Liberal Party of Corrientes

The Liberal Party of Corrientes (Spanish: Partido Liberal de Corrientes) is a liberal conservative provincial political party in Corrientes Province, Argentina. Founded in 1856, it is the oldest political party in Argentina and in Latin America, the second oldest in the Americas.[1][2]

The Party had its origins in the Federalist traditions of Corrientes and was founded on 15 December 1856 by Juan Eusebio Torrent. From its first activities it supported the national activities of Bartolomé Mitre. José Pampín was elected Corrientes Governor in 1861, the first of 17 Liberal governors.[2] Torrent was Mitre's Vice-presidential candidate in 1874.[1]

Leading figures over the Party's history included Juan Balestra, a government minister under Carlos Pellegrini, Raimundo Meabe who governed Salta and Buenos Aires provinces, and Juan R. Aguirre Lanari, a senator and government minister.[1]

The Party was a member of the national Recrear electoral alliance then led by Ricardo López Murphy, having backed López Murphy for president in 2003.


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