Coat of arms
Coordinates: 51°59′17″N 6°34′11″E / 51.98806°N 6.56972°E / 51.98806; 6.56972
Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
Municipality Oost Gelre
Population 12.919

Lichtenvoorde is a town in the Netherlands, in the municipality of Oost Gelre.

Until 1 January 2005, Lichtenvoorde was an independent municipality. It includes also four small villages: Lievelde, Zieuwent, Vragender and Harreveld. The number of inhabitants in this municipality is about 20,000.

The people from Lichtenvoorde are known as the keienslöppers (boulder haulers). The name is derived from a huge boulder at the marketplace with a stone lion on top. These are the symbols of the village.

Lichtenvoorde is known for its flower parade (bloemencorso) which is held once a year in September, as start of the local fair. The parade features large vehicles, as wide as 4 m, as high as 8 and with no length restrictions, which are fully covered in flowers (usually dahlias). Subjects are free and range from depiction of fairytales to expressions, daily things to art.

Lichtenvoorde has its own motorcross circuit on which international grand prix are held.

Coordinates: 51°59′N 6°34′E / 51.983°N 6.567°E / 51.983; 6.567

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