Les Sanguinaires

Les Sanguinaires
Directed by Laurent Cantet
Produced by Caroline Benjo
Carole Scotta
Simon Arnal
Pierre Chevalier
Written by Laurent Cantet
Edited by Robin Campillo
Stephanie Leger
Distributed by Haut et Court (France)
Running time
68 minutes
Country France
Language French

Les Sanguinaires is a 1998 French television film directed by Laurent Cantet for the 2000, Seen By... project.


With the hype of celebrations for the turn of the millennium becoming burdensome, a group of friends attempt to avoid the chaos by leaving for a nearly uninhabited island.



The French company Hout et Court's producers Caroline Benjo and Carole Scotta initiated 2000, Seen By...,[1] to produce films depicting the approaching turn of the millennium seen from the perspectives of 10 different countries.[2] Benjo chose Cantet for France's contribution to the project because of his short films.[1]


The film played on the French-German TV station Arte in November 1998 and was screened at the Venice Film Festival, but was never generally released in theatres.[1]


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