Life Classes

Life Classes
Directed by William D. MacGillivray
Produced by William D. MacGillivray (executive producer)
Stephen Reynolds (producer)
Written by William D. MacGillivray
Starring Jacinta Cormier
Leon Dubinsky
Leo Jessome
Frances Knickle
Music by Alexander Tilley
Cinematography Lionel Simmons
Edited by William D. MacGillivray
Distributed by Cinephile
Release dates
October 2, 1987
Running time
117 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Life Classes is a 1987 Canadian drama film directed by William D. MacGillivray.


Mary Cameron (Cormier) lives on the Canadian island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. There, she enjoys a warm relationship with an old woman she calls Nanny (Garbary), who regales her with stories of the Gaelic past. The rest of her time, when she isn't working at her father's pharmacy, she completes paint by numbers artworks. On discovering that she is pregnant by her boyfriend, she decides to go to Halifax, to have her baby. After giving birth, she starts modeling for life-drawing classes and eventually picks up the skills of an artist herself. Soon, she has become a successful artist and moves back to the house her friend Nanny left her to fill an entirely new role in her community.




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