The Great Spy Chase

The Great Spy Chase
Directed by Georges Lautner
Written by Michel Audiard
Albert Simonin
Starring Lino Ventura
Mireille Darc
Bernard Blier
Francis Blanche
Distributed by American International Pictures (US)
Release dates
1964 (France)
1966 (USA)
Running time
118 mins
Country France
Language French

The Great Spy ChaseLes Barbouzes in French (Barbouze being French slang for a spy, deriving from the idea that spies hide behind false beards) is a 1964 French cult comedy film.[1]


On the death of arms dealer Constantin Bernard Shah, his lovely widow Amaranth is the only source for the patents on atomic weapons. From the day of his funeral, Amaranth (Mireille Darc) is pursued by his fake French cousin Francis Lagneau (Lino Ventura), his fake German psychoanalist Hans Müller, his fake Russian step-brother Boris Vassillief (Francis Blanche), and his fake Swiss confessor Louis Arbessier (Bernard Blier). The plot is complicated by the wealthy American Commodore O'Brien (Jess Hahn) and many Chinese spies.


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