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The Law Council of Australia, founded in 1933, is an association of law societies and bar associations from the states and territories of Australia, and the peak body representing the legal profession in Australia. The Law Council represents more than 65,000 lawyers across Australia[[1]] and has its national base in Canberra.


The Law Council was formed in 1933 to unite the various state legal associations to represent the profession at a national level and at an international level.[2] Dr Gordon Hughes, a former President of the Law Council, has written a book on the Law Council’s history titled The Law Council of Australia – the People, the Profession and the Institutions.[2]

About the Law Council of Australia

The Law Council of Australia represents the legal profession at the national level. It speaks on behalf of its Constituent Bodies on national issues, and to promote the administration of justice, access to justice and general improvement of the law. The Law Council advises governments, courts and federal agencies on ways in which the law and the justice system can be improved for the benefit of the community. The Law Council also represents the Australian legal profession overseas, and maintains close relationships with legal professional bodies throughout the world. The Law Council of Australia speaks on issues of national and international importance, as well as federal law and the operation of federal courts and tribunals.[1]

Through its specialist Sections, working groups, standing and its ad-hoc committees, the Law Council provides interest groups and professional development opportunities for lawyers across a variety of specialised areas of law.

The Law Council has five Sections.[3] The Sections each have various committees with specific areas of interest. The Sections of the Law Council are:

  1. Business Law;[4]
  2. Family Law;[5]
  3. Federal Litigation and Dispute Resolution; [6]
  4. International Law;[7] and
  5. Legal Practice.[8]

The Law Council represents 16 Australian state and territory law societies and bar associations and the Law Firms Australia. The Law Council's Constituent Bodies are:[1]


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