Lelio Lagorio

Lelio Lagorio (born 9 November 1925) is an Italian politician who served as the first President of Tuscany from 1970 until 1978.


Lagorio was born in Trieste and was a member of the Italian Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Italiano, PSI). He was mayor of Florence in 1964-1965, succeeding Giorgio La Pira, and, later, the first president of Tuscany region (1970–1978).

He was the first PSI politicians to become Minister of Defence in Italy (1980–1983); the Ustica Massacre occurred under his tenure. Later he was minister of Sport and Spectales (1983–1986), President of PSI's Deputies and at the European Parliament (1986–1994) and Vice-President of the Union of European Community Socialist Parties (1990–1992).

Lagorio also wrote politics and historical essays (including L'Ora di Austerlitz, about his period as Minister of Defence), and edited the Florentine magazine Città & Regione.


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