Larne Harbour railway station

Larne Harbour
NI Railways
Location Larne Harbour
Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Coordinates 54°50′53″N 5°47′55″W / 54.84806°N 5.79861°W / 54.84806; -5.79861Coordinates: 54°50′53″N 5°47′55″W / 54.84806°N 5.79861°W / 54.84806; -5.79861
Owned by NI Railways
Operated by NI Railways
Platforms 2
Structure type At-grade
Key dates
1862 Original station opened
1965 Goods traffic ceased
1985 Current station opened
2012 Platforms extended
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Larne Harbour railway station, Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, serves the ferry port for ferries to Cairnryan. There are also occasional sailings to Douglas, Isle of Man in conjunction with the Isle of Man TT. Sailings to Cairnryan are operated by conventional ships and several crossings a day operate in each direction throughout the year.

The station co-exists with the passenger terminus for P&O Ferries ferries offering simple integration for foot passengers. However, this situation is not mirrored at the two Scottish terminus of Cairnryan, where the nearest railway station, Stranraer Harbour, is five miles from Cairnryan ferry terminal.

The station was opened on 1 October 1862.[1] It was improved in 1890 by Berkeley Deane Wise to a budget of £3,000 (equivalent to £297,760 in 2015),[2] iwith a double faced platform, one side serving the broad gauge line from Belfast and the other the narrow gauge from Ballymena, and a clock with two minute hands showing both English and Irish time, which was 25 minutes later.[3]

A C3K train running on the Larne Line alongside Larne Lough heading towards Larne Harbour.


This station is the final outbound terminus for services on the Larne Line.

Mondays to Saturdays there is an hourly service to Great Victoria Street with extra services at peak times. Some of those peak services start and terminate at the nearby Larne Town station instead.

On Sundays the service to Great Victoria Street reduces to operating every two hours.

During weekdays the first train leaves here at 5:48am and the last train arrives at 12:20am.

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