Police Corps of Andorra

Location of the central police station in Escaldes-Engordany

The Police Corps of Andorra (Catalan: El Cos de Policia d’Andorra)[1] is the national police of Andorra. In 2007, the force had 240 officers serving a population of approximately 85,000.[2]


The police force consists of the Directorate of the Police, four divisions which carry out the various missions of the police, and two "functional groups".[1]

Directorate of the Police

The Directorate of the Police is composed of a Director, a Deputy Director who has the grade of police commissioner, a secretary, a planning and human resources officer and an administrative assistant. It directs police activities throughout the country. Its members are nominated by the Government of Andorra based on proposals from the Ministry of the Interior.


There are four Divisions with the following responsibilities:


Six groups – for the protection of VIPs, bomb disposal, order maintenance, emergency situations, sniffer-dog training and mountain rescue – are formed by members of the four Divisions; are assembled in response to specific needs; and are assisted by colleagues from neighbouring countries, particularly in organising joint training programmes.


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