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The Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre (Latvian: Latvijas Vides, ģeoloģijas un meteoroloģijas centrs; LVĢMC) is a governmental service under the Ministry of Environment of Latvia

The main objectives of the centre are to collect and process environmental information, carry out environmental monitoring and inform the society on the environmental situation, as well as, ensure the geologic supervision and rational use of natural resources and realize state policies in the spheres of geology, meteorology, climatology, hydrology, air quality, and cross-border air pollution influence.


In February 1989 The Republican Ecology Research and Information Center was created by Decree No.4 of the State Environment Protection Committee order of the Latvian SSR of 1 January 1989, on the basis of the Central Hydrochemical laboratory of the Ministry of Melioration and Water Management of Latvian SSR. In September 1993 The Latvian Environmental Data Center was created by Decree No.9 of the LR Ministry of Environment and Regional Development of 17 September 1993. On 1 October 1 2000 the Latvian Environmental Agency was created by Decree N0.478 of the LR Cabinet of Ministers of 27 September 2000, reorganizing the Environmental Consultation and Monitoring Center and uniting it with the Latvian Environmental Data Center. In 2000 by Decree of the Minister of Environment and Regional Development of 6 August 2001, the Latvian Environmental Agency adopted the National Surface Water Monitoring Program for implementation from the Latvian Hydrometeorology Agency.


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