (HQ and units of 20th Armoured Brigade) and Lemgo (infantry battalion barracks) were located within the former boundaries of the Free State of Lippe.

Map showing Lippe and Schaumberg-Lippe

Coordinates: 51°56′10″N 8°52′41″E / 51.936182°N 8.877962°E / 51.936182; 8.877962

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