Royal Gibraltar Police

Royal Gibraltar Police
Common name Gibraltar Police
Abbreviation RGP

Badge of the Royal Gibraltar Police.
Agency overview
Formed 25 June, 1830
Preceding agency Gibraltar Police
Employees 220
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Royal Gibraltar Police's jurisdiction (beige)
Size 6.8 km²
Population 28,875
Legal jurisdiction As per operations jurisdiction.
Governing body Government of Gibraltar
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters New Mole House, Rosia Road
Royal appointee responsible Ed Davis, Governor of Gibraltar
Agency executive Edward Yome, Commissioner
Prisons Her Majesty's Prison, Gibraltar
Patrol cars Yes
Armed response vehicles Yes
Dogs Yes
Royal Gibraltar Police

The Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) is, along with the Gibraltar Customs, the principal civilian law enforcement agency in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. It is the oldest police force in the Commonwealth of Nations outside the United Kingdom.

The Royal Gibraltar Police, previously the Gibraltar Police Force, was formed in 1830, only nine months after Sir Robert Peel founded the Metropolitan Police in London. It was Peel who sent one of his officers to Gibraltar to form the Gibraltar Police Force.[1]

The force was granted the "Royal" prefix by Queen Elizabeth II in 1992.

Personnel strength and deployment

The force, referred to locally as the RGP, currently numbers over 220 officers, who are divided into a number of units. These include CID, Drug Squad, Special Branch, Firearms Unit, Scene of Crime Examiners, Traffic Department, Marine Section and the Operations Division.

From its inception, up until 1999 when St. John Ambulance Brigade took over, the Gibraltar Police provided the territory's only emergency ambulance service, using officers seconded from the Operations Division. The RGP also acted as immigration officers at all entry points until the early 1990s.

The current headquarters is at New Mole House Police Station, Rosia Road. There is also a substation at 120 Irish Town, which was the previous HQ.


Female uniformed police officer

In general the uniformed officers of the Gibraltar force follow British police models in their dress. On foot patrol male constables and sergeants, like their counterparts in England and Wales, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Bermuda, wear the traditional headgear of the "bobby on the beat", correctly known as the "custodian helmet", which is similar to some Army helmets and was adopted by the Metropolitan Police of London in 1863 to replace the top hat formerly worn, other forces then following suit. The helmet is traditionally made of cork covered outside by felt or serge-like material that matches the tunic.

As in many police forces of England and Wales, the Brunswick star is used as the basis for the force badge, with a central device representing Gibraltar. The badge appears also as the helmet plate.[2]

RGP Marine Section

The Royal Gibraltar Police force have a marine section located on Coaling Island. Since 2012 there have been many new additions to the unit including jet skis and larger vessels.[3]

The role of the RGP Marine Section is to enforce the law in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and this often includes co-operation with other local and international agencies.[4] The RGP Marine Section plays a vital role in anti-drug smuggling operations for the local area.

Vessels of the Royal Gibraltar Police Marine Section: Sir William Jackson, Sir Joshua Hassan, Sir Francis Richards, Sir John Chapple

Commissioner of Police

  • 1830 H. Morgan
  • 1859 C. Armstrong
  • 1870 G.F. Stohelin
  • 1875 S. Blair
  • 1882 W.F. Cottrell
  • 1883 W. Seed
  • 1895 J.L. Bennet
  • 1911 J. Cochrane
  • 1927 W.S. Gulloch
  • 1937 D.S. Gowing
  • 1953 A.L. Abraham MVO.
  • 1960 P.G. Owen
  • 1962 L. Hannon MBE.
  • 1968 J.D.O. Bird QPM.
  • 1975 R.B. Gordon QPM.
  • 1975 R.S. Williams
  • Joseph C. Morello CPM.
  • Joseph L. Canepa CPM.
  • 1997 Alan J. Castree QPM
  • 2006 Louis Wink OBE CPM
  • 2012 Edward Yome CPM[5]

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