Lijstduwer (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈlɛistˌdyʋər], 'list pusher') is a Dutch term for the last candidate on a party list.

In Suriname, the Netherlands and Belgium, this position is often taken by well-known non-politicians such as artists and sports people. They are officially a candidate, but they are put at the end of the party list in a bid to attract more votes for the party and as a sign they endorse that specific party. Since votes in these electoral systems are open list party-list proportional representation votes cast to the lijstduwer add up to the total amount of votes, and hence seats for the party. The candidate is not likely to become member of the elected body since the low placing on the list, and generally rejects the position if they gather enough preference votes for a full seat (which they can claim within the Dutch system).

Well-known national politicians can act as lijstduwer on the list for the European and municipal elections.

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