Leticia Calderón

This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Calderón and the second or maternal family name is León.
Leticia Calderón

Leticia Calderón
Born Carmen Leticia Calderón León
(1968-07-15) July 15, 1968
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
Other names Lety Calderón
Occupation Actress
Years active 1983-present
Spouse(s) Marco Lopez (1997-1999)
Juan Collado (2002-2010)
Children 2
Parent(s) Mario Calderón
Carmen León

Leticia Calderón (Spanish pronunciation: [leˈtisja kaldeˈɾon] Carmen Leticia Calderón León on July 15, 1968 in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico) is a Mexican actress.[1]

She lived in Alvarado, Veracruz, Guaymas, Sonora, La Paz and Mexico City where she studied at the Centro de Capacitación de Televisa(Televisa Educational Training Centre').

She has taken part in several theatrical plays and telenovelas. One of her most popular roles was Esmeralda in a telenovela which was a great success, especially in Eastern European countries.[2]



In 1983 and only 14 years, Leticia, made debuts in telenovelas such as Bianca Vidal,Amalia Batista,Principessa,El ángel caído,Monte calvario.

She started taking mature roles in 1986 in telenovela,El Camino Secreto as antagonist. She made her first,protagonist role in 1987 when she starred in La indomable as María Fernanda Villalpando


In the 90s,Leticia starred in a number of telenovelas such as Yo compro esa mujer ,Valeria y Maximiliano,Entre la vida y la muerte and made special appearances in Prisionera de amor and Lazos de Amor.

In 1997,she was protagonist in Esmeralda alongside Fernando Colunga where she played blind .[3]

In 1998 she made a special appearance in telenovela,El diario de Daniela

In 1999,she starred as main heroine in Laberintos de pasión together with Francisco Gattorno and César Évora.Due to her great performance in the telenovela,she won in the Premios TV y Novelas for Best Lead Actress for 2000.[4]


She had withdrew from telenovelas from 2000-2008,to have full dedication to her sons especially,Luciano that suffers from Down Syndrome.[5]

In 2003, she made a special appearance in Amor Real as Hanna de la Corcuera.

In 2006, she also had a special appearance in Heridas de amor as a younger version of Nuria Bages character.

In 2008, Leticia participated in the series, Mujeres asesinas in the first episode of the show originally titled "Sonia desalmanda" next to Juan Soler and Grettel Valdéz .[6][7]

In 2008,she starred as antagonist in En nombre del amor.She played sister to Victoria Ruffo's character.[8]


In 2011,she made a special appearance in Rosy Ocampo's,La fuerza del destino as Alicia Villagómez,mother to younger version of David Zepeda's character.[9]

In 2012 she worked in the telenovela Amor bravío, in which she played the antagonist together with Silvia Navarro, Flavio Medina, Cristian de la Fuente and César Évora.Due to her excellent performance she won in 31st TVyNovelas Awards in 2013 for Best Female Antagonist.[10]

In 2015,she was confirmed to star in another Carlos Moreno's,A que no me dejas alongside Arturo Peniche, Camila Sodi and Osvaldo Benavides.[11]



Year Title Role Notes
1992 Noches de ronda Rosita Film debut
1998 Angelito mío
2008 Plaza Sésamo: Los monstruos feos más bellos Lety


Year Title Role Notes
1982 Chispita Special Appearance
1982 Bianca Vidal Special Appearance
1983-1984 Amalia Batista Leticia Supporting Role
1984 Principessa Vicky Supporting Role
1985 El ángel caído Special Appearance
1986 Monte calvario Tere Special Appearance
1986-1987 El camino secreto Alma Antagonist
1987 La indomable María Fernanda Protagonist
1987-1988 Tal como somos Meche Co-Protagonist
1989 La casa al final de la calle Teresa Altamirano Najera Protagonist
1990 Hora marcada Lucía Tv-Series, episode: "El taxi"
1990 Yo compro esa mujer Ana Cristina Protagonist
1991-1992 Valeria y Maximiliano Valeria Landero Protagonist
1993 Entre la vida y la muerte Susana Trejos Protagonist
1994 Mujer, casos de la vida real Various roles
  • "Holocausto" (Season 10, Episode 5)
  • "Te olvidaré" (Season 10, Episode 17)
1994 Prisionera de amor Consuelo Special Appearance
1995 Lazos de amor Asistente de Silvia Pinal Special Appearance
1996 La antorcha encendida Teresa de Muñiz Protagonist
1997 Esmeralda Esmeralda Rosales-Peñarreal Protagonist
1998 El diario de Daniela Lenore Monroy Special Appearance
1999-2000 Laberintos de pasión Julieta Valderrama Protagonist
1999-2000 Cuento de Navidad Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come Special Appearance
2003 Amor real Hanna De La Corcuera Special Appearance
2006 Heridas de amor Young Fernanda de Aragón Special Appearance
2006 Plaza Sésamo Lety Tv-Series, Episode: "Me da pena" (Season 10, Episode 15)
2008 Mujeres asesinas Sonia Quevedo Tv-Series, episode: "Sonia, desalmada" (Season 1, Episode 1)
2008-2009 En nombre del amor Carlota Espinoza de los Monteros Main Antagonist
2011 La fuerza del destino Alicia Villagómez Special Appearance
2012 Amor bravío Isadora Viuda de Lazcano Main Antagonist
2015 A que no me dejas Inés Urrutia de Murat Co-Protagonist
2016 Mujeres de negro Irene Palazuelos Main Antagonist

Awards and nominations

Premios TVyNovelas

Year Category Telenovela Result
1984 Best Actress Debut Amalia Batista
1987 Best Young Lead Actress La Indomable
1991 Best Lead Actress Yo compro esa mujer Nominated
1993 Valeria y Maximiliano
1994 Entre la vida y la muerte
1997 La Antorche Encendida
1998 Esmeralda
2000 Laberintos de pasión
2007 Best Presenter Hoy
2010Best Female Antagonist En Nombre Del Amor
2013 Amor Bravío[12]
2016 Best Leading Actress A que no me dejas

Los Favoritos del Público

Year Category Telenovela Result
2013 Favorite Antagonist Amor Bravío

People en Español

Year Category Telenovela Result
2009Best Female Villain En Nombre Del Amor
2012 Amor Bravío[14]

Premios ACE

Year Category Telenovela Result
1998 International Women's Figure of the Year Esmeralda
2010 Best Actress En Nombre Del Amor[15]
2013 Best Co-Star Actress Amor Bravío[16]

Galardón a los 30 grandes de TV y Novelas

Year Category Result
2009 Special Recognition for Artistic Career

Cocktail de la moda

Year Category Result
2012 Special Recognition for Artistic Career

Microfono de Oro

Year Category Telenovela Result
2009 Artistic Excellence En Nombre Del Amor

Premios Viktor (Slovenia)

Year Category Telenovela Result
1998 Best telenovela Esmeralda


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