Lecchese dialect

Native to Italy
Native speakers
30,000 (date missing)
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None

Lecchese is a dialect of Western Lombard language spoken in the city and suburbs of Lecco (Lombardy).


It has the characteristic, in contrast with the other Comasco-Lecchese dialects, to be influenced by Brianzöö, Valsassinese, Valtellinese and Bergamasque (an Eastern Lombard variety spoken in and around the city of Bergamo).


In the use of vergót (coming from Eastern Lombard) instead of Comasco quajcòss (="something"). Another characteristic is the presence of close "e" instead of "i", and of close "o" instead of "u"; the use of desinences "-om", "-on" instead of "-amm", "-ã"; the use of desinence "-én" instead of "-ĩ"; the use of article "ul".

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