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Map showing the ancient city Kingdoms of Cyprus
Shown within Cyprus
Location Cyprus
Region Nicosia District
Coordinates 35°08′25″N 32°48′45″E / 35.1403°N 32.8125°E / 35.1403; 32.8125

Ledra (Greek: Λήδρα), also spelt Ledrae[1] was an ancient city-kingdom located in the centre of Cyprus where the capital city of Nicosia is today. It was established in 1050 BC but by Hellenistic times (330 BC) it had dwindled to a small village. At times, it had been subject to Assyrian rule.[2]

At around 280 BC, the city-state was renamed Leukotheon, after the son of the Egyptian king Ptolemy.[3]

Ledra was one of ten Cypriot kingdoms listed on the prism (many-sided tablet) of the Assyrian king Esarhaddon (680–669 BC). The most famous king of Ledra was Onasagoras.

Ledra Street in Nicosia, Cyprus is named for Ledra.


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Coordinates: 35°08′25″N 32°48′45″E / 35.1403°N 32.8125°E / 35.1403; 32.8125

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