Lena, Norway

Lena Rail Station

Lena is the administrative centre of Østre Toten municipality, Norway.

Lena is the trading center for the municipality and is surrounded by mostly farmland. Its population (2005) is 1,092. Located here are five schools and Toten folk high school. Lena is a quite small place even for Norway. In central Lena there are several shops and three schools (higher secondary, lower secondary and primary schools).

The name comes from the Lena River (Lenaelva which flows from Totenåsen, a hilly, forest area north of Hurdal and Hadeland. It travels through the villages of Lena and Skreia to Lake Mjøsa in Østre Toten. The name Lena for the village was first introduced for the railway station in 1902. Lena was a station on the Skreia Line from 1902 to the closure in 1987.

Coordinates: 60°40′N 10°48′E / 60.667°N 10.800°E / 60.667; 10.800

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