Las muñecas de la mafia

Las Muñecas De La Mafia
Genre Drama
Starring Fernando Solorzano
Amparo Grisales
Katherine Escobar
Country of origin Colombia
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 58
Running time 45 mins
First shown in Caracol TV
Original release May 3 – July 12, 2010
Preceded by Vecinos
Followed by Rosario Tijeras
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Las Muñecas De La Mafia (The Mafia Dolls) is a 2009 Colombian telenovela produced by BE-TV and broadcast by Caracol TV. It is based on Juan Camilo Ferrand and Andres Lopez's book "Las Fantásticas". They also wrote the scripts for the television series. The telenovela made its debut on the Unimas Network, formerly Telefutura. The series debuted on May 3, 2010 after the Vecinos finale. The show ended July 12, 2010 in the U.S.It then broadcast reruns from April 23, 2012 - July 16, 2012. Currently broadcasting reruns as of August 11, 2014, it concluded its first run on October 31, 2014.

The story deals with the lives of five young friends, Brenda, Olivia, Violeta, Renata and Pamela, who live in the fictional Colombian town of "El Carmen." Throughout the series, they become further and further embroiled in inextricable situations because of their involvement with drug king-pin, Braulio Bermudez (Pablo Escobar), his family and his lieutenants. Bermudez, played by the veteran Columbian actor, Fernando Solórzano, is a "capo" operating out of "El Carmen."

The five young women all come to sad endings at the end of the story.

Pamela immigrates to the United States of America to try to get away from trouble and be near her father, who was a pilot and ended up in prison because he was captured by the DEA taking flying cocaine to the United States. She ends up as a maid but tells Brenda she is happy and having a great life.

Olivia ends up in jail for having a fake wedding with the notorious Braulio Bermudez, and acquiring some of his property.

Violeta dies when, after Braulio's local cartel breaks into opposing factions, they meet for a final show-down in the ongoing war between them.

Renata also dies because, to repay money she owed him, Erick, a former henchman of Braulio, forces her to carry drugs to the United States in her stomach. None of her loved ones ever find out about her death because she has no identification on her person.

Brenda ends up carrying Braulio's child, but he is captured, extradited and sent to a US prison, so that she never sees him again.

This is a very exciting story to see and it shows how the easy life is never a good choice; it might be nice and easy at the beginning but one day everything ends.


Happy, happy to drugs, drink and prostitutes, proves to be more than guardaesaldas, Braulio friends. None supports Olivia and want much to Brenda, with her are the ones who are faithful to the end to Braulio and refuse to work for Norman. happened to them after their pattern was extradited is unknown.


Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series end
Colombia Caracol TV September 26, 2009 March 8, 2010
Bulgaria September 19, 2010 July 28, 2011
United States Telefutura May 3, 2010 July 12, 2010
United States Telefutura April 23, 2012 July 16, 2012 (reruns)
United States Unimas August 11, 2014 October 31, 2014 (reruns)
Argentina Canal 9 May 25, 2010 August 18, 2010
Vietnam VBC February 24, 2011
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