Larry Huch

Pastor Larry Huch (born November 15, 1950) is an American non-denominational pastor and televangelist.

Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch

He is founder and senior pastor of DFW New Beginnings [1] in Bedford, Texas along with his wife Tiz. They have three children (two of whom are married) that are all active in their ministry, and three grandchildren. Founded in November 2004, this non-denominational church developed into a diverse, multi-ethnic congregation of several thousand people. They have a ministry that spans over forty years and includes the pioneering of seven churches on two continents. A commitment to sharing a positive, life-changing and faith-based message in the church is the hallmark of their international television program, New Beginnings, which can be seen airing on Daystar Television Network, World Harvest Television, Believe TV,[2] and many other channels across the world.

As a noted speaker on the subject of Breaking Family Curses, Pastor Larry Huch has written a bestselling book on this subject, Free at Last.[3] His follow-up book, 10 Curses That Block the Blessing,[4] is also a bestseller. Pastor Larry Huch has also written on the subject of the Jewish Roots of Christianity. Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets[5] is the highly successful sequel to The Torah Blessing.[6] Releasing Family Blessings,[7] was co-authored with his wife. His most recent book, 4 Blood Moons,[8] released October 28, 2014.

Pastor Larry Huch seeks to bridge the gap between Christian and Jews and "restore the Church to its Judeo-Christian foundation". He believes in studying, understanding, and teaching the Word from a Jewish perspective.


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