Leonela (1983) is a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and broadcast on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. It was written by Delia Fiallo and directed by Rolando Loewenstein. This telenovela lasted 133 episodes and was distributed internationally by Coral International. The novela was surrounded by controversy (because the theme of rape and love, similar to the Luke and Laura plotline from USA soap opera General Hospital) and was ended, but because of the popularity, the history actually continued in another telenovela. A remake, titled Leonela, muriendo de amor, was made in Peru in 1997.


Leonela is a virgin who is raped by a drunk at the eve of her wedding. Her fiancé drops her, as do most of her friends - but Leonela shows remarkable resilience and becomes one of the best attorneys in town. Meanwhile, a humble and repentant Pedro Luis goes to law school in prison as he pays his debt to society. Many years later, Leonela and Pedro Luis face each other - he still loves her, but will she open her heart to him? And where is the child of rape she gave up for adoption?


Theme song

The theme song to Leonela is "Ladron de tu amor", performed by Gualberto Ibarreto.

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