Langobardia Major

Lombard domains upon the death of King Liutprand (744)

Langobardia Maior was the name that, in the Early Middle Ages, was given to the domains of the Lombard Kingdom in Northern Italy. It comprised Lombardy proper with its capital Pavia, the Duchies of Friuli and Trent as well as the Tuscany region. In the south it was confined by the Patrimonium Sancti Petri resp. the Papal States established after the 754 Donation of Pepin, stretching from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic Sea. The Lombard territories beyond were called Langobardia Minor, consisting of the Duchies of Spoleto and Benevento.

Langobardia Maior was internally divided into eastern Austria, western Neustria and southern Tuscany. After the domains had been conquered by Charlemagne at the 774 Siege of Pavia they became part of the Carolingian Empire.

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