Las delicias del poder

Las delicias del poder
Directed by Iván Lipkies
Produced by Ivette E. Lipkies
Written by María Elena Velasco
Starring María Elena Velasco
Ernesto Gómez Cruz
Irma Dorantes
Farnesio de Bernal
Adalberto Martínez
Héctor Ortega
Music by Álvaro Cerviño
Cinematography Alberto Lee
Edited by Antonio Belmont
Iván Lipkies
Distributed by Vlady Realizadores
Release dates
  • January 1999 (1999-01) (Mexico)
Running time
129 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish
Box office $11,157,108 (MXN)[1]

Las delicias del poder ("The Delights of Power") is a 1999 Mexican political satire comedy film directed by Iván Lipkies starring María Elena Velasco as La India María with Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Irma Dorantes, and Adalberto Martínez. The film broke the box-office record in Mexico at the time of its release[2] earning 11 million pesos and having been the second-highest grossing film of the year.[1]


In 1952, the presidential candidate of the PUM political party Carmelo Barriga visits the rural town of San Jilemón el Alto where he gives a speech promoting his candidacy and political party. During the speech and among the townspeople, a young woman gives birth to two twin girls. In a political move, Carmelo decides to adopt one of the girls whom he names Lorena and who becomes an active politician in her own political party, the PUF. Lorena then becomes a presidential candidate running against her rival, Santos Barboza of the PUM. When Lorena and her campaign visits San Toribio del Trueno, a firework accident causes her to abandon the candidacy. Fortunately, campaign member Gonzalo remembers about Lorena's twin and decides to search for her so that she can substitute Lorena and therefore the campaign can resume.


Campaña de Carmelo

Auditorio W.T.C

Oficina Santos


Campaña Lorena


Pueblo sin agua

Mercado de Jamaica


Casa de Carmelo


Noticiero de televisión


Escuela de policía

Cena japonesa




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