Likutei Torah/Torah Or

Torah Or/Likutei Torah
Author Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Rebbe of Chabad
Language Hebrew
Genre Jewish mysticism, Chabad philosophy
Published 1848-1851, Zhitomir (Likutei Torah, first edition)[1]

Torah Or/Likutei Torah is a compilation of Chassidic treatises by the first Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. The treatises are classic texts of Chabad philosophy arranged according to the Weekly Torah portion, and are studied regularly by Chabad Chassidim.[2]

The work was published originally as Torah Or, with treatises covering Genesis and Exodus, the first two books of the Pentateuch. The second half was published at a later date under the title Likutei Torah, covering Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, the final three books of the Pentateuch.[2]

Likutei Torah

The second volume of the work, Likutei Torah, was published by Rabbi Schneur Zalman's grandson, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, the third Rebbe of Chabad. Rabbi Menachem Mendel published his grandfather's teachings together with his own brief notes on various treatises.[3]

Adapted English edition

An English adaptation of Lekutei Torah/Torah Or by Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Wagshul was released in 2007 and March 2014. The 2007 adapted English edition translates and elucidates selected treatises from Torah Or, the 2014 edition includes treatises from Lekutei Torah.[4][5]

Another English adaption of the Mamarim was published in 2016 by Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein, director of The Mamarim are not a direct translation of the Hebrew original, but rather a content summary of the Mamar. Each Parsha features a single selected Mamar from amongst the many Mamarim that are printed in the Hebrew original, giving the reader a taste and glimpse of the full content of this monumental work. The main goal is for the reader to receive the content knowledge of the most fundamental Mamarim written by the Alter Rebbe, and for him to be given the tools for how to implement this knowledge within his daily life. Each Mamar concludes with a lessons box that summarizes the practical life lessons that we can derive from the Mamar. Also included are interesting parables that we find easy to relate to and help us to digest the content being studied, and internalize it.

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