League for Tuscany

League for Tuscany (Lega per la Toscana) is a regionalist political party in Italy active Tuscany.

The party was formed in January 2011 by a group of splinters from Lega Nord Toscana (LNT) led by Emilio Paradiso, a former president of the party, and Federico Tosoni, both based in Prato. They opposed Lega Nord's return to independentism, while they were strong proponents of federalism. As well as other splinters who had earlier formed Tuscan Identity, Paradiso and Tosoni had been rivals of Claudio Morganti, former leader of LNT and MEP. The two groups may soon join forces.[1][2][3]

In January 2012 the party was joined by a group of LNT splinters from the province of Lucca led by Franco Paiuzza.[4]

In the 2015 regional election a joint list of the League for Tuscany and More Tuscany won 0.6% of the vote.[5]


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