Liberal Democratic Pole

Liberal Democratic Pole
Polo Liberal Democratico
Leader Adriano Teso
Founded 3 February 1994
Dissolved 1994
Split from Segni Pact
Merged into Forza Italia
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation Pole of Good Government (1994)
European affiliation None
International affiliation None

The Liberal Democratic Pole (Italian: Polo Liberal Democratico, PLD) was a political party in Italy active during 1994.

The PLD was founded by Adriano Teso and Carlo Usiglio, who had left the Segni Pact with the aim of creating a centre-right alliance. The party was a member of the Pole of Freedoms alliance.[1]

In the 1994 general election Teso and Usiglio were elected in the Chamber of Deputies with the Pole of Freedoms. Instead the PLD presented itself in the colleges where was present the Pole of Good Government.

After the 1994 general election Teso was nominated Undersecretary for Labour and Social Security in the Berlusconi I Cabinet and the party merged into Forza Italia .[2]


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