Limentra is the name of two streams of the Bolognese and Pistoiese Apennines, both among the major tributaries of the Reno River. Due to their relatively large discharge, they are both exploited for the production of hydro-electric power.

The Limentra di Sambuca (also Superior or Western Limentra) rises from Monte la Croce, elevation about 1,319 metres (4,327 ft), and passes through Sambuca Pistoiese. It has a length of 19.4 kilometres (12.1 mi) and flows into the Reno near Ponte della Venturina, near the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. Near Pàvana is a dam with a capacity of 900,000 cubic metres (730 acre·ft). The waters are also used for the aqueduct serving Pistoia.

The Eastern Limentra rises from the same mountain, entering the province of Bologna near Lentula. Near Suviana a dam has been built on its course creating one of the largest reservoirs of the Apennines, with a capacity of about 43,850,000 cubic metres (35,550 acre·ft). It flows into the Reno after 41 kilometres (25 mi), near Riola di Vergato.

Coordinates: 44°14′N 11°03′E / 44.233°N 11.050°E / 44.233; 11.050

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