Lily Fayol

Lily Fayol (12 June 1914, Allevard, Isère, 15 May 1999, Saint-Raphaël, Var) was a French singer.

The artistic career of Lily Fayol began shortly before World War II. Acquainted with talent manager Johnny Stark she had a series of hits from the 1940s including La Guitare à Chiquita, Le gros Bill, Le Régiment des mandolines, Le Chapeau à plume, Les Trois bandits de Napoli, La Cane du Canada, La Bouteille, etc. In 1950 she was the star of the operetta Annie du Far-West alongside Marcel Merkès at the Théâtre du Châtelet.[1] Lily Fayol also starred in several films including La Tournée des Grands-Ducs (1953) and La Gueule de l'autre (1979). She was married to cycling champion Maurice Roux, and became a hotelier with her husband after leaving showbusiness. She died in Saint-Raphaël, Var, on 15 May 1999.



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