Law enforcement in Åland

The Åland Islands

Law enforcement in the Åland Islands is the responsibility of the Police Authority of the Åland Islands, a unit independent of the mainland Finnish police (as per the Act on the Autonomy of Åland, 1991[1]), which answers to the Åland unit of the National Bureau of Investigation, part of the Government of Åland (the Landskapsregering).[2][3]

The police officers do, however, wear the same uniform as on the mainland, and the police cars have the same paint scheme. The police officers also receive their training in the same police academy as the police in mainland Finland.

The Police Authority of the Åland Islands is responsible for the security of a population of 26,000 over the 13,517 km² and 16 municipalities of this Finnish province, and is headquartered in the capital of Mariehamn.


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